EvvieIt Was A Time When Skirts Were Short And Hair Was Shingled A Time Of Speakeasies, Hip Flasks And Bathtub Gin A Time When Evvie Ashton, The Beautiful Society Girl Who Modeled, Danced, Painted And Loved Promiscuously Had Come Of Age Knowing All The Right People And Doing All The Wrong Things Vera Caspary Is An Expert At Suspense And Suspicion The New York Times A Story Of Flaming Youtha Whodunit With A Surprise Endinga Psychological Study Of Characterof Loveof Twisted Relationshipswritten With Perception And Insight New York Herald Tribune Welcome to the Roaring Twenties in Chicago Short skirts and shingled hair Free love and bathtub gin A time when young women were testing new found freedoms in love, at work, and at the voting booth Meet Evvie and Louise Two women who have been friends since they were girls They have shared secrets, sleepovers, clothes, their ups and downs with men, a studio apartmenteverything Well, everything until Evvie falls in love Suddenly, she s secretive She won t tell Louise who the mystery man is And Evvie feels an air of danger surrounding her friend She suspects she knows the lover s identity and fears that Evvie has gotten herself mixed up with the wrong sort of man And, when Evvie is found murdered on Labor Day weekend, it would seem that Louise s fears were justified The newspapers cry scandal and dig up all the dirt on Evvie that they can.and no one, not even those who knew the women best, can believe that Louise really doesn t know who the mysterious lover is.Vera Caspary has such a way with words I absolutely loved Laura when I read it and later watched the movie Evvie is just as well written This is an excellent snapshot of life in the 1920s showing how young women were stretching their wings and becoming financially independent The friendship between the two girls is spot on and the historical details are finely drawn Everything sails along until the d
I have fallen head over heels in love with the cool and clever noir world The second of Ms Caspary s novels I have read, Evvie was marvelous Taut and suspenseful, the characters were nuanced and masterfully textured Written in 1960, Capary explored the world of the late 1920 s, capturing the recklessness and gaiety of that time The three primary narrative threads th
What a remarkable find This hard boiled style that I usually associate with detective novels of the 30 s and 40 s is right at home here, but with an elegance of writing that generates vivid imagery The characters are unusually clear and easily impressed themselves in my memory Best of all, I always looked forward to my next reading session, and I was never disappointed The writer is known for writing one of the classic noir detective novels, LAURA, from which a truly classic mystery film was made I had long been curious to read the original and added it to my reading list However, EVVIE came to me as a recommendation and I thoroughly enjoyed it The novel isn t a traditional mystery story at all, bringing the reader into the lives and machinations of various characters, especially two young women who share an apartment loft The language is provocative and would still be considered a bit racy today, and a sense of the forbidden lingers in several situations The settings are so generously described that they felt real to me.When affairs take a turn to the deadly, there are suspects aplenty The strength of the story is centering on the thoughts and perspectives of Louise, a young woman who wants to live life to the fullest, but who also finds that she may not be
I absolutely did not want this book to end This is an excellent noir romp that truly gives you an idea of what being a young adult in 1920s Chicago must have been like The descriptions are exquisite I felt like I could actually see and and smell and hear the sets and characters.Fair warning, this book will not be to everyone s taste The plot does not move quickly, but instead builds the drama and suspicion slowly until it s all consuming The ending feels anti climatic, and is even explicitly described as such by Louise the narrator For me this unsatisfying ending doesn t take away from the power of the story at all Rather, I find it made the story feel realistic and impactful The anti climatic ending is actually quite a twist from where you think the story is headed If it had ended the way you thought it was going to end for 95% of the book, I think I would have been less satisfied Instead, I was left reeling and saying, I did NOT see that coming Also, the characters are not necessarily likable, but I wound up caring about them anyway They are not perfect, flat caricatures Instead, they are vibrant, flawed, and incredibly human Louise is purposely delusional, Evvie is needy, Midge is callow, and Carl Carl is not the type of man one should love He is cruel, jealous, and violent And, since this book does
I have always loved Laura so had high expectations for this one, only the second book I have read from Ms Caspary I could hardly put it down then the ending happened It was like listening to a lovely piece of music for the first time with full band or orchestra and suddenly a quick trumpet solo a
Really enjoyable With Vera Caspary, the plot itself isn t so important and I say that as plot person , her descriptions of everyday life in that time period are so interesting. Should ve been shorter Also, points for realism, but the ending was unsatisfying More after I ve had time to sleep on it.