Biking Through

Biking Through That Guy, He S Definitely Crazy In Florida, A Stranger Voiced What Many People Thought Of Paul Stutzman S Plan To Ride A Bicycle, Alone From The Extreme Northwest Corner Of The United States To The Southern Tip Of Key West, Florida The Idea Was Born During Stutzman S Thru Hike Of The Appalachian Trail, When He Spent A Fourth Of July Observing Small Town Family Scenes On Front Porches And Lawns, And Then Began To Wonder About The Stories Of Families Across The Country He Decided He Wanted To Meet America Two Years Later, The Adventure Begins, And Paul Stutzman Starts Pedaling The Long Journey From One Corner Of The Country To Opposite Corner He Encounters People In All Circumstances, From Homelessness To Rich Abundance He Is Greeted By Both Kindness And Rudeness The People He Meets Sometimes Touch His Life Profoundly, And He In Turn Influences Others As He Rolls And Sometimes Pushes Through The Diverse Landscapes Of This Country, He Watches America At Work, At Church, At Play What a great book for all who enjoys not only the great outdoors but adventures with God as your guide Paul s amazing account of his cross country bike ride across this great and vast country was truly encouraging The story within the story is his wonderful walk with our Christ as he endures the hidden fears of loneness The loss of his wife to cancer 4 years earlier motivated him in walking the AT His AT journey was recording in his 2012 book Hiking Through and now his larger than life ride from Seattle, Washington to Key West, Florida is recorded here The growth was not given in his physical well being but through his growth in his Creator What an encouraging message of love as seen through the eyes of one who needs the touch of the Master Thank you Paul for your wonderful story I ca
Having finished an Appalachian Trail thru hike in which he exorcised the demons he acquired after his wife s premature death by cancer see Hiking Through Finding Peace and Freedom on the Appalachian Trail , Paul Stutzman returns to the written word to discuss his latest great journey a cross country bike trip Conceived of in the later days of his thru hike, the trip will be one across the country to meet people and to see where they live, starting from the northwest corner of the United States and continuing to the far southeast corner.Having finished this book, I have some of the same mixed feelings about rating this as I did about Hiking Through Finding Peace and Freedom on the Appalachian Trail This is a very personal memoir discussing Stutzman s very personal trip Either the topic interests you, or it doesn t So bear that in mind whatever I think of this book perhaps shouldn t have much relevance to what you think of it.To the main point most readers will care about does Stutzman deliver a second good book I think probably yes But I don t think it s as strong as his first book And I m not quite as willing to simply say it s a good read.Stutzman presented successfully, I think the motivation for this A.T thru hike as being to work through the burdens his wife s death left with him Here he presents it as meeting the people and small towns of America I don t think this motivation is nearly as compelling as his first motivation, although reasonable people can disagree about
I would have liked this book better without all the hard handed proselytizing I m not really the audience intended for this book, I suppose, other than the fact that I m an avid cyclist with dreams of bicycling across the US myself I did not realize that this book was printed by a Christian press when I picked it out at the local bike shop, or else I might have just passed it by I m not an atheist, but I m definitely not one of those hard lining Christians who believe that there is only one way to salvation, and that s exactly what Stutzman preached throughout this story Every experience somehow came back to God and I rolled my eyes through many sections of the book or sadly shook my head.Stutzman is very judgmental about cultures and lifestyles that are not his own Mennonite raised in an Amish community in Ohio Instead of trying to understand other people and ways, he imposed his cultural bias by making sarcastic little jokes about all the people and situations he feels he s far above He misses the entire point of traveling across the country, which is not to be a messenger for God, but rather to learn about how other people outside of his own culture live I feel very sorry for him for missing t
Not quite as good as his first book Hiking Through I would have liked hem to have spent less to talking about his aliments and time telling stories about the people he met along the way. Read it in a day and loved it.