The Unprintable Big Clock Chronicle (A Big Clock Mystery #1)

The Unprintable Big Clock Chronicle (A Big Clock Mystery #1) Fans Of Breezy, Page Turning Mysteries Will Fall In Love With Jill Winters Clever New Series Featuring Caitlyn Rocket, Grad Student And Part Time Newspaper Reporter Amid The Bells, Carolers, And Holiday Parties That Fill The Snowy Pocket Of Big Clock, Minnesota, A Crime Has Been Committed In The Town S Famous Clock Tower And If Not For The Impulsive Wager Between Rocket And Her Boss, The Bizarre Tangle Of Events Might Never Be DiscoveredAfter Doing The Chronicle S Grunt Work For The Last Six Months, Rocket Is Ready To Move Out Of Her Cobwebbed Cubby Hole In The Corner A Nearby Office Robbery Gives Her A Perfect Opportunity To Prove Herself To The Managing Editor Of The Newspaper, Ian Beller How Hard Could It Be To Look Into The Crime According To Her Boss, All She Has To Do Is Find Some Leads He Never Told Her HOW To Find Them And Left To Her Own Instincts, Rocket Devises Some Clever, Equivocal, And At Times, Comical, Ways To Investigate Before Long She Discovers That The Small Company She S Investigating Is A Hotbed Of Secrets And Grudges And If She Looks Hard Enough, She Ll Find A Winding Trail Of Clues That Lead To Murder.Jill Winters Brings A Fresh Voice To A Series That Is As Cozy As It Is Brimming With Charm Rocket Is A Thoroughly Lovable Protagonist, And Her Capers Are Well Crafted Enough To Keep Even Seasoned Mystery Readers Guessing Winters Previous Novels, Published By Penguin Group, Received Critical Praise For Their Tight Plotting And Winters Trademark Humor THE UNPRINTABLE BIG CLOCK CHRONICLE Is The First In A Four Book Series. First off, full disclosure I won this book from Goodreads First time EVER I really wanted to like it a lot And I did like it, but my response was mixed.The heroine, Caitlyn Rocket, is a twenty something grad student and part time reporter She begins investigating a local robbery to build cred with her boss, get a better office and a job reference Then, of course, the fun begins as she discovers that there was a lot to the robbery than first appeared, we meet a whole cast of characters and the office supply theft turns out to be murder.Rocket, as she is called by her boss, is well drawn and likeable In fact, all of the characters including her boss and co workers, obnoxious mailman and best friend are well drawn and believable with the exception of the downstairs neighbor see discussion of subplot below The bare bones of the mystery plot are good but sometimes the machinery moving the plot along is either far fetched or lumbering The robbery that starts things moving is a short blurb in the local paper about the theft of office supplies from a supply closet Rocket impersonates a cleaning person to get info on the office in question It s pretty hard to believe that you could appear at an office with no warning and convince the other cleaners you had been sent there and they should take you along with them Later Rocket looks on t
Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so Shelley MA As I read this book, I took notes, highlighted things and prepared to write a thorough review explaining all the things I didn t like But, a quick glance at a few other reviews reveals there is no need It s not terrible, but it does have some problems words are overused, there are some grammar and punctuation errors My biggest problem with the story, though, was that I really didn t like the narrator very much She was judgmental and rude I think she was supposed to be cute and flippant, but for the most part that didn t really come across Another reviewer mentioned the many red herrings that were supposed to throw readers off, and several others mentioned the weird subplot that comes to a climax at the end I was also bothered by the whole cleaning crew thing it was highly unbelievable and just got worse as the story went on This would not be the worst book you could read on a long car ride or while waiting in line somewhere, but chances are high that I w
On the plus side, Jill Winters has a talent for writing interesting characters Unfortunately, when it comes to crafting a mystery novel, she has quite a few flaws The book opens interestingly enough, but then we have to slog through far too many pages to get far too little actual information She loads the narrative w
Since I am a JW fan, I immediately purchased both of her new books without really reading what they were about I just assumed given her history that this would have a romantic storyline to it, but it did not I think that was my biggest disappointment I did like the overall mystery and I enjoyed all of the twists and turns She introduces a lot of quirky characters which I do believe could
Really good first in a seriesThis is a really good start to a promising new series The author gives terrific descriptions of the MN locale and one feels right there.The book begins with a newspaper intern and her boss making a wager concerning a possible crime in there town of Big Clock The ins a
Goodread s summary covers the facts Winters novel is a lot of fun, and I d read another to see how our heroine figures out the solution to another crime If you ve ever been a reporter or lived in Minnesota, you ll find The Unprintable Big Clock Chronicle a special pleasure. Caitlyn Rocket working at the local Big Clock newspaper, when there is a robbery at a local office As a project her boss gives her the job of solving the crime with the opportunity to get a better office and a job reference. Young newspaper reporter investigates robbery and discovers murder. Quick fun readgood character descriptionlighthearted,quirky mysteryI will read of Jill winters book s and recommend them to anyone who asks.