Digger, Volume Five

Digger, Volume Five In This Fifth Volume Of Digger, Covering Chapters Nine And Ten Of Ursula Vernon S Webcomic, Our Wombat Heroine Embarks On The Journey Into Which She Had Been Cajoled By The Statue Of Ganesh In The Previous Volume, Accompanying Murai And Her Destiny Towards A Monastery In The Morrakgon Mountains That Once Had Connections To The God Shackled Underground Along The Way, They Meet Up With Grim Eyes, Who Had Been Sent To Join Them By Boneclaw Mother, Hire A Guide With An Interesting History And Morphology All His Own, And Are Surprised To Find That Shadowchild Has Been Trailing Them All Along One Of The Oracular Slug S Prophesies Comes True, With Disastrous Consequences That Threaten To End Their Quest Rather Abruptly, But With A Good Dose Of Teamwork, Wombat Style Glow Sticks, And Grim Eyes First Aid Skills, They Manage To Resume Their Trek.Unfortunately, When They Arrive At The Monastery, They Find It To Be Rather Less Inhabited Than They Had Hoped, Though Not Completely Empty Murai S Destiny Is Interrupted By The Arrival Of One Of Digger S Relatives, From Whom They Learn The History Behind The God Who Is Chained Underground Their Path Forward Becomes Clear, But Before They Can Return To The Temple, Shadowchild Gets A Visit From A Relative Of His Own, And For Him The Phrase Confronting Your Demons Takes On A Whole New Meaning. Every volume is better than the last I ve got to admit that, like Digger, I have little truck with prophecies There s some interesting stuff going on here as Digger meets a deer faced guide who is a walking warning against herbal medicine, a monastery deserted of everything but ghosts and demons, and a shadow that grows up The last is both the most and the least interesting of the piece I feel as if I ve read that story a monster, r
spoilers for the earlier ones.Digger and Murai head off to find the monastery that might have knowledge Grim Eyes is sent with them It involves a guide who needs to be warned against tall tales, the Shadowchild conveying a prophecy from a slug and otherwi
a journey, an arrival, a demon, and a man with a stag s head a favorite character departs but not quite forever and we finally meet another wombat sort of also, the summary of the previous volume at the start of this one might be the funniest thing in all six books. I m sorry to be nearly finished one volume with this inventive and funny tale I really enjoy the various characters, particularly our hero, Digger the wombat I am really going to be pushing this at my summer reading school visits this year A really fun, quick read with a lot of tongue in cheek humor The art style compliments the quirky cast of characters well who d have thought a story about a wombat would be so enjoyable Read online. Everything comes to an end But there s time enough for some surprises