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Forever . . .There S A First For Everything.When You Build Up Something In Your Mind Really Imagine It, Wish For It Sometimes, When It Actually Happens, It Doesn T Live Up To Your Expectations.True Love Is Nothing Like That.Especially Not For Katherine And Michael, Who Can T Get Enough Of Each Other Their Relationship Is Unique Sincere, Intense, And Fun All At The Same Time Although They Haven T Been Together All That Long, They Know It S Serious A Whole World Opens Up As Young Passion And Sexuality Bloom.But It S Senior Year Of High School, And There Are Big Changes Ahead Michael And Katherine Are Destined For Another Big First A Decision Is This The Love Of A Lifetime, Or The Very Beginning Of A Lifetime Of Love A word of warning This review will be conducted from a soapbox which, if you think about it, is a completely baffling expression As one would expect from a young feminist gynecologist, of course.Let s cut to the chase This book is about a realistically intense relationship between Kath and Michael, two teenagers in the 1970s They meet, fall in love with a speed only teens are capable of, he wants to sleep with her, she is reluctant, eventually they do it, they are both into it, she responsibly gets birth control And nothing tragic happens to them even though they have sex And they are not destined for each other or soulmates or any of those crap excuses that books present now every time teens decide to have sex And even , their relationship does not survive a brief separation And it s treated as something perfectly normal And this is why I love it But let s have the author, Judy Blume of Are You There, God It s Me, Margaret fame speak for herself This book was first published in 1975 My daughter Randy asked for a story about two nice kids who have sex without either of them having to die She had read several novels about teenagers in love If they had sex the girl was always punished an unplanned pregnancy,
Edit on 12 11 2011 To anyone who s got a problem with this review 1 Yes, I know that this book was a big deal when it was released That doesn t mean that when I read it in this day and age that I m going to judge it by it s historical significance I definitely appreciate it but it doesn t change the fact that I read it when I did and didn t like it and I don t want to have to constantly justify myself for that Let s ignore the fact that that s precisely what I m doing with this edit Right 2 I know that this book s supposed to be an accurate portrayal of love at the age of seventeen and for that I should cut it some slack, but I just recently turned eighteen and I ve got a good idea of what most teenagers think love to be, and what I think it s supposed to be, and with all that in mind I can t, for the life of me, abide the portrayal of love in this book I did not enjoy reading it at all and it annoyed the bajeezus out of me, and nothing will change that.3 Guys might go around naming their underparts but I m always going to think that s disgusting.4 I HATE ELLIPSES AND ANY BOOK THAT HAS FIFTEEN ELLIPSES PER PAGE WILL AUTOMATICALLY CARVE IT S PLACE IN MY HATED THIS BOOK LIST takes d
To my dear friend, Christine s credit, she didn t recommend this personally I just shamelessly meddled with her shelves and found this novel You may as well proceed with her wonderful one line review if you want to avoid the rant y one coming your way But before the rant, let me just greet my sweet friend, A HAPPY BIRTHDAY.I hope you re having the best time and even though I didn t like this novel, again, it s the thought that I read a book for you that counts, right Lol Some books we love, some we just don t It s a sad fact of life but still, cheers, Christine Now onto the review Allow me to spare you the suspense The story goes basically this way Adults go saying to the teenage character Here are some birth control tips Now go pop the cherry, roll in the hay, have a go at it You may get stoned a little too as long as there s adult supervision and remember, be responsible for your own actions possibly ending the statement with a wink, a smile and two thumbs up My pitiful eyes, they suffered from the innumerable number
they have sex it does not last the end, she is a bitch. I read this book because I m attempting to read or reread some classic YA books Now, I m a so so fan of Judy Blume, I know she has a lot of die hards out there I recently read Everything I Need to Know About Being a Girl I learned from Judy Blume but I guess I was of a Beverly Cleary kid.This book is about first loves and first sexual experiences The story itself was good, but I think Judy Blume left out a lot of details The boyfriend, Michael, is basically a horn dog who would do anything to try and talk Kath into putting out Kath is a girl who seems to devote her life to her boyfriend and put him above everything else Both qualities I really don t like in real people, let alone fictional characters All in all, I just think the story seemed rushed There needed to be longer scenes and details Take for instance Sybil, t
