Stone of the Goddess

Stone of the Goddess Three Women Are Murdered With Obsidian Mirrors As Dark And Mysterious As The Notes Found Next To The Bodies.The Police Call In Yvette Garcin, A Specialist With The OMR A French Government Agency Tasked With Monitoring Cults And Religious Movements.Little Does Yvette Know That She Is In For The Ride Of Her Life Her Investigation Uncovers A String Of Apparently Unconnected Elements A 1967 Murder,a Group Of 7th Century Yemeni Priestesses, The Holy Grail, And The Priory Of Sion All Of Which Lead Her Deeper Into A Murky Netherworld Of Occult Conspiracy But Bring Her No Closer To Solving The Murders Just As She Thinks She S Hit A Wall, A Sudden, Catastrophic Turn Of Events Sets Her On The Trail Of An International Plot To Bring About The Apocalypse And It May Be Too Late To Stop It.