VenetiaTwenty Five Years Venetia Lanyon S Beauty Rivaled Only By Her Sensibility Intelligent And Independent, Her Future Seems Safe And Predictable Lovely Venetia Despairs Of Ever Meeting The Handsome Hero Of Her Romantic Dreams, But Is Nearly Resigned To Spinsterhood, Thanks To The Enormous Amount Of Responsibility She Inherited With A Yorkshire Estate And An Invalid But Precocious Brother, Aubrey She Lives In Comfortable Seclusion In Rural Yorkshire, She Has Never Been Longer Than Harrogate, Nor Enjoyed The Lackluster Attentions Of Any But Her Two Wearisomely Persistent Suitors She Can Not Accept To Marry The Respectable But Dull Edward Yardley, She Will Only Marry For Love.Then Her Long Absent Neighbor, Thirty Eight Years Lord Jasper Damerel, Returns Home To Yorkshire In One Extraordinary Encounter, She Meets The Infamous Neighbor, Who Knows Only By Reputation A Gamester, A Shocking Rake, And A Man Of Sadly Unsteady Character And Before She Knows Better, Is She In A Libertine Whose Way Of Life Has Scandalised The North Riding For Years Lord Damerel Found Venetia To Be The Most Truly Engaging And Wittily Perverse Female He Had Encountered In All His Life, And Determined To Woo And Win Her, He Pursues Her With A Passionate Abandon That Is Soon The Talk Of The Ton And After Her Encounter With The Dashing, Dangerous Rake, Venetia S Well Ordered Life Is Turned Upside Down, And She Embarks Upon A Courtship With Him That Scandalises And Horrifies The Whole Community.But Venetia Has Not Intention Of Losing Her Heart To The Rakish Lord Until She Is Sure That Beneath Her Swashbuckling Ways And Shocking Manners Lies To Tend Heart Belonging To Her And Lord Damerel Would Marry Her In A Heartbeat If He Did Not Think It Would Ruin Her Then She Discovers A Shocking Family Secret That Changes Everything It Was Therefore Particularly Provoking To Find That Occasion, Lord Damerel Could Make Up His Mind To Be Idiotically Noble. June 2019 reread with the Georgette Heyer group News flash I m not 18 any So even though I still have a soft spot for romances in general and Regencies in particular, my appetite for reading about sweet, silly young girls who do brainless things and have Big Misunderstandings with the guy has dwindled to almost zero When you re yelling TALK TO EACH OTHER, PEOPLE at a book, it s not particularly conducive to the romantic feelz.Which brings me to Venetia Venetia herself is one of my favorite Heyer heroines intelligent, witty, resourceful and not easily fazed by events that would make most ladies throw up their hands in despair She s 25 years old just about on the shelf by Regency standards Because her father was a damaged soul, Venetia has spent her entire life in a small town with a very limited circle of friends and acquaintances, but she s nevertheless well read and socially adept, if rather innocent in the ways of the world.Enter Damerel an older man who s a confirmed rake and pretty much doesn t care about anything any longer Or at least he thinks he doesn t, but underneath there s an intelligent, kind man that his growing friendship with Venetia brings out of hiding He starts out intending to seduce her hey, she s a lovely girl and he s bored but his growing friendship with and respect for her and her brother soon make him realize that he can t do that Which leads to a moral conundrum for Dam
I read the Arrow, but I think Arrow got it completely wrong with the cover art on their edition a plain redhead Venetia, a bland looking, curly haired Damerel Faugh I still do have my old falling apart Pan checked some of the Regency slang to make sure there were no typos as far as I could tell there
Yorkshire, 1818 WARNING Spoilers, gushing, swooning, quoting and rose petal strewing ahead no orgies though, I promise read on safely P O Venetia Thou hast utterly captured my soul A rose by any other name would smell as sweet And a Damerel by any other name would be just as swoon worthy I will be calm I will be mistress of myself Because my name is Venetia and I m one of the most wonderful heroines in all literature I have lived one of the dreamiest romances possible, and have remained perfectly poised and ladylike through the whole thing, without seeming aloof or uninterested I am simply awesome, that is all I am sorry that no one else is ever going to have a romance as breathtakingly beautiful as mine I am determined that nothing but the deepest love could ever induce me into matrimony OK, Anne I know Venetia has completely addled your brain, but there is no need to start quoting classic literature like some foolish bluestocking You ll never be able to pull it off as swiftly as Damerel and Venetia NOTHING COULD EVER COMPARE TO DAMEREL AND VENETIA Yes, I know, I know, I use NS gifs WAY TOO MUCH But I don t CARE It s PERFECT here sorrynotsorry Quite simply, this book is exquisitely sublime No amou
This is a sweet little historical romance with a hero and heroine who are like minded in being, smart, witty and refreshingly honest with each other Unlike most of this genre, the virginal lady knows exactly who the rake is and loves him anyway, because she can see that beneath the veneer of ugly behavior is a kind man She, Venetia ugly name and how is it pronounced , has seen his kindness in action when her younger brother, Aubrey, who has a lame leg, is injured horse riding near the gentleman s estate and Damerel takes him home to recover While there, Aubrey is handled beautifully by Damerel who instinctively realizes that the boy hates pity and truly despises being treated like an invalid The character of Aubrey is wonderful and I soon grew to love him just as much as his sister does Aubrey is a brilliant scholar and also has a rapier w
