The Secret Keeper

The Secret KeeperThis Book Will Be Released June 1st 2013 As The Keeper Of Secrets By HarperCollins Daniel Horowitz Wins A Prestigious Music Competition And Stands On The Brink Of A Stunning Career As A Virtuoso Violinist But He S Also A Fourteen Year Old Jewish Kid Who Loves To Play Baseball With His Friends His Talent Has Come To The Attention Of Famed Spanish Classical Conductor And Competiton Judge, Rafael Santamaria Gomez, And He Takes A Special Interest He Invites Daniel To His Annual Symposium For Young Talented Musicians In Washington D.C But When His Parents Forbid Him His Hobby, Daniel Refuses To Play The Violin Daniel S Great Grandparents Were Wealthy Berlin Bankers And Owned A Superb Collection Of Musical Instruments, Including A Rare 1742 Guarneri Del Gesu Violin, But Lost Them When Their Home Was Looted In 1939 Their Son, Daniel S Grandfather, Simon, Shares With Rafael The Story Of His Family S Destruction At The Hands Of The Nazis And His Six Year Struggle To Survive In Dachau The Conductor Begins To Suspect That The Magnificent Del Gesu Violin Owned By His Friend And Powerful Arts Patron, Billionaire Russian Ex Pat Sergei Valentino, Is The Same Instrument Sergei S Grandfather Was A Russian General Who Helped To Liberate Berlin In 1945 And He Brought The Violin Back For Sergei S Beloved Aunt, Yulena, Who Was A Concert Violinist She Fought The Stalinist Regime At Every Turn And When They Suspected She Was Planning To Defect, She Was Murdered By The KGB Whilst In London On Tour.So Who Does The Violin Belong To The Family Who Owned It For 150 Years Or The Family Who Have Owned It For The Last 65 Both Have Suffered Huge Losses And Survived The Darkest Times In Human History And Both Have Enormous Emotional Attachments To The Instrument How Does Rafael Prove Its Provenance Then How Does He Get It Back And What Will That Cost Him And Will Daniel Agree To Play It So Many Secrets, Held Tight For So Many Years, The Shocking Revelations Will Be Explosive. The premise was interesting but the writing was not that great and kept getting bored while reading and had to force myself to finish Also plotline was obvious a quarter of the way in I think so that didn t help, you d want to build suspense for a story like this one Great story about a missing Guarneri violin The tale is told through several decades and the people who loved and knew its worth I liked how the stories intermingled and came together at the end 3.5 stars For a debut novel I found this story very impressive It moves between the past and present day in telling the story of an incredible violin and the different people who owned it.The story begins in Berlin in February of 1935 when life was getting very difficult for anyone of Jewish ethnicity Simon Horowitz is following in the family tradition of playing the violin a tradition passed on from father to son and so on His family own a bank and believe that nothing bad will happen to them They own many storied instruments including ones from the 17th and 18th century The most impressive is a 1742 Guarneri del Gesu which their family had owned for over 150 years and Simon knows that he is destined to play it as part of his career.Jump to 2008 Simon s grandson Daniel Horowitz has also been taught to play the violin and is exceptionally talented He is fourteen though and baseball is just as important to him as music so when his parents ask him to stop playing baseball in case he will hurt his fingers,he rebels and refuses to play the violin at all A Spanish conductor works hard to try and come up with a solution to the problem and get Daniel playing again He determines to track down the 1742 Guarneri which was stolen from the Horowitz family by the Nazi s.Back to 1935 and the reader learns the horrific story of what happened to Simon and his family We learn of the v
Overall score 3.5 5 stars The Secret Keeper is the story of two families one German Jewish and the other Russian who are bound together by a single, priceless instrument a 1742 Guarneri del Gesu violin.The Horowitz family loses everything in the Holocaust, including the precious instrument which, through a variety of circumstances becomes the property of the Valentino family We see the story of both families, across several generations, beginning before the onset of WWII and ending in 2008 Throughout the story, we see the travels of the precious Guarnerius.Julie Thomas clearly knows both her classical music and her violins I have been privileged to hear a 1742 Guarnerius played in concert and there truly is nothing like it she goes on in detail about what makes this particular make and model violin so unique She also knows how to tell a story the plot was gripping I came to think of every character as a real person, and felt tremendous sympathy for young Daniel Horowitz, a gifted violinist who would rather be playing baseball with his friends when all is said and done.Unfortunately, the book suffered from editorial issues There were numerous instances when quotation marks and italics should have been used to differentiate musical pieces from the surrounding text and others where it was done correctly There were also several run on sentences that could have used a semi colon.Unfortunately, this book has been removed from Smashwords I also like to revie
A violin, a family, a war, a young musician I would like to dedicate this piece to poppa grandfather and to all my family I never knew Daniel Horowitz, a 14 year old violinist, says this prior to performing at one concert His family is Jewish, from Berlin and many of them perished in the camps during World War II They also had all their worldly goods stolen from them including a priceless 1742 Guarneri del Gesu This is the story of that instrument and the people who played it and cared for it in the 20th and early 21st centuries Keeper of Secrets is a sweet, affecting story about music but the most interesting parts were the sections about the Horowitz
It s said that good things come in small packages How true has that proven to be in this case.I m a student of violin Violin is where I escape to, a place far away from my worries So this book was a treat for me.For this books protagonist is not a perso
Very Pleased that I chose this book for a book club read It caught my interest from the start I enjoyed the parts of the book that describe family relationships and how the war affected those relationships For me, it got a little complicated with the switching of the 1930 s and present time
The story of a priceless violin, whose value is not only in monetary terms, nor in the beauty of its tone, but in what it means to two different families Though the instrument was made in the 1700s, we are introduced to its history through a Jewish family in the US Daniel, a young virtuoso violinist is battling with his parents, torn between his love for playing the violin and baseball A wise conductor, Raphael becomes aware of the true history of the violin Presently it is in the hands of a world wise Russian who reveres it because of his aunt The story of Daniel s forbearers and their near extermination by the Nazis This book is packed with familial love and the love of music It s only the first of a trilogy, and I want to read the other two, if possible Bu
A fourteen year old Jewish violin virtuoso in Nazi Germany is linked to his counterpart in contemporary America by a priceless violin, superlative talent and family line In my opinion, this was an unremarkable novel compr
A heart wrenchingly good book that I didn t want to put it down The life of the violin is a wonderful tribute to things lost and found I would recommend this book to all of my friends as the story sucks you in and leads you through a wonderful journey of life and love.