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Decision PointsIn This Candid And Gripping Account, President George W Bush Describes The Critical Decisions That Shaped His Presidency And Personal Life George W Bush Served As President Of The United States During Eight Of The Most Consequential Years In American History The Decisions That Reached His Desk Impacted People Around The World And Defined The Times In Which We Live Decision Points Brings Readers Inside The Texas Governor S Mansion On The Night Of The 2000 Election, Aboard Air Force One During The Harrowing Hours After The Attacks Of September 11, 2001, Into The Situation Room Moments Before The Start Of The War In Iraq, And Behind The Scenes At The White House For Many Other Historic Presidential Decisions For The First Time, We Learn President Bush S Perspective And Insights On His Decision To Quit Drinking And The Journey That Led Him To His Christian Faith The Selection Of The Vice President, Secretary Of Defense, Secretary Of State, Supreme Court Justices, And Other Key Officials His Relationships With His Wife, Daughters, And Parents, Including Heartfelt Letters Between The President And His Father On The Eve Of The Iraq War His Administration S Counterterrorism Programs, Including The CIA S Enhanced Interrogations And The Terrorist Surveillance Program Why The Worst Moment Of The Presidency Was Hearing Accusations That Race Played A Role In The Federal Government S Response To Hurricane Katrina, And A Critical Assessment Of What He Would Have Done Differently During The Crisis His Deep Concern That Iraq Could Turn Into A Defeat Costlier Than Vietnam, And How He Decided To Defy Public Opinion By Ordering The Troop Surge His Legislative Achievements, Including Tax Cuts And Reforming Education And Medicare, As Well As His Setbacks, Including Social Security And Immigration Reform The Relationships He Forged With Other World Leaders, Including An Honest Assessment Of Those He Did And Didn T Trust Why The Failure To Bring Osama Bin Laden To Justice Ranks As His Biggest Disappointment And Why His Success In Denying The Terrorists Their Fondest Wish Attacking America Again Is Among His Proudest Achievements A Groundbreaking New Brand Of Presidential Memoir, Decision Points Will Captivate Supporters, Surprise Critics, And Change Perspectives On Eight Remarkable Years In American History And On The Man At The Center Of Events From The Hardcover Edition. Admission I lean middle left politically, did not vote for GW Bush, and did not like him during his presidency After reading this book I found I liked the man although not all of his decisions and respected him although not all of his decisions , and found that he was intelligent than had been my previous impression This book is a interesting and enlightening reflection by President Bush 43 on his perception of his life, his decisions, and his actions It is not a great literary work he writes like he speaks, and that makes the book very accessible The book covers a critical time period in our history and I learned interesting behind the scenes tidbits I had not known before Bush explains in detail why he made certain decisions, and surprisingly, owned up to some bad wrong decisions, and some things that could have been done better He does not give a blow by blow, day to day account of his presidency Some of the topics he covers include his early drinking problems decision to quit, the 2000 election, 9 11, the decisions to go into Afghanistan and Iraq, the surge in 2007 2008, his crusade to provide aid health care to Africa, Hurricane Katrina, and the efforts to avoid another depression in 2008 He does not address all of the decisions in hi
This may be one of the most difficult reviews I ve ever attempted to write Being as opinionated about politics as I am, I m very tempted to launch into my opinions on various political matters covered in this book However, once I start down the dark path, forever will it dominate my discourse, so I m going to try my best not to go there I was originally going to go through each chapter and state whether or not I agree with the decisions he made, and why, and what s wrong with the world today, and what was wrong then, and yadda, yadda, yadda However, I m pretty confident that not one among you cares what I think about these past events So Here goes my attempt at an objective review without political commentary.taking deep breathsFirstly, I m a Bush fan Always have been, and I supported and defended him right up through the end of presidency when even his own party was fleeing like lemmings from the man I never let his lack of prowess with speaking the English language serve as a measuring mark of h
I do not think Bush was best President However realistically to blame the problems this country has endured in the past few years on one man is crazy and really shows the simple minded attitude too many Americans have You spent money then you had and now it has caught up to you Take responsibility for yourself.I do not think Bush handled many things very well in his time in office, but then again given the situations and the information available at the time, I don t know that many could have done much better As a book I like it It is easy to read and written in a modern style He agrees he wasn t always right in his decisions All in all he doesn t try to Make excuses like some have written on your reviews, but
It was not a fast read Each chapter took a while to get through and seemed to encourage pondering.As a longtime supporter of Bush, I was surprised to find I disagreed with some of his decisions Yet, overall, I was encouraged by his prayerful, honest approach to the decisions that faced him as president Reading his book motivated me to think about the decisions in my life and my approach to them It encouraged me to be a better person I felt the responsiblity he felt and I appreciated his humbleness in admiting mistakes He seemed like a guy I d like to know personally and someone I would trust to run our country.I also loved getting the inside view of world politics through Bush s eyes To hear his opinions and assessments of other politicians and world leaders To see how and when issues were brought to him And, to get a better sense of who he is was as a person.It is odd now that time has passed to remember the hurtful and untrue things people said about Bush when he was presiden
