The Toll-Gate

The Toll-GateHis Exploits Were Legendary Captain John Staple, Back From The Battlefront, Is Already Bored With His Quiet Civilian Life In The Country When He Stumbles Upon A Mystery Involving A Disappearing Toll Gate Keeper, Nothing Could Keep The Adventure Loving Captain From Investigating.But Winning Her Will Be His Greatest Yet The Plot Thickens When John Encounters The Enigmatic Lady Nell Stornaway And Soon Learns That Rescuing Her From Her Unsavory Relatives Makes Even The Most Ferocious Cavalry Charge Look Like A Particularly Tame Hand Of Loo Between Hiding His True Identity From Nell And The Arrival In The Neighborhood Of Some Distinctly Shady Characters, Captain Staple Finds Himself Embarked On The Adventure And Romance Of A Lifetime. Georgette Heyer wrote several mysteries both historical and contemporary as well as her widely known and beloved Georgian and Regency romances I don t think I ll ever love any of her mysteries the way I do some of her romantic comedies, but this was still an enjoyable read.Captain John Jack Staples has returned from the Napoleonic Wars and is trying to readjust to civilian life, which is boring him to tears He takes off on horseback to visit an old friend out in the country, but manages to get lost in the stormy night, and ends up at a toll gate I had no idea they had those back then manned by a frightened boy who s trying to cover for his missing father Jack, lost and tired, convinces the boy to let him stay the night and promises to try to help him with his troubles in the morning But morning brings complications, including a tale of lost treasure as well as an attractive young woman, and Jack decides this is the adventure he s been waiting for Besides, the boy s father is still missing, and someone has to man the toll gate For a detailed plot summary, I ll refer you to Qnpoohbear s excellent review.I liked the hero, Jack Staples, a handsome giant of a man with curly blond hair BTW it still irks me that the cover of my paperback has a dark haired guy He s brave, kindhearted
What a coincidence This book was my first read of 2016 is now my first read of 2019.I don t think I have much to add to add to my first review other than to add praise to GH s portrayal of Ben one of my favourite Heyer boys But the whole read is very entertaining. What a way to start the year A five reread from my favourite author This is one of GH s books that I like as an older reader Crazy Jack Staple is bored with civilian life and even bored with the deadly dull family party he has been invited to Making the flimsiest of excuses, he leaves the party days early and becomes hopelessly lost Happening on a toll gate in a lonely part of Derbyshire, he finds it manned only by a scared 11 year old This is enough for Jack,who is always on the lookout for another adventure.He takes up residence at the Toll gate Cottage to the delight of young Ben like many of GH s characters, Ben is not a dissembler never shows much sign of missing his vanished father Jack not only throws himself into the task of finding Ned Bream, he also becomes a stickler for getting the correct toll for the trustees to the chagrin of some of the colourful locals in this richly cast book Oh, and he falls in love.The adventure part of the book in it s t
Loved it plain and simple Captain John Jack Staple has had enough of his dull cousin and insipid fianc e, so he skips out of the engagement party and trots off to his friend Mr Babblecombe s hunt Only, he doesn t quite make it that far In the pouring rain and crackling thunder he comes upon a Toll Gate, an unattained Toll Gate That is, it s attended, but by a little urchin named Ben, whose father is missing and who is deathly afraid of someone.Ever the adventurer, Captain Staple rises to the occasion and becomes the temporary gatekeeper, and falls smack, dab in love, with Miss Nell Stornaway, called by her grandfather s tenants The Squire Now he stays on to win her hand, only to become deeply embroiled in a sticky scheme full of murders, thievery, a highwayman whose heart isn t in his trade and shocking discoveries that take him into the heart of the hills and into disaster Iris Cave Monasterio de Piedra, Zaragoza, Spain But that isn t the end, it s the beginning Those wet, chilly caves have been holding a secret, and they won t let it go without a fight Neither will the men who put it there And perhaps the highwayman Jerry Chirk isn t al
Unable to endure his stuffy cousin s engagement party than one night and tired of his mother and sister s matchmaking schemes, Captain John Staple sets out for his friend s hunting box Much to his dismay, he gets a late start, his horse loses a shoe on the moors and he takes a wrong turn and ends up in the middle of nowhere, Derbyshire in a rain storm Finding a toll gate, John demands entry to the pike, hoping to spend the night in the nearest town The gate is opened by a ten year old boy, wet, cold and afraid Ben s father, the toll keeper, has disappeared and Ben doesn t know where he is or when he will return John, wet and tired and also intensely curious, decides to spend the night until Mr Brean returns Mr Brean has not returned by morning and John, always up for an adventure, takes on the role of toll keeper One of his first customers is Miss Nell Stornaway, the Squire s granddaughter Suddenly, John s reasons for staying increase Miss Nell is not a young miss nor is she missish She s taken over the management of the estate from her ill grandfather and cares for the ol
The romance was established very early in the story and then the mystery took over Also, the audio wasn t great on this one This time around, I listened to the Audible edition This book is among my favorites by MS Heyer, but the audio edition is a lot of fun as well A first rate listening experience Now I know that Stogumber is really pronounced Stojumber Georgette Heyer Group January 2016 BOTM Georgette Heyer departs from what romance readers can expect by crafting a HR where the story told is completely from the hero s POV rather than that of the heroine for a refreshing change and I own the Sourcebooks and kindle editions, A very thrilling and interesting mystery takes up the better part of the story and here also, GH includes a wide array of colorful supporting characters from the lower orders that I quite enjoyed and are interesting and carefully drawn in their own right with their own lives and concerns.I don t usually enjoy child characters and their doings all that much At best they are tolerated, but I just lo
Thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed this book again Yes, the romance did seem to be a secondary story but the mystery was great and very well done I really liked Jerry Chirk A great character I was actually very slow starting off this book, but after I read, If the Captain was a tallow faced twiddle poop, mounted on a pair o cat stick
Georgette Heyer s secondary characters are better written than most people s primary characters I think that is what makes her such an amazing author She is able to make even a character with only a little bit of time on the page seem like a real