To Sleep Gently

To Sleep Gently When Career Criminal Jack Dempster Gets Caught And Put Away For Five Years In Prison, He Finds Time To Seriously Reconsider His Chosen Line Of Work Before He Can Make Any Serious Decision, Some Old Acquaintances Track Him Down With A Proposal They Want Him To Go To Santa Fe, New Mexico With The Help Of An Inside Man, He S To Lead A Small Group Of Professionals On A Daring Robbery Of The El Dorado Hotel, One Of The Finest, And Most Secure Establishments In The Southwest.Double Crosses, Love Triangles, And Immersion In His Own Self Destructive Past Conspire To Lead Him To Ruin It S Not Easy To Sleep When Searching For Normalcy In The Heart Of A Brutal Past. A startling allegorical reference to Pre Babylonian life, remarkably juxtaposed to modern themes. Jack Dempster grew up in a small place with friends and, of course, a best friend He did all right until he got caught after robbing a bank and went away for five years to pay for his sin You d think that reading as many books as he did for those five years, thinking about becoming a priest, really wanting to change it would have worked for him.Fate had other plans The first thing Jack does upon release is go visit some old friends They talk him into one heist in New Mexico He gets three assistants who can barely assist themselves to the john but, you take what you can get They plan on robbing a hotel casino in Santa Fe.Meanwhile, Jack has met his old friend and also a young woman whom he is attracted to but has serious conscious issues about She doesn t have much of a conscious, I mean As always happens his past comes back in
Jack Dempster is a great character He s done a lot of bad things in his life some possibly unspeakable but he wants to be good He s trying hard to be good now But just like in life there are obstacles, and Jack finds several obstacles trying to keep him from simply being a good person.This is a heist book And a very good one There really is an El Dorado Hotel in Santa Fe It reminded me a bit of some of the classic noir movies like Asphalt Jungle, or High Sierra Having read and listened to interviews with Zelazny he is clearly a big fan of film noir and it shows clearly in this one Interesting love triangle created here, one that seems very real to me, love vs lust And by the time the heist takes place, strap yourself in tight because you won t be putting it down until you ve finished I felt like I d had a Red Bull after all the action.Great characters, intense action, smart and well thought out, check out To Sleep Gently you will have a great time and I
This book was a lot of fun to read It was a bit of a departure from other Trent Zelazny books that I have read, but it was very well written There was a lot of great character development, story elements, and emotion evoked There was definitely the same dark feeling of
Full Review the job starts that was when everything starts getting good The action from that point on was unrelenting and I found it really hard to put the book down The ending was explosive and very exciting A good thriller that I recomm
Trent Zelazny s father is the renowned science fiction writer, Roger Zelazny They are both great writers, but their subject matters are entirely different.To Sleep Gently is a perfect example of the kind of noir fiction that was published in the late fifties and early sixties Indeed, if you take the cellular telephones and the security cameras out of the story and they are not a major part of the story , there is no way to know that the story was crafted in modern times, not fifty years ago.It s a story of a man who has stepped out of prison after five years and, immediately, he is asked to drive out to Santa Fe for a job, but a real sweet job with a target of a very exclusive hotel in high season It s all arranged and the others working the job have all been hired as well as the fence All Jack has to do is show up and lend his professional experience to the task.Although it is perhaps not the brightest idea to immediately turn to criminal behavior, it all seems to be professionally arranged, that is, until Jack meets his partners in the enterprise.Much of the book concerns Jack s drive cross country from Ohio to Santa Fe, the people he meets along the way, and the several days he spends in Santa Fe prior to actually executing the job Not much of what occurs is dull, including the women he meets along the way, the barroom brawls he engages in, or the aftermath of t
A bit longish in the middle section, but still quite good. This is the story of Jack A basically good guy who got put away for 5 years after an armed robbery He bides his time in jail, reading and deciding on going straight On coming out however Fate has other ideas He is put in the path of an old friend who persuades him to do one last job He agrees, and via a love triangle and meeting up with an old school friend the job begins.This started off very slowly, almost to the point of me giving up but being the tenacious type of person I am, I stuck with it I am glad I did because about a third of the way through it grew wings and flew along The development of Sandra and Jacks relationship was quite sweet, with them keep meeting by chance and then losing touch again His regret at having to do the job, since he met her was tangible The meeting with Carla, and her interference in his relationship with Sandra, and regret because his heart was with Sandra was real Once the job starts that
Zelazny Wins Again Trent Zelazny s gift is a little frightening The highest praise I can lavish on any writer is to admit that I cannot say why he is so good from a technical standpoint Zelazny s skill lies in the ability to make his presence as an author damn near invisible We are not reading, we are witnessing With To Sleep Gently he offers up what seems to be a simple caper story with noir undertones Our hero is Jack Dempster, a career criminal fresh out of the joint who is immediately roped into a heist Of course the heist is a near sure thing, and of course things fall apart None of these plot elements is anything new But as with all Zelazny s works the story is not about what it s about The ill advised theft and the bumbling crew are set dressing for what Trent Zelazny really wants to tell you, and that s how life is not always a friendly mistress The
Someone wants Jack Dempster to go to Santa Fe, New Mexico The Eldorado Hotel, one of the finest hotels in the Southwest, where the biggest names in business and the biggest names in Hollywood stay With the help of an inside man, Dempster s job is to lead a small group of professionals in knocking the place over But there are many