The Last Page

The Last Page FIVE STARS Given By TOTALLY BOOKALICIOUS The Last Page Had Me Hooked From The Start It S Smart, Sassy And Very Very Funny If You Are Looking For A Quick, Light Read That Is Comical And Romantic Then This Will Be Right Up Your Alley BOOKS, ETC This Was A Cute, Fun Novel That Was Perfect For An End Of Summer Read THE BOOK BAG Lacy Made Her Characters So Very Believable And Real That I Felt Like I Was Part Of This Group Of Women This Is Chick Lit At It S Finest A COZY READER S CORNER REVIEWS I Think Any Girl Can Relate To Norah S Story, Which Makes This Title A Great Chick Lit If You Love Fashion, Romance, Stories With Family Relationships Or Dynamics, This One Has Something For You It Really Has A Little Of Everything Top That With A Great Writing Style And You Get The Last Page TEA AND SCRIBBLES I Devoured This Book All The Main Characters Were Very Relatable To Me I Didn T Ever Really Feel Like An Outsider Looking In On This World, But Someone Who Was Learning About The Story And Was Part Of The Group This Was A Very Enjoyable Book That I Would Recommend To Others And I Am Looking Forward To In The Series And By Camey Summary Twenty Two Year Old Norah Johnson Is At A Crossroads And Is In Desperate Need To Heal After A Highly Publicized Breakup From Her Major League Baseball Player Boyfriend.To Escape, She Moves To Her Summer Home In The Hamptons With Her Sister And Best Friend Where She Journals, Attends Therapy And Works On Her Pending Clothing Line All The While Wondering How Fast Can A Heart Really Heal Well, It Sure Helps When Part Of The Healing Process Involves Living In A Fabulous Summer Home On The Beach With Your Sister And Absolute BFF The Best Psychologist Since Good Will Hunting Always Helps And Then There S The Hottie, Much Older Version Of Taylor Lautner Look Alike Who Finds Your Lost Journal, Reads It And Falls Madly In Love With You, The You On Paper , And Is Set On Finding You And Making You Fall In Love With Him Okay, So This Can All Really Help But Is Norah Ready To Love Again The Last Page Is A PG, Language Free, Sex Free, Short Novel 40k Words Suitable For All Agesokay, Well Obviously Not For Five Year Olds This Book Is An Inspirational Light Hearted Read About Living And Loving Again.Book One The Last Page Norah S Story Book Two The Last Name Banks Chloe S Story Out Now Book Three The Last Pretense Maycee S Story Due Late Winter 2014This Series Can Be Read As Stand Alone Novels. Published 03 08 2011Author Lacy CameyRecommended for fans of chick litEdition KindleThis is a rather short novella written by Lacy Camey, I found this for free on the Kindle Store and so I thought that I would give it a try This is Lacy Camey s debut novel which shows her very good writing style It is a
Very glad this was a Free eBook as I really do not know why I even finished reading it Totally NOT my kind of book Brainless Valley girl type Main Character with Completely over used Story line and the writing wasn t that great either Will pass on anything else from this Author. Is this supposed to be a young adult book Because it s definitely not something interesting for an adult The main character Norah is selfish, petty, and really a spoiled brat She goes through a break up and gets to spend months laying around doing nothing What about real life Bills, responsibility Come on Then, of course she meets Mr Perfect who you think is gay by the way he acts, but isn t I m sorry but the men I know don t know about tea and fashion and whatever other perfect things he did This books was so far beyond reality that it wasn t funny, it wasn t enjoyable I m down for chick lit, and laughing, but this book wasn t even worth the time unless you re a sixteen year old girl trying to dream about marrying a rich hot guy
Cheesy and predictable Good as a light read. This was a fun and easy book to read It s bad enough to go through a break up and dealing with the grief and pain of a broken heart let alone have it publicized on national TV and tabloids but, yet this was what Norah had to endure Norah s ex boyfriend, Truett was a famous major league baseball player, think A Rod, Derek Jeter and the breakup made her a target for the paparazzi After that horrid day,Norah s life had completely fallen apart and she dealt with the break up in a self destructive way She does nothing as her life and career falls apart and basically sits on the couch for weeks at a time drowning in her sorrows Her family has finally had enough and they ship her to the family summer home with her sister for a few weeks where she seeks help from a therapist In the summer home surrounded by her best friend and sister is where Norah finally learns to overcome all of the obstacles that she was dealt, and starts to slowly see the light at the end of the tunnel.What I love about the story is that the characters were so relatable I could totally understand everything that Norah was going through and I loved that she had such a supporting family and best friend Ms Camey did a great job of making me feel everything that Norah was going through at the time Norah was a great character although there were times when I felt like smacking her and telling her that the truth is right there open your eyes The only issue I really had with the book is I felt that the storyline with her siste
