Heath Course Pak

Heath Course Pak Poetry Like Its Predecessor, HEATH Plagiarism Outsource , HEATH COURSE PAK Exists Somewhere Between A Project Gutenberg Version Of Samuel Pepys Diary And A Minute To Minute News Feed And Blog Of Heath Ledger S Death Sad, Appropriated, Lyrical And Confused, The Book Contains A Brief History Of Recent Performance Art, A Legal Defense Of Plagiarism, The Diary Of A Poetry Workshop At The Asian American Writer S Workshop, An MP3 Protest Song, And An Examination Of SMS And GMS Technologies As Distribution Networks For Human Sadness Multi Authored, And With Numerous Text Blocks And Photos, The Revised Edition Contains 52 Pages Of New Material, An Interview, An Annotated Text, Autographed Photos Of Jackie Chan And Heath Ledger, E PostIts, COAs, And Coffee Tea Stains. Heath Course Pak turns out to be a tough read, in part because Tan Lin has chosen to write a book for, and about, the very attention span that doesn t want to read it that unique awareness, which evolved on the eve of Y2K, when two thousand years shrank to three simple characters the distracted mind For a reader looking forward to familiar reading territory aka, any semblance of pulp Lin s explorations might not seem tasty HCP s meat is engineered from dumpstered text that is, like fat, the very stuff we ve been conditioned to avoid paying attention to post it notes, a legal disclaimer from Project Gutenberg s, the blogosphere s coverage of Heath Ledger s death, and the eText preface to The Diary of Samuel Pepys.Certainly not the usual subway fare Or is it When I am without a book on the train, I m often bored e
What is HEATH Read my review of Tan Lin s HEATH COURSE PAK at Lantern Review following Heath Ledger s death over the internet through the rapid replication of speculative information, quotations, paraphrased material, tags and images as they unravel, reproduce and become felt by a social network Lin s assemblage of HEATH is a kind of muscle memory for feelings that are erased, re written, read, scanned and searched repeatedly within a complex system of users, reader

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  • Paperback
  • 140 pages
  • Heath Course Pak
  • Tan Lin
  • English
  • 16 July 2018
  • 9781933996271