Until There Was You

Until There Was YouPosey Osterhagen Can T Complain She Owns A Successful Architectural Salvaging Company, She S Surrounded By Her Lovable, If Off Center, Family And She Has A Boyfriend Sort Of Still, Something S Missing Something Tall, Brooding And Criminally Good Looking Something Like Liam Murphy.When Posey Was Sixteen, The Bad Boy Of Bellsford, New Hampshire, Broke Her Heart But Now He S Back, Sending Posey S Traitorous Schoolgirl Heart Into Overdrive Once Again She Should Be Giving Him A Wide Berth, But It Seems Fate Has Other Ideas. I guess when you binge on an author s backlist, you re bound to stumble across one that doesn t leave you all starry eyed Don t get me wrong, the character development, snarky humor and compelling storyline was all there, I just didn t feel the sparks between Liam and Posey, like I was expecting to In fact, Kristan Higgins failed to convince me these two belonged together or that Liam could ever love Posey somewhere deep down in his soul.There s a cringeworthy aspect to this story and it s our heroine Posey s lack of confidence and inability to stand up for herself I get it, sometimes it s hard to let go of our insecurities or fake it until we make it, but I wanted to grab her and shake her Anything to get her to see she deserved so much than what she was putting up with I was hoping to see some growth, over the course of the story, but Posey pretty much remained a doormat the entire way through A life lesson on valuing ones self, this book does not provide In steps Liam, the bad boy returning to town after years away, and she basically falls at his feet Forgetting that he barely gave her a second glance in high school, despite having worked at her family s restaurant, and decimated her heart on prom night Apparently all of that hurt was easily brushed aside when his gorgeous face was in front of hers and he actually managed to mutter a few words, out loud and directly to her, albeit
Imagine yourself as a heroine.What kind of hero would you wish for How about one that overlooked you and your love as a kid, ruined your social life in a stupid attempt to help you in a 4 minute time span that he could divulge to you and then forget you even lived for the next 15 years How about one that leaves you at every turn because he hides behind parenting his child How about one that is so hooked up on his dead wife that this child is almost a bizarre extension of what he had with her How about one that dreams about said wife five pages before your HEA while sniffing her pearls and so on How about one that goes and does a very lame i love you singing scene only after his daughter said she has nothing against you in his life How about one that inserts an When my kid is ready clause even in his oh so romantic proposal of marriage 2 pages till the finale You want this hero The hero that loved the moronic wife even thou she loved him for like 5 minutes only and he
2 1 2 to 3 starsMeh I didn t really care for this book, though the writing was superb I was somewhat disappointed with the heroine I liked her a lot, don t get me wrong, but her unwillingness to stand up for herself started to grate on my nerves I kept waiting for her to stop being everyones doormat, unfortunately that never happened Plus, I wasn t able to fully accept or believe in the supposed feelings the hero had fo
Mi tercer libro del RitaKristan RetoRita3 y vaya por delante que me ha gustado pero no entusiasmado Se me ha hecho un poco cuesta arriba el rollo del pueblito maravilloso que siempre nos vende la autora, me ha faltado amor por parte del protagonista masculino y me ha sobrado esa escena f
Higgin s books are often considered chicklit than romance, with the lack of hero point of view cited as the reason they may seem insufficiently romantic In Until There Was You, she departs from her usual first person style to give us both points of view yet ironically, though it s a good read in many ways, it s the least convincing romance by her I ve ever read Possibly one of the least convincing romances I ve ever read.Once upon a time, the school bad boy married the school good girl and they moved away to live happily ever after leaving Posey, the school flat chested girl, brokenhearted But happy ever after was ruined by death, and now Liam is back in town, a widower with a fifteen year old daughter and still the hottest guy Posey s ever seen Ludicrously overprotective and anxious about his daughter, Liam finds that being with Posey is unexpectedly comfortable and relaxingFirst the good As always, it s funny Depictions of Posey s difficult adolescence brought tears to my eyes And though I think the casual feel of Higgin s writing works better in first person, getting Liam s perspective is helpful, at least at first knowing that he has a lot on his mind makes it forgivable that he pretty much ignores Posey for the first third of the book.There s often a serious edge underlying Higgins lighthearted books, and there s plenty here On Posey s side, there are issues over her adoption greatly
RetoRita3 RitaKristanGracias al reto Rita estoy conociendo nuevas historias y nuevas autoras.Seguramente lea m s libros de Kristan Higgins.Me ha gustado mucho este libro, sobre todo por que te saca unas risas, es una historia sin mucho drama, hay momentos tristes pero no es para cortarse las venas.Sobre todo me ha gustado mucho la protagonista, por que a pesar de que su entorno la viera como un patito feo y de no haber destacado en su poca de instituto, a sabido salir de todo aquello y siempre ha mantenido su forma de ser y no la ha cambiado por nadie El prota de la historia tambi n me ha gustado much si
Genial qu bien lo he pasado Another enjoyable standalone from the amazing Kristan Higgins She can write about family, love, heartbreak, and all their complications like nobody s business.My favorite quote But they re family, and you forgive them, even if they are the human equivalent of hyenas Because that s
This was a little different from the usual KH fare There was a third person POV from the hero Usually, KH writes using the heroine s POV for most of her books Aside from the Blue Heron series as of late, books were told in the first person But here, she gave us a sample of what she s now doing with Blue Heron, and I love it Getting into the mind of the hero is perfect for connecting with him, understanding his motives, thoughts etc I really liked this, Posey was a sweet but passed over type of woman Never beautiful enough, too skinny, short, unremarkable But has anyone ever looked close enough She s adopted and so is her brother but she s never been made to feel anything but a cherished daughter And really, everything was fine until high school, until prom, where she was humiliated, laughed at and had her heart broken by the boy she tragically crushed on, 18 odd years ago.That boy, the bad but oh, so good Liam Declan Murphy, is back in town He s a widow with a 15 year old daughter, but aside from his looks the man resembles nothing of the reckless boy he once was I loved Liam, and understood his situation with Posey I think the set up was very realistic, a man widowed, trying to do right by his daughter, trying to stay focused on providing a safe environment If he had rushed off and proclaimed love for Posey early on, or gave in to his restrained feelings without thought it would have seemed cliche He held back a lot wit
Who doesn t love a bad boy It really doesn t matter if you are young or old, the bad boy has appeal Picture this Piercing green eyes, dark hair, powerful body clad in well worn jeans and a black leather jacket with a motorcycle helmet tucked under his arm and a smile that promises to fulfill all your fantasies Now, you are lying to yourself if that mental image doesn t turn you on Posey is just one of those loveable characters that you just want to squeeze and you get a little teary eyed just thinking about people mistreating her Now, of course since I said that, you know they do Then there s Liam You know that bad boy I made you picture a minute ago, well, that s him Yum Although he is dubbed the bad boy, he is a total sweetheart and hell, I want to squeeze him too, but for totally different reasons I really loved this story It toggles between current day and memories from Posey and Liam s past Sometimes, that type of narration can be distracting, but not in this caseIt really helps to understand all the characters, and why they are they way they are today It is a sweet, sad and passionate telling of a romance that takes twenty years to evolve I ll be honest, I don t typically cry over a book, but I was wiping away tears on several occasions while rea

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