Nine Stories

Nine StoriesNine Stories 1953 Is A Collection Of Short Stories By American Fiction Writer J D Salinger Published In April 1953 It Includes Two Of His Most Famous Short Stories, A Perfect Day For Bananafish And For Esm With Love And Squalor Nine Stories Is The U.S Title The Book Is Published In Many Other Countries As For Esm With Love And Squalor, And Other Stories The Stories Are A Perfect Day For Bananafish Uncle Wiggily In Connecticut Just Before The War With The Eskimos The Laughing Man Down At The Dinghy For Esm With Love And Squalor Pretty Mouth And Green My Eyes De Daumier Smith S Blue Period Teddy i know of three people who are totally obsessed with j.d salinger john hinckleymark david chapmangoodreads david i know of four reasons why i must love this book 1 because i don t want to see a list that looks like this ronald reaganjohn lennongoodreads brian2 because in the early 80s salinger was a huge fan of the sitcom mr merlin which was based on the premise wait for it wait for it that merlin yeah, that merlin is alive and well in san francisco and working as a mechanic and it gets better salinger became totally obsessed with elaine joyce, the lead actress from the show, and came out of hiding to track her down and date her joyce could later be seen on just about every single game show and well, just watch this clip yeah, you really gotta love charles nelson reilly i imagine salinger, lonely, smelly, the bottom of his too large t shirt hard with encrusted sperm, top of it soft with drool beard stubble, cat hair, spoiled milk, stale danish, waiting all week for the chance to tug at his old man penis to 23 minutes of mr merlin, hoarsely shouting in anger and frustration as he s
Nine Stories A Perfect Day for Bananafish 1948 , Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut 1948 , Just Before the War with the Eskimos 1948 , The Laughing Man 1949 , Down at the Dinghy 1949 , For Esm with Love and Squalor 1950 , Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes 1951 , De Daumier Smith s Blue Period 1
If I can get serious for a moment, and cast aside the brittle, smartassed, persona that the social networking aspect of goodreads tends to bring out, I d like to try to express what it is that drives me in this life It is the following belief, instilled primarily by my mother, an exceptionally smart woman who never suffered fools gladly, but had the mitigating grace to be one of the warmest, most generous women you could ever hope to meet, as well as having one of the greatest voices you can imagine Buttercup Here s the main thing she taught me each of us has an inescapable responsibility to take whatever talent we have been given on this earth, and to develop it as far and as well as life allows.This is so deeply ingrained in my beliefs that I can pretty much trace every major decision I ve made in my life back to it.What does this have to do with the price of eggs Well, it s the reason Jerome David Salinger makes me as mad as all get out Because I can certainly understand why, given the perfection of the stories in this collection, any writer might not want to risk spoiling his reputation by following up with work that mi
This is as good of a short story collection that one could hope to find Salinger was a heck of a writer, certainly well known for his classic, The Catcher in the Rye, but there is much out there, like this little jewel for example I give this 5 stars on the strength of two stories alone, but they all were good The two stories I mention are A Perfect Day for Bananafish, and For Esme With Love And Squalor Both have themes involving troubled soldiers returning from World War II Salinger s experiences in the war certainly influenced his writing, and may have been partly re
Each of his phrases was rather like a little ancient island, inundated by a miniature sea of whiskey Oh Mr Salinger, why couldn t you have published of these amazing stories in your life time Nine Stories a collection of brilliant short stories from J.D Salinger It is in this collection where the Glass family, the main constituents of Franny and Zooey, is first introduced In the next eight stories, we meet and get to know characters with an assortment of mental and physical ailments, and self discoveries.This is my second journey with Salinger after Franny and Zooey My favorites here are To Esme With Love and Squalor, The Laughing Man, De Daumier Smith s Blue Period, and Teddy A shared thread through all nine stories is the mood of desperation, of frustration, and of higgledy piggledy identities The characters are very real these are real people with real issues starting to overspill into their everyday lives.These stories haunt me I found To Esme With Love and Squalor a story about the effects of war on an individual stayed with me for days It s so simply written, and yet, packs so much emotion and observation on the state of war and the mental and physical drain it can take on one person From the one line note about a twitch on the face, to a shaky hand, the subtle differences from the first half of the story to the second half create an overall dreadful vision.What is D
Nine Stories by J.D Salinger There are nine deep, enigmatic narratives It is always about the motives of childlike innocence, the adult world and the invaders of war in the lives of individuals and the isolation of a traumatized man I was sur
If kidnappers had snatched up J D Salinger some time in the early 1970s, driven like madmen through the night and the next day too and imprisoned him in a small but pleasant room somewhere near Boise, furnished him with with all mod cons, and told him he wasn t going anyplace soon until he d finished at the very least another nine stories, and at best three or four complete novels and if the kidnappers due to an endearing cocktail of naivete and compassion because you know they were just literature fans like you and me, not blank eyed killers, and they weren t entirely convinced about this whole caper to begin with let it be said let JD go for long walks to get inspiration, but really to beat on a nearby farmhouse door and call the cops and if they were then rounded up not too hard, said the cops and put on trial not a jury in the land would have convicted them When the prosecution rested and the defence opened, their lawyer would simply have issued a copy of Nine Stories to all 12 jurors and said Ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case This is not to say that each of the Nine is such a great golden glowing nugget of controlled power, insight and wisdom some are but that the whole is such eloquent proof of the perspicacity, intelligence and all round humanbeingness of JDS that reading this collection is very bittersweet how lovely it all is, and how very little of it there is, when duller, pudgier fing
Salinger s Nine Stories should be renamed How to Write Short Stories While many hold up Catcher in the Rye as the zenith of his achievements for me it will always be this wistful and brave little book I re read it two or three times or year I love it that much To be honest out of the nine stories collected here I would say that only a third are Salinger s best Perfect Day for Banafish, For Esme With Love and Squalor, and The Laughing Man are to me the peaks of short fiction Everything that Salinger does best he does in these three tales Nobody wrote children better than him They leap off the page at you right into your lap Esme, her brother, Seymour s little friend and the narrator of Laughing Man are so vivid and real you feel like running them all down the street for ice cream and cake They are that true to life Same goes for Seymour in Banana Fish and the narrator of For Esme Nobody got into the heads of brilliant but troubled young people better than Salinger What we hear about Seymour as opposed to what we see creates a palpable and beautiful tension Th