The Apprentice Fairy Godmother

The Apprentice Fairy GodmotherHarrison Ford No, Not That One Likes His Ordinary Life With The Notoriety Of His Name And The Responsibility Of His Family After His Father S Death, He Plays Everything Safe From A Boring Career As An Insurance Actuary To A Cookie Cutter Chicago Suburb Home, He S As Vanilla As Generic Ice Cream A Failed Marriage Is His Only Deviation From Normal.Then Georgia, An Opinionated Fairy Godmother With Unreliable Powers, Installs Herself In His House, Claiming To Grant Him One Wish Which She Decides Is A New Wife When His Mother Takes Exception To His Guest And His Runaway Teenage Daughter Lands On His Doorstep, Normal Turns To Chaos.Georgia Rhodes Has Always Fought For Her Place In Her Family, Including Following Her Sisters To Fairy Godmother University She Has One Simple Assignment To Fulfill Before Graduating, But Instead Of Watching Over A Newborn, She S Given Someone Complex A Full Grown Mortal Man Make His Wish Come True Or Don T Graduate, Her Instructor Warns It S Not Easy Deliberately Left Without Her Wand, And As A Woman Used To Fun Than Studying, Georgia Must Use Her Brains And Her Discovery Of The Internet To Find Harry A Wife But Her Magic Is On The Fritz, Especially When She Thinks About Him With Another Woman In The Meantime, She Fights Her Attraction, Knowing A Cross Species Relationship Rarely Works. See my review on Maven Fairy Godmother Rhodes, a player from the Fairy Godmother University, is trying to slide through her final exam with the juiciest bookkeeper on Earth Cheryl Sterling s The Apprentice Fairy Godmother is a steamy frolic about Georgia s escapades when she gets the shivers from her client, a guy who hasn t been laid in years Her chat speak supervisor, who poofs in as a pink clad t
A hero named Harrison Ford Turns out he s not one, but an insurance actuary who, because of his name, likes the boring life he s built Until, Georgia plows into his life She s a fairy godmother student with one last test to complete before graduating to apprentice Too bad for him that he s her assignment Then her magic go