Dont Make Me Make You Brownies

Dont Make Me Make You Brownies Award Winning Romantic Comedy Novel Length Raised By Vegetarian Hippies On An Organic Produce Farm, Abbie Greenwood Wants To Save The World But The L.A TV Station Where She Works As A Consumer Reporter Won T Let Her Do The Globally Important Stories She Wants To Do, And Now The Guys Upstairs Are Suggesting She Mix A Little Of The Nasty Into Her Helping People Segments To Raise The Already High Ratings Afraid The TV Biz Is Going To Suck Out Her Soul, Abbie Agrees To Take All The Time Off She S Saved And Housesit For Her Sister In The Suburbs Of Houston Where Conservatism And Good Barbequing Skills Are Highly Rated But, It Will Give Her Time Alone To Re Evaluate Her Life, Or, At Least, Give The Guys Upstairs Time To See How Ratings Plummet Without Her.Once In Houston, Abbie Causes A Raucous With A Column She Guest Writes For Her Sister S Neighborhood Newsletter And Butts Heads With The President Of The Homeowner S Association From Across The Street Rick S A Real Hunk Yum Of A Lawyer Yuck Who Drives A Fancy Pickup Wasting Natural Resources , Is An Ex Rodeo Cowboy Too Macho, But Kinda Hot And Has Been Known To Vote Conservatively On Occasion Dead Faint Unfortunately, He S Also Irresistible And Available Since His Wife Took Off, Leaving Him With Their Six Year Old Daughter.After Some Malicious Neighborhood Mischief Followed By A Hot Encounter In His Kitchen, Abbie Decides She D Better Stay Away Or This Guy Could Change Her Life In A Way She Never Thought She Wanted But When Her Volunteer Job, Teaching English As A Second Language, Gets Her Arrested On Suspicion Of Smuggling Illegal Aliens, Who Is The Only Emergency Contact Her Sister Left Mr Hunky Annoying Across The Street Lawyer, Of Course And As Abbie Feels Herself Getting Sucked In By Rick, She Realizes Life S Decisions Aren T Always As Black And White As She D Like Them To Be. After her boss asks her to do a story on strippers because it s ratings gold, TV reporter Abbie decides to take all of her holidays and head down to Texas to reevaluate While there she butts heads with her sexy neighbour Rick who is pretty much the epitome of everything she dislikes He s a gas guzzling truck driving, meat eating, plastic bag using Texan lawyer.In fact, she would tell him where to stick the dog poop on the footpath if only she didn t get tied up in knots every time he was close What I likedThere are some things I like in this book The relationship between Abbie, Rick and his daughter for the most part works Her battles with the home owners association had potential which the author could have delved into a bit , along with Abbie s volunteering for the ESL program teaching English to Mexican migr
A very fun read I like this author she make me laugh a lot This was another fun read about women trying to find Mr Right and then when he is found, she is afraid to let it happen and runs back to her horrible life But, do not despair, Abbie mows the yard in her red bikini and Rick notices but that was not the intent She was trying to prove that leaving grass clippings is a
5 10 Finished the book and it was above average. Abbie didn t like the way they were all looking at her This scrapbooking thing could be a clever ruse Did they lure her here with the intent of impregnating her Although not a chick lit mystery my current bin
Nope DNF at 20% Read like a horrible parody where the author s only human interaction is with people on poorly written sitcoms Everyone is oddly two dimensional and than a little shrill The hero might be the most fleshed out, but sadly the story isn t told from his POV. I ll tell you right from the beginning stock up on brownies or something chocolate before you settle down to read DON T MAKE ME MAKE YOU BROWNIES, the book with the wittiest title I ve seen in a long time When I read that title, I immediately clicked the BUY button.I predict Nina Cordoba, and her books, will become very popular with readers I know that I adored this book, and I think you will too.What do you get when you add a heaping helping of sexual desire to a mismatched couple composed of a pickup scorning, California liberal TV consumer reporter and a Texas cowboy lawyer You get a delightful novel of contradictions, conflicts, and, ultimately, compromises as Abbie and Rick learn that if they want something bad enough like the love that grows between them then they must blaze their own trail and
This was a real light, easy, and quick read From the reviews I was expecting it to be real funny, but I only laughed once The characters were alright, but I didn t think Abbie was all that likable. Very enjoyable although it got a little weird in the middle There were a few moments I found myself laughing out loud I really liked the hero and heroine and for me that s their most important element of any story. This is a great book It is funny, sexy, and has a good plot Read and enjoy Not much imagination.