Wrong Side of Dead (Dreg City, #4)

Wrong Side of Dead (Dreg City, #4) Monster Hunter Evangeline Stone Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of Dead This Morning And Now There S Hell To Pay Barely Recovered From Her Extended Torture At The Hands Of Mad Scientist Walter Thackery, Evy Can Use A Break What She Gets Instead Is A War, As The Battered Triads That Keep Dreg City Safe Find Themselves Under Attack By Half Blood Vampires Who Have Somehow Retained Their Reason, Making Them Twice As Lethal Worse, The Halfies Are Joined By A Breed Of Were Creature Long Believed Extinct Back And Dangerous Than Ever Meanwhile, Evy S Attempts At Reconciliation With The Man She Loves Take A Hit After Wyatt Is Viciously Assaulted An Attack Traced To Thackery, Who Has Not Given Up His Quest To Exterminate All Vampires Even If He Has To Destroy Dreg City To Do It With Wyatt S Time Running Out, Another Threat Emerges From The Shadows And A Staggering Betrayal Shatters The Fragile Alliance Between The Triads, Vampires, And Shapeshifters, Turning Evy S World Upside Down Forever From The Paperback Edition. I have this hangup, you see The thing that s always bugged me about serialized novels is how they take X amount of time to catch you up on all the previous novels.Look, I get it s important for people who can t remember all the past storylines and for those that haven t read the previous books But I have never been one to start in the middle of a series or to need these little updates so they always aggravated me They always seemed like gigantic wastes of time and stalled each book and as the series progressed.However, I accidentally requested this title from Netgalley not knowing it was the fourth book in a series I d never even heard of So going in blind caused me to have a love hate relationship with the recaps I absolutely needed them to know what was going on with the long, involved storyline However, on the otherhand and this is not to say Meding did them badly but that all catchups are pretty much like this they didn t provide enough information or understanding to truly grasp what had happened in previous novels.And unfortunately, Wrong Side of Dead has a huge backstory to catch up on which feels disingenuous because most of these complicated, deep relationships seem to have begun only a few weeks ago So when the main character says, I d trust him with my back any day and then a chapter later we find out that she s only known him for three week, it felt weird But then, I m told the House of Night series, Marked, take place over a couple of weeks
Rating 3.5 out of 5.I was pretty disappointed with the first three quarters of this book.It started slow, well as slow as it can be amidst the constant action and plots to uncover But in terms of character development, it was pretty slow.It annoyed me how quick Wyatt and Evy were willing to take a break from their relationship for reasons that I didn t really understand, especially when you compare it to the way they both moved through hell to get to one another in the last three books They just gave up and it was so
Posted at Yummy Men Kick Ass Chicks Kelly Meding is back with the fourth installment in her Dreg City series, Wrong Side of Dead This is such a unique and interesting series Very dark and very gritty, you can t have a light stomach to read these books But, as I ve said in past reviews, you never feel like the gore is too much or that it s just there to make you squirm it really blends well with the story and somehow just fits It helps remind us that this world that Kelly created is dark and it helps us truly see just how strong her characters are For anyone to be able to survive what these people survive, you have to be resilient and ridiculously brave These are people who have been through hell and back and who are still standing, still ready to fight and still ready to help each other out And as much as the world impresses me in this series, the characters impress me .The series is told from Evy s perspective Her story is insane Her story is also what makes this series so different Ever since she was brought back from the dead no, she s not a zombie she s way cooler in book one, Evy has struggled She s not sure who she is or what her purpose is She s dealing with feelings from old Evy and new Evy and isn t sure how to mesh everything together She s always a strong, kick ass chick filled with heart and loyalty but her vulnerability and how she
MEDING HAS DONE IT AGAIN I have yet to be disappointed with anything Kelly Meding has written Her stories are always exciting, interesting, dramatic and full of lovely, juicy action scenes and often some highly emotional ones, too I also enjoy the dangly carrot method of writing she likes to employ that keeps you furiously turning the pages of her books I am, of course, referring to the flashback plot device This is something that has been consistent with all four books in the series so far, as we ve slowly built the characters back stories I know flashbacks probably aren t everyone s idea of a good time And I can see how they might be confusing, and maybe even a little annoying at times for some people But as a method of tweaking your interest to make you desperate for answers, they really are effective And for me, as a big L.O.S.T fan back in the day, they feel perfectly natural and are very well executed by Meding, in my most humble opinion I don t know much about the process of writing a book, but I can only imagine that using jumping time lines like this must make your job that much harder Trying to keep everything straight, or not straight, as the case may be I found it fascinating, therefore, that Meding not only do
Genre Urban Fantasy Rating 4.0 Review Series Update Wrong Side of Dead is the fourth novel in Kelly Meding s Dreg City series When it comes to timeline of events, this story takes place 3 weeks after Evy escaped the mad scientist Walter Thackery who tortured her, and left her for dead Another Kind of Dead and 3 months after she was killed by a goblin queen and woke up in her current body Three Days to Dead.This story is uniquely different in many ways from the previous three installments Instead of events happening one after the other, Meding flashes back to Evy s recovery and the fact that the Triad s as they once were, are no longer an operational unit and those in charge have disappeared and are presumed dead by suicide or possible interference from the Fey Council and Amalie There was also a flashback to show how one of their own remaining hunters Felix, was turned into a Halfie and what happened afterward.It s also a fact in point that Evy and Wyatt are once again trying to figure out where they are in their tumultuous relationship that just keeps going up and down like a rollercoaster ride I know there are those who tire of this relationship and wish they would just figure it all out or find someone else to be with I truly believe you will have your wish by the time this book is over and done Evangeline Evy Stone once again is a kick ass and take names later kind of heroine She is fierce and loyal to a fault
