All These Things I've Done

All These Things I've DoneSixteen Year Old Anya Becomes The Head Of A Mafia Family After Her Parents Are Both Murdered By Rival Gangs Although Anya Is Embroiled In The Criminal World, She Is Determined To Keep Her Brother And Sister Out Of The Mafia Family, But Her Father S Relatives Aren T So Keen To Let Them Go When Anya S Violent Ex Boyfriend Is Poisoned With Contaminated Chocolate Chocolate That Is Produced Illegally By Anya S Mafia Family She Is Arrested For Attempted Murder And Sent To The Notorious Jail On Manhattan Island.Eventually She Is Freed By The New D.A In Town, Who Believes She Has Been Framed But This D.A Is The Father Of Win, A Boy At School To Whom Anya Feels Irresistibly Drawn, And Her Freedom Comes With Conditions Win S Father Wants To Be Mayor, And He Can T Risk Having His Ambition Jeopardized By Rumors Spreading That His Son Is Seeing A Member Of A Notorious Crime Family Anya Knows She Risks The Safety Of Her Family By Seeing Win Again, But The Feeling Between Them May Be Too Strong To Resist Let s be clear, I did a lot of skim reading and not reading after the 150 page marker because there was nothing much actually, nothing at all about this book that I can say I enjoyed I m not surprised after reading a lot of my friends negative reviews, but I do admit to a little curiosity sparking in me when this arrived from the publishers claiming to be The Godfather with a dystopian twist This is nothing at all, slightly, remotely like The Godfather beyond the mention of mafia and I ll get to that ridiculous plot element in a minute and it s not really much of a dystopia either, though who s surprised about that any So this is supposed to be about the mafia, mobsters, crime lords it isn t I wanted a terrifying boss sat behind a desk, creating fear with a single look, dealing in all kinds of horrendous underground business I wanted shoot outs, car chases and mysteries scandals and betrayal what did I get Chocolate, caffeine and a love story I kid you not All those big mafia thugs with their illegal activities, you know what it s really all about Chocolate and caffeine After reading a book like White Cat which contains a perfect mix of mafia action, family betrayals and a touch
2.5 starsMixed feelings about this book At first, I was enad with All These Things I ve Done Mainly because of its originality Even though the novel is pushed as another dystopia, it is of a mafia crime drama, at least in the beginning The setting is futuristic 2083, but hardly dystopic The end of the century US is overrun by lawlessness, corruption and rationing, however there is nothing particularly oppressive about it In fact, it actually reminded me of 1990s Russia the civilization is still there, but the change in political regime destroyed the country s infrastructure and order, not irreparably though.16 year old Anya Balanchine is the daughter of the deceased head of the Russian American mafia family Although she still gets the perks of being affiliated with this organization money, connections, easy access to illegal substances chocolate among other things , she is not a part of the criminal network Anya is busy going to school, looking after her mentally disabled older brother, little sister and dying grandmother and fighting off her good for nothing ex Her life is moderately difficult and later become
This book was a total air ball for me The premise sounded so fun a futuristic society with a Prohibition era type ban on chocolate,a black market run by mobster families, and a teenage heir to the family empire MURDERS POISONING Boredom Boredom Oh, and tepid romance and a selfish MC Imagine all the places this book could ve gone Yeah, that s right, I m thinking total badass teenage girl threatening her way across NYC and putting her dysfunctional family business back in order I mean, wouldn t it be totally normal to have a Boondock Saints type situation in a YA book No I enjoyed several of Zevin s other books Elsewhere, Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac but reading this book made me want to go back and reread them to see if they were read by delusional Flann I found it rather annoying that the narrative would stop every once in a while for the narrator to speak to the reader Dear reader, if you are reading this review, you might notice that it is mostly personal feelings about the book with absolutely no objectivity. See how annoying that is Another thing this book dragged So many plot points just kept coming up, and up, and up, and WE FREAKING GOT IT ALREADY, ANYA You don t want your brother to work at the Pool Check You and Win really like each other but you shouldn t be together CHECK You run the household because Le
The status comments I made for this book do a lot to explain my descending feelings I m just flat bummed that Zevin took things in the direction she did, because I started out absolutely LOVING this story To be honest, the only reason I was initially engaged in the book is because I liked Anya and her family The worldbuilding is practically nonexistent, and for any book that touts itself as a dystopian, that s not good Chocolate and caffeine have been outlawed, and there s little to no explanation as to why I struggled to suspend my disbelieve that a society would attack caffeine but leave out alcohol I meanreally Explain to me how caffeinated, hand snapping beatniks are deviant and dangerous than angry drunks, seriously So I never felt particularly drawn to the plot, because all things considered, there really was none This is primarily the story of a deceased mob boss s daughter trying to make her way in the world And that s cool, but this reads like a futur
All These Things I ve Done was surprisingly good I was completely captivated by this intriguing and tension filled story.I have been reading quite a bit of dystopia lately and I loved that this novel did not focus on matching people or the government trying to control everybody In the year 2083 they are plenty of problems and changes but overall it feels like a realistic future Chocolate is illegal EEK no chocolate would make me crazy together with a million other things like caffeine, paper without a permit, phones, cameras I felt the world was very convincing as it feels similar to the stories of the 1920 s when alcohol was banned and smuggled in.This is the first book of Zevin s I have read I found her prose sharp and alluring Writing that draws you in immediately It was perfectly paced story that had a cleverly constructed plot and world.Anya is part of the Balanchine Family, one of the most well known crime syndicates in the world Her father use to be the head of it before he was murdered Anya mother was also killed in a hit gone wrong Now Anya is trying to do the best she can caring for her ill grandmother, her older brother Leo, who has a learning disability and her younger sister Natty Anya is a mature, brave and compelling character I love that sh
