Digger, Volume Six

Digger, Volume Six In This Sixth And Final Volume Of Digger, Covering Chapters Eleven And Twelve Of Ursula Vernon S Webcomic, Our Wombat Heroine Makes Her Way Back From The Morrakgon Mountain Monastery Along With Grim Eyes And Murai They Make A Beeline For The Temple, But Get Intercepted By Surka With Grave News The Veiled Have Corralled The Hyenas On Their Lands And Are Coming To Surround The Temple, Leaving Murai The Only One Equipped To Defend The Temple Even With A Broken Arm Meanwhile Digger And Ed Now Dishomed By The Veiled As Well As His Former Tribe Take A Decidedly Un Mystical Crowbar To See About Killing A God Or What Is Left Of One, Anyway.Who Will Come Out Of This With Their Liver Intact Will Boneclaw Mother Do The Thing To Captain Jhalm Will There Be Bug On A Stick And it s finished, and I was teary eyed There s a very Pratchett like quality to this series, but most especially to this ending It came out most in Boneclaw Mother, I think, but it s there in Ed as well, and in Murai, and in Digger in all the characters who did things th
A satisfying conclusion to the series I am sorry it is over as I would have enjoyed further adventures of Digger and her companions In the afterword Vernon writes I am very proud of the fact that the majority of the characters wound up being female, and nobody ever felt the need to discuss this or stop for a round of shopping they were mostly just people doing the next thing that needed to be done I had not really noticed this before, but I think it is one of the things I really liked ab A satisfying conclusion to the series I am sorry it is over as I would have enjoyed further adventures of
Spoilers for the earlier volumes ahead.Like Digger s being all tearful after the end of volume 5 but since hard work is the best cure, on with the quest A stair that is not a short cut but does have its advantages An arm is reset, and a burning but inexplicable sense of urgency set in A warning from a shrew troll, hiding in the temple, a noble stand to prevent people from passing, a desperate quest to act in an hour, a crowbar, making a rack
It s really tricky to write a low key finish to a story without being underwhelming Vernon pulls it off though there s no epic battle, just some practical hard work by Digger and Ed and some plain talking by Boneclaw Mother, but it feels very natural and satisfying A good finish to a good series. This was an excellent wrap up to an excellent series I didn t follow it on the web, but was introduced to it in book form by a friend, and it was great Very cool black and white line art, fun compelling characters, and an engaging story I highly recommend it If I could say something to Ursula Vernon about Digger I wouldn t be able to express all the things and ideas and thoughts I had during the time I was enjoying Digger Shadow, Ed, Grimm, I love it. A really fun, quick read with a lot of tongue in cheek humor The art style compliments the quirky cast of characters well who d have thought a story about a wombat would be so enjoyable The ending wraps up this unique quest story nicely, and even tugged at my heartstrings in several places. a journey home, then deeper underground for minor acts of deicide a stand off at the door and better purple ink and finally a bittersweet victory the fitting end of a fantastic series. NO MORE DIGGER NOOOOOOOOOO. This series is so good I want to buy it for all of my friends.