timeliness is important to make sure an organization does not get sloppy This was a fascinating book Politics aside, I thought this was a well written, honest depiction of Bush 43 s time in office If you think about all that happened during W s 2 terms, 9 11, Afghanistan and Iraq wars, Hurricane Katrina and the financial crisis, to name a few, it was not an easy 8 years I appreciate W s honesty He admits there were some decisions he made that were wrong However, he explains in detail, why he made some of the decisions he did He made them with the fate of the American people in mind It is interesting to hear his point of view, his side of the story, when the press or other politicians had communicated something totally different George W Bush is a man of faith He is very interested in talking to people, getting their point of view He wrote letters to over 5,000 families who lost love ones in the war He invited several of the them to the White House He respects the office of the President and felt honored to have served Bush had some interesting opinions of the various leaders and political figures he was in contact with He is not afraid to express disappointment with some Republican leaders, US allies or popular celebrity figures, as well as, praise Democratic leaders, and other people who publicly did not support him To me, that shows a lot of character I recommend this book to
I read this book because I wanted to know how Bush would defend himself and his administration My answer about half way through and having skimmed the rest is Not well at all I have now read it entirely and reread specific parts and my comment still stands He doesn t seem to understand the events of his presidency, the repercussions of his actions, and the source based historical books and articles about his presidency I am reading with a sick in the stomach, this truly can t have been written by a President, reaction I cannot shelve this as history and, oddly enough, it s not even diatribe He just writes as if he were president of the class and would do anything his buds wanted him to do.Thanks to all the writers who have tried to keep our democracy alive during those 8 years Things I do appreciate about the book are some of the smaller chapters, such as Bush s efforts for HIV AIDS But he does not evaluate this very good and, I think, probably honest effort, alongside his attacks on women s right to choose and with refusing to allow our medical aid to women in foreign countries receiving our aid to be counselled on abortion Re
Update Loved every minute Even when I was in fierce disagreement it was fascinating to watch the decisions unfold And what a gift to read about the important events of my lifetime from such an inside angle I really opposed TARP I didn t understand how someone supposedly committed to free market principles could have pushed so hard for this huge government overreach To read his explanation made me reconsider my harsh judgment of his decision Probably because one of the few things I value than capitalism is the peaceful transition of power that regularly occurs in this country It never fails to amaze me that no matter how rancorous the fight all parties eventually allow it to end peacefully This is not historically indicated to be the norm If TARP was necessary to ensure the continued tradition of peaceful transition of power AND government can unwind itself from the industries around which it has currently wrapped itself, it may have been the right decision.If you suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome, don t bother with the book Most of yo
I am currently listening to this on CD with my 11 year old son while we drive to and from school First I have to disclose that I am a major fan of this president and all the morals he stands for I am very sad that our country does not give him praise for how he kept us safe Sure as a conservative I did not always support his spending policies but otherwise I truly admire his compassion,leadership and faith This book is very good and I am so pleased to hear in his words answer his critics and my son and I discuss alot about the history of his Presidency and his faith journey This a power piece of history and story that touches my son and I An excellent journey of learning for us both We are thru disc two We have finished Disc three now on 2 14 will comment on this soon.We have finished DISC 5 2 18 and I will update soon.Finally finished and the best thing about reading t
Regardless of whether you like him or not, he presided over one of the roughest times in american history This book will make you laugh, probably frustrate you, and it may even make your eyes well up with tears.President Bush has a unique perspective that only one other person has had, that is being the son of a former president, he has been involved with the workings of this country for a long time and because of that this book offers great insight, comical stories, gripping eye witness accounts of world wide happenings with a door to a President that one could argue stands alone with all he faced.The chapters are broken down into the major points of his presidency He goes into a fair amount of detail involving his thinking during the trying times of 9 11 and the wars, he admits to mistakes on one hand and then shows his stubborness on the other Katrina was a big surprise for me, I was surprised by many details I was unaware of, and why he did what he did I ve always admired him on a personal level, but I felt he really lost touch with the constitution in many areas, I felt while reading this that he looked at tax dol
My purpose in reading biographies and memoirs isn t to take a side on political issues, but rather to understand a little better how people think From that perspective, I liked the book.I had a few random takeaways I got the overall impression that Bush thinks his presidency will continue to look better in hindsight and that during his presidency too much politics slinging took aim at him and strongly tarnished his perception 9 11 caught Bush and most of the nation by surprise and really forced a dramatic change in his presidency When he visited NYC in the days that followed, I really think this had a huge impression on him, especially when he promised to avenge the horrible acts Bush gave the impression that he wanted act immediately to help Katrina victims but didn t have legal authority to do so e.g allow federal troops to patrol the state area because the governor kept refusing to give that authority He was eventually able to send in troops without the authority to patrol engage fire a shot if necessary and this helped Had he known that it would have gone so well without needing the governor s approval he would have done it sooner Bush believes that the No Child Left Behind policy is extremely important as a social ethnic justice issue I think President Bush s Christian faith is sincere I honestly think Bush tried to do what he thought was best for the country without sinister plans Bush calls his mom Barbara mother I thought this was unique.On a lighter note, I

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