What do you do when the love of your life.isn t Forever answers that question with a simple and unflinching response you move on Kath and Michael meet at a party and quickly fall into a very physical romance After roughly a few months, Kath finally gets up the courage to have sex with Michael, believing she is in love and that she and Michael will last forever Michael too feels he and Kath are meant to be, so they flounder along in their romance, discovering each others bodies and holding onto their assertions that they will prove everyone wrong and stand the test of time I ve seen a lot of reviewers complain about many things in this book, with most of those complaints revolving around the behavior of Kath and Michael I m going to address the ones I find most amusing, in no particular order 1 They talk about how in love they are, but they don t even know each other very well Is this not how the majority of teens think and behave How many times have you heard a teenage girl utter words of total devotion regarding a boy she s never even spoken to A teenager is essentially a child trapped in an almost adult body Their brains haven t caught up with their bodies, and their bodies are essentially out of control The fact that these two haven t known each other very long and barely know each other at all even though they think they do was purposeful Blume was trying to get acros
Wow, this retro re read project I ve taken on with my sister in snark, Vanessa, has become borderline INSUFFERABLE.We had so much enthusiasm, Vanessa and I, as we compiled an informal list of our most decadent, dirty reads, the ones we hid back in the day from the probing eyes of teachers and had covers that were worn from so many adolescent girls hands.Once, our inexperienced selves considered these books titilating as experienced adults I have likely considered how did this nonsense ever get published Our last two, Flowers in the Attic and Fear of Flying were so over the top awful, you could only assume that a publishing house was pushing the envelope, hoping the sex would sell it did, in both cases , but this one, Forever, provokes the most head scratching confusion of the bunch I know, from much personal experience, that Judy Blume knows how to write, knows how to develop characters, and knows how to write dialogue.So what happened here Yes, there are sex scenes and sexual information in this story that appeared in the dark ages of 1975 that caused many a teen girl to reach out her hand in quiet desperation, and there s a bit of an education
Judy Blume has always excelled at writing about issues that are relevant to teens Her plainspoken characters dealing with everyday contemporary topics offer relatable reads that get right to the heart of the matter Here she takes the reader into that first real relationship, that first love, and that first sexual experience.While some say there is no plot or character development in this novel, I find that to be Blume s point she perfectly illustrates the shallowness of most teen relationships There is no story to follow because there is no substance in the relationship Although the carefree lovers would disagree, there isn t depth or breadth to the relationship you can t get to know a person when you only explore your mutual physical interest in each other Michael and Katherine epitomize teenage lust in all senses physi
How depressing.Keeping in mind this book was published in the mid 70s, it s still incredibly relevant to today s society In fact, apart from the absence of conspicuous technology like cell phones, this could have taken place in the 2000s It s a timeless story, and the reason it s getting such a low rating from me is purely personal Michael reminded me of the ex boyfriend who broke my heart and whom I still have nightmares about years later A pushy sex obsessed hormonal teenage boy who pressures Kath into giving up her virginity under the guise of forever She clearly didn t want to sleep with him even though she was into him and he just kept pushing and pushing until she gave in.And look, I m among the first to be critical of teenage forever love I was burned there as well I don t necessarily want to read a book that reminds me of the painful emotional times in my life I don t necessarily want to read a book that waits until marriage for the sexual relationship to begin But I was very uncomfortable reading this when the focus was on sexual love and not the intimate emotional connection And even when you think they re getting emotionally intimate,Kath changes her mind purely because she meets another guy whil
How have I not read this sooner I am almost 40 and only finished this today Better late than never I consider this book to be an education, therefore the first thing I was impressed with, with my edition being from 2005, was the author s entry at the beginning covering the absolutely essential updated requirements for safe and healthy sexual responsibility This was an easy read, a nice coming of age story, set in the mid seventies Our protagonist, Katherine was a very sensible 17 year old, whom I think had it quite easy as she did not fall too hard Or perhaps my memories were a tad different I really liked one of her observations where she was commenting on the healthy relationships of her parents and grandparents, knowing she was privy to a good foundation in having a good example to follow with her own relationships I adored the character of Artie