I Don't Know the Author or the Title but it's Red and it has 3 Zombie Stories

I Don't Know the Author or the Title but it's Red and it has 3 Zombie StoriesWhen You Work At A Bookshop, Hopeful Customers Sometimes Come Up To The Counter And Say, I Don T Know The Author Or The Title, But It S Red Green, Blue, Etc And It Has Xxxxx In It I Ve Said It Myself At Least Once Or Twice Anyway, For A Couple Of Years, My Husband Gavin And I Have Had A Running Joke About Using This As The Title Of A Collection These Three Stories Have Appeared Before, In Other Collections, But We Were Hoping That An All Zombie Mini Book Would Make A Good Sampler For New Readers We Designed The Book And Printed It In Less Than Twenty Four Hours How Amazing To See Your Book Made Before Your Eyes We Re Now Thinking About Other Projects For Paige M Gutenborg Kelly Link These stories are collected elsewhere but I looooooove that this book exists It s print on demand and only available from the Harvard Book Store I went in there to ask for it and the staff were just very excited not only to print me a copy, but also that it was apparently selling well enough to be considered a best seller Two o
I suspect I ve read all three of these stories but, as someone who has worked in bookstores and libraries, can I just say that I love, love, love this title If you are looking for typical zombie mayhem these are not the stories for you Instead, they are great examples of what good short fiction should be provocative, challenging bits of literature that stick in your brain for days after you have finished them All three of the stories are open to multiple interpretations, and one of the stories was darn near impenetrable to me, but all three were united by Link s terrific ability to use description and metaphor to communicate wonderful images Zombie story 1 The Wrong Grave This story is the most accessible, with a protagonist that is somewhat relatable, a lot of quite humorous dialog and the closest thing to a real zombie in the whole collection It struck me as a warning to authors who try to go repeat successes of the past rather than moving forward and writing new things Some favorite quotes from this story Bethany had a great laugh, which went up and up like a clarinetist on an escalator Miles discovered that his situation was not without precedent The poet and painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti also buried poetry with his dead lover Much like Miles, Rossetti had regretted this gesture, had eventually decided to dig up his lover and get back his poems I m telling you this so that you never make the same mistake Zombie story 2 Some Zombie Contingency Plans So much going on in this story, but just like the iceburgs that come up frequently in the dialog, it s all under the surface There are commentaries
I love Kelly Link and I love the three stories in this book, printed exclusively on Paige M Gutenborg, the Harvard Book Store s book printing robot Disclaimer I work there sometimes, and I still think Paige is super cool Kelly s stories remind me of one of those weird dreams where everythin
I ve read these 3 stories in other collections They re unique and quite varied and all three are excellent The 3 stories according to someone else s review are The Wrong GraveSome Zombie Contingency PlansThe Hortlak Even though I ve read these 3, I always reread Kelly, one of the few authors I can What a little gem