Love Lost And Found

Love Lost And Found A Short Story By Bestselling Author Sonia Rumzi.What Goes Around Comes Around They Say Is It True Even In Love When We Hurt Someone, Do We Get Hurt In The Future Just The Same Way Jonathan Fell In Love And Offered All To His Partner Taken For Granted And Discarded Broke His Heart But, Karma Has Its Way Of Coming Back Full Circle. Found this very well written and quite a surprise.Miss Rumzi gives us look into love and the surprises it can hold for us.This is a little different from what we are use to reading by Miss Rumzi.We find Jonathan who is 40 and finds love for the first time What he felt was specialHe give all in his love to his partner After 5 years his partner ups and leave with out a word
This short story is very well written and extremely powerful, Sonia uses words like artists use paint Love Lost and Found held me enthralled through out the entire story, it flowed like a fine morning mist Thank you Sonia for wri
3.5 stars rounded up.