The Failure of Louis XIVs Dutch War

The Failure of Louis XIVs Dutch War Begun As A Royal Adventure To Enhance The Glory Of The King, The Dutch War Sparked Serious Debate Within The French Government Over The Relationship Of The Ruler To The State Ekberg Focuses On One Significant Year Of The War And Explains How, Despite Opposition By Several Counselors, The King Escalated The Original Conflict Into A Full European War And Wrought A Dramatic Shift In French Policy The Study Is Arranged Thematically To Bring Clarity To A Period Of Complex Issues. In The Failure of Louis XIV s Dutch War 1979 , Carl J Ekberg expands on his doctoral dissertation 1970 at Rutger s University and subsequent journal articles From Dutch to European War Louis XIV and Louvois are Tested 1974 and The Great Captain s Greatest Mistake Turenne s German Campaign of 1673 1977 Ekberg s study focuses on the initial phase of the Dutch War from 1672 to 1674 The author discusses the invasion of the Dutch Republic and emphasizes the diplomatic and military events that led to the French withdrawal from the United Provinces in 1673 He argues that Louis XIV conducted the French invasion of the Dutch Republic paying little attention to the advice of his ministers, generals, and diplomats beyond that offered by his war minister the Marquis de Louvois Ekberg notes that the Sun King disregarded the interests of the French state, namely the defense of the northeastern frontier of the realm, in search of his own personal military gloire and revenge against the Dutch for their part in the Triple Alliance pp.173 74 Ekberg contends that Louis XIV and Louvois miscalculated the risks involved in the Dutch War and lacked firm political and military objectives during the first phase of the conflict Both men expected a brief, limited war This mistake resulted in the rise of William III of Orange as his arch enemy and the beginnings of an anti French coalition centered on the alliance of the United Provinces with the Austrian and Spanish Habsburgs The Sun King had to a