Lux 1.2 (Lux, #2)

Lux 1.2 (Lux, #2) Call To Arms Is The Second Book In The Lux Series Lux Omnibus Volume 1, Containing Seeds, Call To Arms, And Alliance Is Now Available FromAs America Falls, The Survivors Begin To Build An Army To Fight Against The Corrupt Government Of Senator Angine, While The Lux Experiment With Their Abilities And Try To Come To Terms With What They Are. Even though it was a little shorter than what I expected, this book was definitely something worth reading I loved every single character, and the book had just the right amount of action in it Call to Arms was a perfectly written sequel to the first book in the series, and I can t wait until I h
Nice continuation to the series Action and adventure with a good dose of mystery added into the mix I think it was too short and so hard to put down that I read until about 2 am to finish it.