Recognition (Liberty First, #1)

Recognition (Liberty First, #1) Imagine That The Worst Possibilities Faced By Western Civilization Come To Pass In The Midst Of Chaos, Who Will Govern, By What Rules Of Law, And To What Ends Civilization Requires Some State Control, But Where Must The Goal Of Improving The Human Condition Yield To Individual Rights Dr Ezra Randall Knows The Answers To These Questions Because He Was There, Two Hundred Years Before, Helping To Pick Up The Pieces Unfortunately, The Guardian, A Man Obsessed With Perfecting Society, Came To Rule The World And Ezra S Legacy De Facto Immortality Was Corrupted In The Process Now Ezra S Grandson Is About To Be Recognized, A Rite Of Passage That Will Allow Authorities To Monitor The Boy S Every Move And Bring His Special Intellect Under Their Control Desperate To Save Myles, Ezra Emerges From Hiding, Seizes His Grandson, And Takes Him To The One Place Where He Might Be Safe From The Tyrannical Government Ezra Helped Create Off World Then Their Adventure And The Reader S Really Begins. I truly enjoyed this book The many characters are well thought out and believable I quickly learned who the characters were and was pulled into the story From start to finish the book moved right along with no slow or dry chapters If you like science fiction then I think you will appreciate this book for what it is a good read, that moves quickly and allows room for many sequels It is