The Rings of Alathea

The Rings of Alathea Earth Has Been Rendered Uninhabitable By An Asteroid Impact A Woman Wakes Up On A Pod Ship Orbiting A Mysterious Planet With Golden Rings She S Been Asleep For Five Hundred Years And Doesn T Remember Who She Is She Wakes Up In Jameson Stryker S Hibernation Chamber, So They Call Her Jamie Half Of Her Companions Have Died She Is Surrounded By Strangers And Haunted By Her Dreams When They Land, Jamie And The Other Colonists Find Themselves On The Shore Of An Alien Sea And Surrounded By A Strange Jungle Mysterious Lights Appear And Their Settlement Is Threatened By Forces Beyond Their Control Jamie Begins To Remember The Past And Discovers An Alien Presence There Is Much To Her Than She Ever Imagined Everyone S Survival Rests On Her Shoulders And Resides In Her Mind. This book was so enjoyable to read There were absolutely no boring parts I was hooked right from the beginning Any story that starts off with people coming out of hibernation after 500 years has to be awesome The planet was described so beautifully by the author I almost said artist I was so interested to see what
Another book that I have enjoyed I won t give the story line away, but to wake up after 500 years of cryogenic induced sleep with memories that don t correspond with who you think you are if you know how you are to populate a new planet with what are the remains of the human ra

<Reading> ➻ The Rings of Alathea  Author Dan  Moore –
  • Paperback
  • 266 pages
  • The Rings of Alathea
  • Dan Moore
  • English
  • 12 July 2017
  • 0983428387