Flesh Fantasy

Flesh FantasyTonight, Rain Calisto Searches For Her Man, And Rhys Matthews Comes Into Focus He Is Well Built And Sinisterly Sexy In The Same Denver Nightclub, Armand Anastasio Searches For His Woman Rain But The Men Are Than Gorgeous They Are Vampires, And They Are Unmated A Chance Encounter Lands Rhys And Rain Together Their Attraction Remains Undeniably Powerful And They Fall Prey To Lust With Each Passionate Tryst, Rhys Senses A Connection That Goes Beyond The Flesh Unbeknownst To Rhys, Rain Is A Diabetic Her Insulin Alters Her Biological Makeup, Disguising A Revelation He Isn T Quite Prepared For.Rain Is Rhys S Fated Mate.As They Struggle With This Knowledge, Another Bombshell Is Dropped Rain S Insulin Laced Tissue Creates A Rare Vampiric Blood That Can Fetch A Hefty Profit, And Armand Has Always Known This Is His Attraction To Rain Genuine, Or Is He Just Out For Her Blood This Is The Diary Of Rain And Rhys Recorded Here Is Their Transformation From A Flesh Fantasy To Eternal Love.A Siren Erotic Romance Flesh Fantasy, which I read under it s original title Mourning Rain , is one of the best books I ve read in years The characters stay with you, leaving you yearning for The simplistic title does not do a great service to the depth of the book which is remarkably well written, especially considering that this is the author s first publish
Ok, so I find out this book is from a local author Hawaii and it s my genre so of course I buy it I was really hoping to like it Well, I frickin LOVE it Here s my thing, no matter how good a book is, I either get ADD or it takes a while to get me going This one hooked from the first page which is really hard to do with me I am a very tough
Vampires Yup Just what I DON T want to read.THIS book, however, is fresh Hot About 2 adults, mates, rather than a teenage crush all sparkly like Anyhoo It s hot Its characters are intriguing, I was definitely left wanting .The whole reason I m giving this 4 rather than 5 stars is the fact that scream is used as a dialogue tag like 50 million times Ok Not really, but enough that I was rollin
Refreshing book with a little bit of everything Love, sex, comedy, and action Highly recommend readers enter the world of Ambrose Heights as characters are well developed with unique attributes Look forward to future releases from this series. I struggled to come up with a good enough review for this book but I think I will keep it simple I enjoyed Flesh Fantasy, it reminded me of Sex in the City but as a Paranormal Romance Full of friends, good laughs, and sex Can t go wrong. Okay, the sex scenes were HOT Like HOTTTT But I had the same issue with this book as I have with a lot of paranomal especially vampire romance Don t get me wrong I LOVE reading vampire romance, but sometimes it feels like the authors try too hard Both to give their books the classic romantic vampire feel, AND to give their stories something that stand apart from ALL the others And trust me, there are A LOT of others That being said, I feel like the author did a pretty good job balancing
Originally posted at was one of the most refreshing stories I have read in a long time and was an amazing start to a what looks to be a spectacular series Stumbling upon your mate is tricky business, especially if the link is via blood Rhys is unexplainably drawn to Rain, but they show no signs of being mates not that he is looking He is a good time vampire and has no inclination to settle down As their relationship is labeled a utilitarian friendship , things were never meant to go beyond sex The problem with this scenario though is that they have mind blowing sex.Rain Calisto is the perfect heroine She is thirty seven, independent, and professional She is in touch what she wants and needs and has no qualms about getting it She has determined that the perfect man will be hard to find, but along the way she will have fun kissing a few frogs Hey, a girl has needs too Rain and her girlfriends have even developed a fun game to find said frogs The Junk Trunk You are going to have to read the book to find out how this game is played.Rhys Matthews is intense and delicious from the start Dark, mysterious and dressed all in black, he is a perfect contestant in The Junk Trunk game His eyes draw Rain in, but with the crook of his finger, Rhys has Rain running to him, changing the whole game.These are some wild and wonderful vampires With new abilities and unique characteristics, the were a breath of fresh air This is a different take on the vam
Before I knew it, it was over The story just seemed to fly by I was captured by the story right from the start Character names for me in a read play a big influence in my enjoyment of it, I loved how the lead female character s name was Rain, it was just perfect I found the story at little up and down at times, but it still kept my interest throughout The steamy scenes in this Whew Really well written, they aren t cheesy or generic, that is for certain There is no denying the sexual chemistry between Rhys and Rain, even though it just started off as some fun between the two, they really make a great pair The vampire elements were great in this and I liked how when a human changed into a vampire that their eye colour changed to their true personality trait, that was brilliant and I can t recall ever coming across something like that before

When a human transforms to a vampire, their eyes do a color inversion We like to equate it to the eyes being the window to the soul Whatever was engrained in their moral fiber as a human reflects during the turning in the eyes

This read was full of surprises j
I m not normally a massive fan of erotic literature with my back it gives me ideas above my station but as I d heard lots of good things about Maya DeLeina from a number of sources and as the book s in the vampire genre, I thought I d check Flesh Fantasy out for myself and see what all the fuss was about And I m really glad that I did as the characters say in the novel Flesh Fantasy now that sounds like a book that would catch my attention It is indeed an excellent book No one could deny that there is a good deal of sex it, and explicit stuff too, but it is never gratuitous and is always beautifully written Ms DeLeina s prose is muscular and her characters are acutely observed and sensitively delineated Their dialogue is taut and naturalistic, never forced The plot is strong, inventive and well thought out I won t spoil it for future readers by revealin
Reviewed for Booked UpTo See Review at Booked UpRain Calisto just wants some sex, no strings attached She s playing a game with her best friends when she sees Rhys Matthews for the first time They start a relationship, denying their feelings and that they re in a relationship until they finally admit that they are in love with each other.But Rhys finds out that someone was selling serums from his family the serums allow a vampire six hours of sun, without hurting him Also, three people have gone missing and the kidnapper is a vampire After being converted to a vampire, Rain is kidnapped by the same people that took the humans, Rhys decides to do whatever it takes to get her back.I enjoyed the story, it is the first book of The Ambrose Heights Vampires s series It has well drawn out suspense, since we never find who the bad guy is or what the