The Peanut Buttor Tweatment

The Peanut Buttor Tweatment The First In A Series Of Children S Picture Books With The Hairington Characters They Are Little Hairball People Who Live In Places Like Creviceville And Dusty Corners In This First Book, Bub Get S Himself Into A Sticky Situation Because Of His Love For Gumballs. The Peanut Buttor TweatmentBy M AllmanISBN 978055796874Published July 28, 2011 by BurtonHead BooksFormat PaperbackMy Rating Have you ever had bubble gum stuck in your hair Did your mom use vegetable oil or, even worse, scissors to remove it Can you imagine if your entire body was covered in hair and you popped a big ol bubble gum bubble on your face The Peanut Buttor Tweatment tells the tale of mischievous little Bub who loves his grammy s homemade bubble gum and finds himself in quite a sticky situation Peanut Butter to the rescue I have really been on a children s book kick recently It is so fun to share all these neat, new books with my children and see their love for reading grow The Peanut Buttor Tweatment is a super cute little read that teaches kids all about following directions and facing consequences The Harringtons, the characters of the story, are adorable little fuzz balls with big personalities Mom is kind yet firm Grammy is exactly what you
As always, I ve got our senior advisor on children s books my amazing 8 year old sis to tell us about the book Grammy comes to visit Bub s house and Bub is very excited because she always brings surprises Grammy brings a coloring book and some bubble gum What she does not know is that Bub is not allowed to blow bubble gum But Bub blows anyway What happens next teaches us a lesson about obedience.I think I added in that last part Anywayz, let s ask her what she thinks of it, shall we On the plotline It was funny On the Pictures I realy like the pictures They are so cute The people look like bubble gum with hair.On the Characters I don t like Bub He doesn t listen to his mommy.Your Favorite Character Sis is funny she tattles I like Grammy too Grammy is so nice.On the Language It was easy to unnerstand.32 pages of adorable characters, colorful pictures and a moral What co
I loved reading this little book The story is about Bub a hairy little fellow, who loves to blow bubbles with his bubblegum His Grammy comes to visit and brings him and his sis some colouring in books and some bubble gum Bub and Sis go upstairs to play and mum warns Bub Not to be blowing bubbles with his bubblegum Bub blows one small bubble, then another until one pops and sticks all over his hair He doesn t want to go to hospital, like his uncle George.His mum gives him the Peanut Buttor Tweatment and he doesn t need to go to hospital The story teaches children that they should do what they a
The Peanut Buttor Tweatment by M AllmanIllustrated colorful children s book about the day grammy comes to visit His mother won t let him blow bubbles with bubblegum cuz once his uncle blew one so huge and popped it covered his whole face and it was a mess.She brought all the children a nice gift they could play with She also gives them bubblegum and of course the same thing happened to him that happened to his
This story was my first glimpse into M Allman s Hairingtons , who are a lot like Cousin Itt, if you remember the old Addams Family shows The conflict centers around Bub, who never should have blown that bubble gum bubble Because, as you can imagine, if you re completely covered in hair and chew bubble gum, you re asking for trouble Luckily, mom knows what to do, and she gives
The first in a series of children s picture books with the Hairington characters They are little hairball people who live in places like Creviceville and Dusty Corners In this first book, Bub get s himself