Norah Johnson is at crossroads in her life Her relationship has just fallen apart and the fact that he was a major league baseball player so it is being splashed across the tabloids it is not helping Her family sends her to the beach house and sets her up with a therapist to help her move on Her therapist assignes her to journal, but after pouring out her hear Norah get frustrated and tries to throw her journal into the sea.She then tries to go on with her summer with the help of her Best Friend, Chloe, and sister, Maycee She is trying to work on her line of clothes, attend therapy, and humor every ones as they each have their way to help her heal Along the way she meets Orien, who has found a journal on the beach and has fallen in love with the girl who wrote it, now if only he can find her and convince her to trust him.I devoured this book All the main characters were very relatable to me I didn t ever really feel like an outsider looking in on this world, but someone who was lea
FREE KINDLE DOWNLOAD FROM .COM BOOK SPOILERS AHEAD I m not sure how to describe this book It wasn t bad, it just didn t do much for me While reading, the word that kept coming to me over and over was choppy. And even taking into consideration this was a shorter book, there still wasn t a lot of character development.Many of the plot points seemed too surreal as well Norah s boyfriend is a major league baseball pitcher who dumps her and marries someone else then shows up later on her doorstep, wanting her back She s mortified when the journal full of her secret heart renderings that she d thrown into the ocean washes back up onto the beach and just happens to be found by the ultra hot guy she s crushing on who reads it, naturally If she was afraid of someone else reading her private thoughts, why in the world would she even consider parting with the journal in the first place A huge plot point that just didn t make sense to me Then, said ultra hot guy turns out to be the grandson of the therapist who instructs her to write the journal in the first place.Now that I seem to have totally beaten this book up, let me say that there were some good parts, too Norah and her friends are quirky and fun And even though Norah s boyfriend has shattered her heart, she doesn t let it get her down When she finds herself in a slump with her fashion designing, Norah switches gears and cranks out doggie couture instead, which turns out to be a lucrative enterp
Norah Johnson needs to escape After her boyfriend, who happens to be a Major League baseball player, announces he is leaving her for another women who he got pregnant Norah needs to mend her broken heart And get away from the paparazzi cameras Along with her sister and best friend, the three girls head to a summer beach house to clear their minds and find happiness Norah even starts to attend therapy classes, and tries to get back on track with her clothing line that she is designing But while there, Norah vents her personal feelings about her ex and the break up in a journal, and flings that journal into the ocean, never to be seen again Or so she thought The Last Page by Lacy Camey is a light romance story about finding love again after heartbreak Norah is a sweet character that chick lit fans will be able to relate with, and it was fun watching her create her clothing line and everything that is involved with that process The close bond that she shares with her sister and friend is also inviting, and the next two books in the series focuses on their characters, which really intrigues me I did think that book skipped around a bit too much, like when Norah finds out her sister s fianc e is just using her She overhears his phone conversation, but then nothing really happens with that plot twist That happened a few times throug
First off, Lacy Camey is a BRILLIANT, talented writer, and I absolutely loved this book from start to finish Chapter One in The Last Page is basically a Prologue because it gives us some background on the main character, Norah Johnson Norah is an aspiring fashion designer who has just been dumped by her boyfriend, Truett Mason he is the Pitcher for the New York Yankees After the break up, Norah moves into her family s vacation home over the summer, with her older sister, Maycee and eventually her best friend, Chloe Banks While staying there, Norah attends therapy with a Psychologist, Doctor Hood, and he tells her that she should start writing in a journal When Norah finally writes in her journal, one voicemail the next morning sends her into a rage, which eventually drives her to throwing her journal out Orien Jones discovers her journal and wants to get to know the woman behind the journal Now, I absolutely loved this book, and I felt as if though I could relate to Norah One thing I liked about this book was how Lacy made Norah such a down to earth character by mentioning things in today s society for example like the Real Housewives franchise, the certain music