I am one of those who steered clear of Georgette Heyer for years, even though I heard the comparisons to Jane Austen, I was afraid they were formulaic romances To my surprise it wasn t what I feared all those years and proved that breaking out of one s reading comfort zone can be quite rewarding This was made enjoyable getting to read this along with Sabrina, who also had some of the same feelings regarding Heyer, and both of us ended up enjoying it I was aware Heyer was famous, or some may say infamous, for her Regency cant I admit to being a bit intimidated with the thought of tackling this period slang, did you know there are about 30 words just for dimwitted So, to prepare I bookmarked several websites and had the book, Georgette Heyer s Regency World, at the ready At first it was a little difficult and distracting trying to figure out the meaning, but the patient help I received from fellow GR friends was invaluable Their input made it much fun, allowing me to relax, stop worrying and make it of a game instead Our heroine, Venetia, then twenty two, perilously near to being on the shelf is quite modern not o
Chapter 1, in which I continue my love affair with a most enchanting author Chapter 2, in which Venetia is established as a heroine of much wit, honesty, and vitality Chapter 3, in which Venetia is contemplative of the rakish Lord Damerel and her brother Aubrey takes a wracking spill Chapter 4, in which Venetia and Lord Damerel find the best of all things friendship Chapter 5, in which it is note
Never in my life have I been so glad of a rainy afternoon Never so glad that I was bored and typed a name into a search bar to see what would come up It was in this slightly unorthodox way that I originally discovered Venetia In a fit of utter boredom I typed the name Richard Armitage he d recently become my favourite actor into the iTunes search bar, and what should appear Three novels by Georgette Heyer, narrated by Richard Armitage I need not tell you I was wide awake again after that Before then a few friends had vaguely recommended Georgette Heyer s novels to me, but thus far I had lacked the motivation to start finding and reading them The summaries made them sound to me as if there was nothing much out of the ordinary about them How wrong could I have been I absolutely loved Venetia, and I will be endlessly grateful to Richard Armitage for being my unwitting introduction to Georgette Heyer s beautiful world.Being set in the Yorkshire countryside, the story doesn t have quite so many upsets and excitements and scrapes of those Heyer stories which take place in the cities Those stories can be amazingly good fun, and very exciting But while Venetia lacks those particular excitements, it does have a quiet beauty to it, a serenity and gentle humour that lends it an equal merit to the other riotous novels, and indeed it is superior to some I suppose it really depends on what you re
A first encounter with author Georgette Heyer in the performance of Richard Armitage SURELY THERE S NO BETTER WAY And I enjoyed the story very much Venetia s sense, sass and humour is nothing short of amazing The hero was cut out along the usual lines of generic, worldweary byr
Here s the thing This book is one of my all time favorite books I ve read it so many times by now that I lost count And yet I never wrote a review, because I could never really find the right words to do this book justice When I finally convinced two of my good friends to give this book a try, yet another re read was in order And guess what, I still love it, and still can t come up with coherent reasons why Let s start with the heroine I wish you will tell me some of the things you have done I think not, he said dryly I said some of the things you have done she exclaimed indignantly You can t have spent your whole life getting into idiotish scrapes The ugly look vanished as he burst out laughing Most of it, I assure you I ADORE Venetia She is one of the most sensible, level headed, determined and yet completely loveable heroines I have ever had the pleasure to read about Whatever live throws at her and boy does it throw things at her a terrible, egotistical father who pretty much buries her alive on his secluded country estate, the egotistical brothers who never think about her happiness, the self centered aunt who doesn t do anything to help alleviate her situation, to name only a few , she somehow remains cheerful and optimistic, never gives up, and always finds a way to be happy with what she has I truly envy her in that respect I love how she never tries to change Damerel, how she sees him for exactly what he is, a
Je n aurais jamais cru que Monseigneur le Duc d Avon pourrait tre remplac par un autre h ros When I start to mutter in French, it hints the book must ve made an impression And, dear me, this one did How could it not It s very intense for the average Heyer novel, a writer that normally shies away from overt sexiness as a scalded cat from water A good timing it had, too, for I was on the edge of losing faith in this author s capacity to create masculine characters as interesting as Monseigneur and heroines that weren t behaving like stoopid ten year old schoolgirls at the ripe old age of, say, twenty.But that happened Enter Jasper, Lord Damerel, aptly described by this line from a poem by another famous rake of the same period, Lord Byron, that our hero quotes There was a laughing devil in his sneer,That raised emotions both of rage and fear And where his frown of hatred darkly fell,Hope withering fled, and Mercy sighed farewell The way he and Venetia, the best Heyer heroine I ve found so far, met is one of the funniest rendezvous I ve read in historical romance That scene of Shakespearean inspiration establishes that Damerel is a jaded rake in semi retirement that sets out to tease what he think