Cole (Red, Hot & Blue, #5)

Cole (Red, Hot & Blue, #5) One Night Can Leave A Trail A Decade Long Ten Years Ago, A Wicked Curve Ball And A Scout For The Major Leagues Gave Cole Ryan His Big Break Before He Set Foot On The Bus To Training Camp, Lizzie Barton Gave Him Everything Then Inexplicably Broke His Heart Now He S Back In Pigeon Hollow With A Bum Arm And A Cancelled Contract Lizzie Is Still There, Still Keeping Her Secrets Still Haunting His Dreams To Make Sure Cole Would Have The Future He Wanted, Lizzie Kept Her Crush On Her Older Brother S Best Friend To Herself But In This Small Town, There Was No Hiding The Results Of Her One And Only Night In His Arms With Cole Away Playing Ball, It Was Easy To Pretend He Would Never Know But Now That He S Back It S Only A Matter Of Time Right About The Time Cole Figures Out What He Left Behind, Cameras For A Reality TV Show Arrive To Film Lizzie S Brother And Suddenly Cole Is Scrambling To Keep The Spotlight Out Of His And Lizzie S Private Life And To Convince Her They Can Still Make Both Their Dreams Come True This Book Has Been Previously Published And Has Been Revised From Its Original Release Warning Contains Love That Conquers A Decade Of Sitting On The Bench And One Night Of Sex That Resulted In A Big Change In Two Lovers Lifetime Stats. Very fast paced of a story that spans over ten years, and then bam, it ends While I can appreciate this as a very short read, a one sitting read, there could ve been so.much. I can t even say that Cole was hot or whatever, just bec
This one was probably my favorite one so far It was fun, flirty, emotional, and unexpected.And much like this review, short. 3.5 starsI wish this book woulda been longer We really didn t even get to know Cole and it s a shame, i think he had potential. Quickie Review This is a really short read, so I thought I would do a quickie review for it.Overall, I liked the story and thought it was fun and entertaining I liked the little town feel and need to go back and read all the rest from this series because I think they would haveimpact as a whole My only
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here 10 year of not telling the father of your child he s a father is not on, particularly if there is no exuse This story has an happy ending only be cause this is a romance novel In real life she would have been served a custody court date andthan likely lose By the time he would have calm down and try to rekindle what they had, she would not want anything to do with him as he took her son So for this 2.5 s
I am a huge fan of the Red Hot and Blue series by Cat Johnson so I was stoked to get to review her latest in the series Although this story is short the author managed to get all of the important emotions that you normally see in a full length novel into this story without it se
This short made mesad I dislike stories where one parent has lost so much time in the raising of a child While I don t completely think Lizzie was wrong, I don t feel she was right either I m on the fence about this one I was, however, pleased that Cole is the kind of ma
When I first started this short story, I didn t like I d like Lizzie She made selfish, thoughtless decisions when she was young and continued when she was a decade older, frustrating me, and the hero Cole But as the story wound on, the characters worked at each other, each admitting their faul
Another cute quick story Good read