The Man with the Iron-On Badge

The Man with the Iron-On BadgeHarvey Mapes Is A Twenty Nine Year Old Security Guard Who Spends His Nights In A Guard Shack Outside A Gated Community In Southern California, Reading Detective Novels, Watching TVLand Reruns, And Waiting For His Life To Finally Start Which Happens When Cyril Parkus, One Of The Wealthy Residents, Asks Harvey To Follow His Beautiful Wife Lauren The Lowly Security Guard Jumps At The Opportunity To Fulfill His Private Eye Fantasies And Use Everything He S Learned From Spenser, Magnum, And Mannix But Things Don T Exactly Go According To The Books Or The Reruns As Harvey Fumbles And Stumbles Through His First Investigation, He Discovers That The Differences Between Fiction And Reality Can Be Deadly With The Help Of His Mortgage Broker Neighbor And Occasional Lover Carol, Harvey Uncovers A Blackmail Plot That Takes A Sudden And Unexpectedly Tragic Turn Plunging Him Into A World Of Violence, Deception, And Murder And Forcing Him To Discover What It Really Takes To Be A Private Eye.Lee Goldberg Is A Two Time Edgar Award Nominee Whose Many TV Writing And Or Producing Credits Include Martial Law, Diagnosis Murder, The Cosby Mysteries, Hunter, Spenser For Hire, Nero Wolfe, Missing, And Monk He S Also The Author Of My Gun Has Bullets, Beyond The Beyond, Successful Television Writing, The Walk, And The Diagnosis Murder Series Of Paperback Originals He Resides In California. Although one shouldn t equate others with their most notorious work, I find that I have misjudged the authors of television and film adaptations as being limited to those efforts I did this with Max Allen Collins and I have done this with Lee Goldberg I should have known better with the latter, especially due to his screenwriting credits on several television series most conspicuously on my radar, Monk I didn t even have to read ten 10 pages in The Man with the Iron On Badge before I knew that this was, as the Monte Python group used to say, something completely different Oh, The Man with the Iron On Badge still featured Goldberg s humor and penchant for turning the most ridiculous situation into black comedy, but it also features language that would have sent Adrian Monk looking for a wipe for his ears and an obsession for sex that would have left the adolescents in Porky s looking as abstemious as Bernard of Clairvaux And it features the most fascinating conceit
Synopsis Harvey is a security guard he s asked to follow a wealthy resident s wife He stumbles and fumbles but uncovers something serious. A good spoof on the P.I genre with plenty of humor as well as a decent mystery to solve Plenty of references to TV s detectives like Magnum, Mannix and . This novel was absolutely Hilarious Kudos to Lee Goldberg the modern successor to Donald Westlake Bravo I m a big fan of Goldberg s Monk books, so it was neat to finally read one of his original, stand alone novels And this one had a really neat, quite comedic set up a regular guy who works the night shift as a security guard sitting in the little shack in a gated community and spends his nights reading PI novels He gets his first _real_ PI gig following around the wife of one of the community s tenants but he finds out pretty quickly that real PI work isn t much like the novels Goldberg s a great comedic writer, and he had a lot of neat things going in this book a relatable narrator, three dimensional characters I really like the Girl Friday character, and ended up feeling really badly for the bad guys , a shocking plot twists or two, and the reality of the PI profession as held up to what you see on TV or read about in the novels But for all that, I still f
When twenty something old security guard Harvey is approached by a wealthy homeowner from the gated community he guards he is shocked to find out the man wants him to follow his wife, like a private investigator Excited about the opportunity AND the money, he takes on the job He feels he has studied up enough on television private eyes and private eye novels that he could do a simple job like this He is shocked at his expertise at uncovering a blackmail plot, but his benefactor tells him that s enough and calls the deal off What happens next is shocking and plunges Harvey into a really compelling mystery Goldberg writes with a bit of a serio comic edge He offers frequent references to television programs and mystery novels that his protagonist uses as a model for his investigation This one, folks, is a real page turner One minor caveat, thou
This book was one of the most fun reads ever the main Character was someone I could relate to so well A guy barely getting by with a boring job finds himself living his dream being like all his favorite detective dime store novels and TV show
This spoof of PI conventions centers on a security guard who thinks he has what it takes to be a real PI After all, he s watched every PI show on TV he could find How hard could it be A bit dark for my
A really fine mystery with a touch of humor A security guard that wants to be a PI All his knowledge comes from TV and novels.Would like to see of this character, but the author has stated that the realities of modern publishing make it unlikely. This is a book written by the author of the Monk novels This was a very easy, fast read about a security guard who turns detective and bases everything he does on tv and fictional characters, i.e, Dan Tana, Spencer, etc Fun read.

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  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • The Man with the Iron-On Badge
  • Lee Goldberg
  • English
  • 22 July 2017
  • 9781594143724