To make myself feel like an equal opportunity teacher, I like to force myself to read some YA chick books so I can pitch them to reluctant reader girls the way I do so many sports, war, and horror books to reluctant reading boys and girls, as girls seem less bothered by a book s gender target audience But mea culpa, I m here to confess I am a fraud I cannot bring myself to read a single sentence of the Twilight series Ditto anything by the much beloved Sarah Dessen 1 with 8th grade girls year in, year out.All of which is my way of saying thank you, Gabrielle Zevin When I read her study on life after death, Elsewhere, a few years back, I was smitten Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac wasn t bad, either It missed a great opportunity, but it was readable start to finish And here, All These Things I ve Done, seemingly a rip off of Gordon Korman s Son of the Mob, has won me over, too, despite initial reluctance It seemed at first that she had simply taken the reluctant son of a mobster and replaced him with a daughter of a mobster Then she had her lea
Let me first say that the first half of this book deserves 3 stars I really enjoyed the setting even though I still don t quite understand why the world is the way it is Annie, Scarlet, Natty, Leo, and Win were all great characters in the beginning I felt like the story moved along pretty well and that things were really going to get good with Annie s mafia family background Unfortunately the second half of the book did not deliver at least for me anyway I got tired of waiting for the action to start and by the last stretch of the book I just wanted it to be over.The plot is basically about a girl, Annie, who is trying to keep her family together and safe after her Father who was the mob boss dies The drug here is chocolate which I found a little weird but this is a YA book so I can understand why something like chocolate would be used as opposed to an actual drug Annie has to care for her younger sister Natty, her older brother Leo who was hurt physically and mentally after their mom died, and her Grandmother who is falling fast away Annie s mob family is of concern to her because they have recruited Leo to help them out and Annie doesn t want anybody in her little family to en
3.5 stars.I remember reading Elsewhere and Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin and enjoying them both Zevin has a knack for creating unique stories and All These Things I ve Done is no exception.However, the dystopian aspect of the book could have been developed Chocolate and caffeine are illegal, there are copious amounts of crime, mafia families are present and powerful, but how did it get this way How are these things affecting society Even though Anya isn t directly affected by these things because of her position as the daughter of a crime boss, a comprehensive view of life in 2083 would ve been nice.Further, All These Things I ve Done feels like buildup for the next book in the series The plot starts out strong, but by the middle of the book any sense of danger dissipated and the conflict was almost nonexistent At the end, everything happens at once when all the action could ve been distributed equally throughout the entire novel.That being said, I m looking forward to the next book in the Birthright series I didn t really connect to any of the characters besides Anya, but her dry humor and sense of practicality made her a likable narrator whose voice I grew to love All These Things I ve Done ended in a way that leaves many possibilities for the plot of the second book, and I m eager to see where Zevin takes the story in terms of Anya s family and her relationships.Overall, a well written story tha
I was pretty excited when I got this book A future society where chocolate is banned and mafia included Omg Sounds so exciting Especially since I m such a chocolate whore Haha.Despite the ridiculousness of the premise I totally devoured up the whole caffeine and chocolate being outlawed because it just sounds cool I don t know what I d do if they were banned I think I d go crazy because I m Asian How can you go without tea TEA But I m just curious Why would you ban chocolate and caffeine but leave alcohol consumption legal Totally does not add up Anya was cool She was pragmatic, logical, and not easily intimidated or influenced that is until I got to the second half I think it started around the tenth or eleventh chapter I don t know what it was but her characterization seemed to be turned off Now she was distant without much emotion behind her actions nor were there any insights into her thoughts as well I became rapidly detached and disconnected from her and it didn t help that she started to turn into a person who ran away from difficult decisions and circumstances Totally not the cool character she was earlier.I really wish there had been bac
This is the first book I ve given up on in a long time.And some might think it strange Because, looking at it objectively is it better than Twilight Is it better than Ever Is it better than Hush, Hush I think I d have to say yes to all of those But the difference is, however terrible those books may be, the one thing they did do is keep me interested They kept me invested enough in the story that I wanted to know how it all turned out And that just did not happen with All These Things I ve Done.There are a few main reasons why I gave this up.1 The writing It wasn t horrid writing, and there were a few moments when it shone, but the style really did not work for me From what I ve gathered, it s Anya writing this whole account I ve read several books that worked that angle wonderfully This did not The writing was awkward and distant, and the random interjections only annoyed me Also, little dialogue gems such as this didn t really help my opinion of this His name s Goodwin but he goes by Win Isn t that OMG Uhhh, yeah.2 The characters I didn t hate the main character, Anya I really didn t There were a few moments where I even liked her But most of the time, I just felt so removed from everything that was happening, and couldn t bring myself to care A

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