Amy, Undone (The Mansion, #2)

Amy, Undone (The Mansion, #2) Amy Likes Who She Is A Tough Girl And Tomboy Except Her Husband Doesn T Seem Happy Eric Always Tries To Dress Her Up And Make Her Something She S Not Beautiful.Eric Wants Amy To Know How Lovely She Is But Before She Can See Her Own Beauty, She Has To Let Go Of Her Self Image And Come Undone. This is a wonderful, warm short story with an intense scene in the middle I love the unconventional heroine in this story She is real and down to earth The story is extremely well written with vibrant visuals and a truly out the ordinary love scene Very enjoyable. Another very short, very hot story in the Mansion series.Amy is a builder by trade and knows she doesn t have much in the looks department It upsets her when her beloved husband, Eric, launches a surprise on her She hates surprises Especially when they involve getting dressed up like a proper girl Come on pretty girl I ll put you in a hot bath and you ll feel better in no time He lifted her and carried her up the stairs.Pretty girl.Leave it to Eric to call her something so completely opposite of what she was.He shows her the dress he s bought for her, for their night out And the delicately beautiful diamond earrings that she refuses to wear Part of me loves that about you, Eric finally said, that you aren t vain or self absorbed But right now it s pissing me off Not the best recipe for a special night out, and Amy is distinctly unhappy by the time they get to the Mansion Amy worries that she s not girl enough fo
This is a great story about how one s self image is not always how others see us Amy sees herself as unfeminine and her husband Eric sees her as pretty lady This has caused friction between them so Eric decides to make one last attempt to get Amy to see wh