A Crack in Melancholy Time

A Crack in Melancholy Time When Last In Santa Fe, Blake Gladstone Took A Darkly Surreal Ride With Denise Loreaux Through The Depths Of Grief And Loss, Disdain And Obsession.With Nowhere To Go, He Once Again He Finds Himself Destined For Extinction As The Black Curtains Drop, Blake Chances Upon The One Thing In The World That Might Keep Him From Complete And Utter Annihilation A Crack In Melancholy Time. Trent Zelazny further establishes his rightful place in the noir pantheon.This is a continuation of Fractal Despondency, following almost immediately where Fractal left off, although we don t really know how much time has passed we get the sense our protagonist isn t clear on that score, either A Crack in Melancholy Time works very well on its own, but I highly recommend reading Fractal Despondency first you will be glad you did Zelazny has been quoted as saying he felt Fractal Despondency is the stronger of the two works I m sure he has his reasons, but I think that s like saying the yolk is truly an egg than the whites, which brings up my only grouse about A Crack in Melancholy Time It should rest between the same covers or in the same shell, if you will as Fractal Despondency Both stories are novella length together they make one hell of an impact I read them back to back and am really glad I did A Crack in Melancholy Time is simply a darker if that s possible Act II to Fractal Despondency s Act I.With A Crack in Melancholy Time, Zelazny allows Blake to reminisce deeply on the events that spawned the chaotic spiral in Fractal Despondency but it isn t just of the same, not by a long shot Whereas Fractal Despondency shows us a protagonist with at least a passing interest in regaining some semblance of an existence, A Crack in Melancholy Time shows us a man who is on the verge
After experiencing Blake s trials and tribulations in Fractal Despondency, I was very glad to be immersed in what happened after It was very enjoyable getting another glimpse of what life had in store While there was definitely darkness and trouble to be had, the reengagement with a character that you grow to care about is definitely a plus As with all the other works I ve read, this one was solidly writ
I have the audible version I ended up listening to it twice in one day.Zelazny is so right on He knows about the darkness of depression He understands what it s like to lose a loved one, to mourn them in the worst possible ways He perfectly describes how addiction is H
A Crack in Melancholy Time is a thought provoking sequel to his melancholic masterpiece Fractal Despondency I felt some things were still left open, but it does tie up several loose ends, and it works quite well Zelazny s writing is often simplistic but always
This sequel to Fractal Despondency is better The prose is both tighter and descriptive in this one, and Blake s existential crisis and grief is fully explored, but as with a couple of other Zelazny novellas
When the weight of half believed sins have crushed the you out of you what is left Does life continue Should it