WRONG SIDE OF DEAD ended up being my favorite Dreg City book yet Its been a few months since the events of book 3 ANOTHER KIND OF DEAD The story jumps a bit between the past couple months ago and the present day There were a few points that that got a bit annoying but only because something good or suspenseful was going on and I was impatient to find out what would happen next.I couldn t imagine a better fit in the series then Evy and Wyatt They have been through so many ups and downs that you would think they could survive anything at this point but Evy s latest kidnapping really did a number on both of them and they are on a break when WRONG SIDE OF DEAD starts We get taken through a lot of growing, soul searching and realizations It was very easy to imagine being in the story with them Kelly did a fantastic job conveying feelings and situations All of the characters in the Dreg City Series are very strongly portrayed I can picture the way they look and the way they act when they are described There wasn t as much action as in previous books but the emotion was high and it still left me flipping the pages to find out what would happen next.If you are new to the series you really should start with book 1, Evy has been through A LOT She has been tortured, she has died, she has come back to life in a new body, she has been tortured again There is way to much back story that you would miss if you jumped in at this point and its worth startin
I normally really like this series, but this book seemed to be off to me Part of it is that I am getting tired of the whole Wyatt and Evy drama, they are off, then on, then off again, all the while declaring their love for each other I also am getting tired of Evy dying all the time It seems like she has lives that a cat The whole timeline and flashbacks didn t work for me I would have enjoyed the story if it was linear But there were things that I really liked I like the start of Watchtower and the mall I think there are all sorts of possibilities here I really love the friendship that keeps evolving between Evy and Phineas Part of me wishes that Evy could get over Wyatt and end up with Phin I think they are suited to each other.Even with all my issues of this book I will be
Couldn t decide between 4 and 5 stars, so technically, I m giving this 4.5 stars Originally posted at Wrong Side of Dead, Kelly Meding s fourth Dreg City novel, takes place almost a month after Evy s rescue from the hands of the mad scientist, Walter Thackery We find out that Evy and Wyatt are on a break They had a huge argument and Evy feels like her relationship with Wyatt is broken due to her own doing Wyatt, Phin, Kismet, Tybalt and the remaining Triad members and handlers have reached a tentative agreement with the Therians shifters and vampires in Dreg City to protect human from the Halfies half blooded vampires This affiliation of species makes their base at The Watchtower, the shopping mall that has appeared in previous books As a rule, Halfies are deranged and violent What is turning up in Dreg City are lucid and almost sane Halfies At the beginning of the book, we learn that Aurora, Ava Evy s shifter Goddaughter and Joseph, all members of Clan Coni and Phin s only remaining brethren, are kidnapped and the race is on to find them before they are executed Meding s storytelling improves with this fourth installment of the Dreg City series She masterfully uses flashback chapters to tell the story of Evy and Wyatt s breakup, the unfortunate event that happens to ex triad member Felix, and of how the Watchtower came into existence These flashback chapters are sprinkled throughout the book Meding uses past tense when writing about the action occurring in
3.5 starsMy biggest issues with this book are technical Unlike the other books where the timeline is linear, this one starts in the present, where I m shoved into action, with reference to something in the past I feel like I just step into the unknown, feeling confused about what has happened Evy talking about her breakup with Wyatt, and I am like, WHAT Aren t they just so positively in love in the end of book 3 Then about several chapters later, there s the BEFORE timeline, where the past is finally unraveled to me It happens a couple of times While I admit that it works in the end, but it disrupt my way of reading.The other technical issue is, Ms Meding RARELY gives some sort of recap of what has happened previously I don t have good memory, and I struggle to remember a story that I read a year before I always struggle to remember the secondary characters names I just need a couple of pointers.Aside from that, this book is choc full of action, with a couple of twist I still cannot believe what these characters are going through Since the story doesn t move too long from the last one, Evy has just survived one catastrophy, and now facing another The evil scientist who kidnapped her for three weeks and made her lost her finger is back with another threat, after being successfully raise werewolves as his family Phin s family is kidnapped, and so do other Therians shapes
Title Wrong side of DeadSeries Dreg City bk 4Author Kelly MedingGenre Paranormal RomanceMonster hunter Evangeline Stone woke up on the wrong side of dead this morning and now there s hell to pay Barely recovered from her extended torture at the hands of mad scientist Walter Thackery, Evy can use a break What she gets instead is a war, as the battered Triads that keep Dreg City safe find themselves under attack by half Blood vampires who have somehow retained their reason, making them twice as lethal Worse, the Halfies are joined by a breed of were creature long believed extinct back and dangerous than ever Meanwhile, Evy s attempts at reconciliation with the man she loves take a hit after Wyatt is viciously assaulted an attack traced to Thackery, who has not given up his quest to exterminate all vampires even if he has to destroy Dreg City to do it With Wyatt s time running out, another threat emerges from the shadows and a staggering betrayal shatters the fragile alliance between the Triads, vampires, an