GO BIKE & Other Signs from the Universe

GO BIKE & Other Signs from the Universe If You Ve Ever Felt Deep Love And Then Lost It If You Miss A Grandparent Who Has Passed Away If You Ever Had To Put A Pet Down Or If You Ve Ever Seen Your Own Signs From The Universe, You Ll Get This Book.GO BIKE OTHER SIGNS FROM THE UNIVERSE Is A Series Of Vignettes That Exemplify Events That Most Would See As Coincidences, But, As Will Be Understood, There Are No Such Things As A Coincidences GO BIKE OTHER SIGNS FROM THE UNIVERSE Highlights The Author S Uncanny Knack For Receiving Messages From The Universe, Most Of Which Are Delivered To Her In The Form Of License Plates, Of All Things From GO LOOK To URDSIRE To GO BIKE To WRITE ON To CARMEL To THYKNGDM To HOT4LP And , The Author Was Shown These License Plates Only Moments After Having A Related Thought Or Question As An Avid Cyclist, For Cycling Is Her Muse, She Became Noticeably Aware Of License Plates While Out On Daily Rides When She Realized These Plates Were Practically Screaming At Her, She Awakened To The Universe S Mode For Delivering Messages She Needed To Know.After Eight Years Of Compiling The Most Compelling Vignettes, Some Of Which Occurred Right Up To The Final Draft Of This Book, She Is Now Releasing Them In This Inquisitive And Fun Book. Sometimes we ask for a burning bush Or maybe we ask for the skies to part, waiting on God to speak to us loud and clear Heather Hummel has found another way to find direction, answers and wisdom in her life and she shares it with us in her raw and revealing book, GO BIKE Other Signs from the Universe Heather not only finds answers she is seeking from the signs she sees, but also comfort and peace when she needs it most You are going to fall in love with the people and pets that matter most to Heather, plus want to take a joy ride in the car that graces the book s cover Heather s words give you the peace of knowi