Bloodline Lily McCallum S Has Found A Hard Won Balance In Her Life Despite Challenges From Her Abusive Past, She Has Found What She Believes Is A Secure Position That Allows Her To Work On Her Private Passion DNA Research Into The Origin Of Serial Killers Then The Patriarch Of The Family Who Funds Her Work Dies The Family Gathers And Strange Things Begin To Happen Her Best Friend, The Family Genealogist, Discovers A Dark Family Secret And Shares It With Lily Now Lily Has To Decide What To Do With Her Knowledge If She Can Get Anyone To Believe Her Set In Remote Southern New Mexico, This Is The First Book In A New Crime Thriller Series, Hunters Of Men. Enter the world of Lily McCallum, a Ph.D molecular biologist and genetics researcher who has taken a job to work on a private project for a wealthy rancher family They build her a custom lab where she works all by herself, set her up in a trailer out in the desert a few miles from the main ranch house, and leave her to her work Alarm bells are going off in your head as you get to know Lily better and better, a most likeable and sympathetic character Get out of there, you re thinking This cannot bode well What could a wealthy family possibly need a genetics specialist for, anyway Summer Foovay has crafted an elegant and intricate thriller, here I decided I loved Lily McCallum when she had an accident which left her with a concussion and a deep cut needing stitches, and the callous family patriarch brushed her aside like a bit of tumbleweed The author builds Lily s story up gradually You come to understand why she would want to live and work all alone out in the middle of the harsh desert But the horror of her own past is ultimately eclipsed by the horrifying reality of the family that has taken her in Nothing is rushed as events unfold, one after another, and the extent of the resident evil i