There Is a Tree More Ancient Than Eden

There Is a Tree More Ancient Than EdenLeon Forrest, Acclaimed Author Of Divine Days, Uses A Remarkable Verbal Intensity To Evoke Human Tragedy, Injustice, And Spirituality In His Writing As Toni Morrison Has Said, All Of Forrest S Novels Explore The Complex Legacy Of Afro Americans Like An Insistent Tide This History Swells And Recalls America S Past Brooding, Hilarious, Acerbic And Profoundly Valued Life Has No Astute Observer Than Leon Forrest All Of That Is On Display Here In Two Novels That Give Readers A Breathtaking View Of The Human Experience, Filled With Humor And Pathos. Beautifully furious Burning with Biblical vision Blue and Black and Black and Blue Born from bottomless sorrow Built from butchery and belief.Blood flooded Blood burnished Bereaved Brokenhearted.Blazing. It happens only infrequently That as a reader you discover again something which takes it all to an entirely higher plane Women and Men Miss MacIntosh, My Darling Gass s The Tunnel What Federman does And Leon Forrest, writing something that simply floors me And I hear as an analogy not the jazz, but the baroque, and specifically Bach s unaccompanied works for cello or violin harmony upon a mere four strings as words follow upon one another t
The greatest song of rage and salvation I ve encountered in years The Sermon on the Mount got nothin on Leon Forrest Repent, sinners Read and repent Stating the obvious words only signify the objects they have been created to explain They are not these real things If I look at something however, trying to keep my mind clear of interfering words they come rushing and clashing in, fighting for preferential treatment and to have the last say I would never attempt to review this book because all I have is words This book, in its own style and art has come closer to that burning reality than anything I have read or possibly will read My words would amount to a desecration and a further level of distancing Rating it according to a star or any system seems ludicrous It was not an enjoyable book There was nothing fun about reading it A difficult read is what it is Up to this point in my reading life this is the best book I have read based on, the level of creation, relevance, significance of experience.There are no amount of thank you s that can reach what I feel to GR Friend Ali for bringing t
Southern trees bearing strange fruit Blood on the leaves and blood at the root Miss Billie HolidayApril 20, 1939I can t call this enjoyable in the conventional sense of the term I can say it is evocative and raw and fresh feeling, astounding prose.It s probably overused, but yes, this prose is poetry, it s fragmented images stick in your rose gray madder you have to listen and you have to feel and it s that discomfort that reminds you are alive and have inherited a legacy that you can t just ignore without perpetuating ancestral crimes Be prepared to put on your intertextual vest and hallucinate sermons which are working on the
Updated review for reread in 2016 Pity, you think so little of me But this is your horrendous detachment, howling down the corridors of the night, that sours me, for you are missing the uniqueness of our history, and I think that history of uniqueness But leaving that aside for a moment, tell me, school me, inform me, just how much is the full sea scroll measure how much is demanded in escrow, in terms of forbearance, when a people s total soul has been ripped off, whored upon, misused, wracked, raped, ruptured, and mangled, and they are left with their asses set afire in the grass, and their names gutted with a protoplasm soaked in dung and urine, their breath choked off on the gallows and their sex spread and split down upon rust bloodied hooks, like sausages and their not quite dead bodies picked and swept from Southern towns to Northern universities to be plucked by cattle prodding tools and prayerfully studied over in order to save the bodies of the ENEMY s posterity I ll leave my thoughts from my first read down below this new review of sorts, like rumination, I rarely feel capable of properly reviewing a book, especially one as powerful as this , even though I ll likely hit some of the same high points.This is a powerful, unique, truly special book it s stunning this was Forrest s first novel, as it is ut
This will be my first and hopefully last interactive review For this indescribable cry of pain cum novel, my attempts at getting even the slightest soup on of its impact and import across to you have amounted to nothing I m not equal to the task Thus, I am turning you over to the hands of another master to accomplish where I ve failed.In the below video, I implore you to fast forward scrub to the 03 30 mark and stay with it until 04 10 that s only 40 seconds of your life The part that I beg you to pay closest attention to is the passage between 03 51 04 03, when Coltrane s dizzying runs give way to a monstrous primal scream that could have only been harrowing had he upended the sax and howled into the fucking bell It really isn t much of a commitment to make, but I promise you that it is the closest you can ever come to having this impossibly beautiful book imparted to you if
There Is a Tree More Ancient Than Eden is an inferno of language, not so much stream of consciousness as stream of existence, variations on the tunes of history Forrest probes not only the minds of his characters but the forces of the universe, love, time, hatred, violence Blood This book is an amalgam of story, myth, legend, and fantasy, a tour de force This here, folks, is why I read.I nearly never get goosebumps from books, but the end of the chapter called The Vision had me breaking out in waves of chills I won t spoil it But what Forrest achieves with surreal, violent imagery, allusions to the Bible, and genuinely indescribable prose is incredible There Is a Tree More Ancient Than Eden is not an easy book to read To read the book is to do battle with Leon Forrest s intellect, to be challenged at every turn I am not ashamed to say I was not always up for the challenge the final 8 pages, an absolute explosion of prose, overwhelmed me Not to mention that if you re looking for a plot here, you won t really find one More than half the book is total fantasy, dreams, nightmares, visions.Forrest has, in this slim book, distilled the accumulated pain of a legacy of oppression and slavery, communicated something of the weight of History to the reader That he has gone almost unread is a tragedy There Is a Tree More Ancient Than Eden is like nothing I have ever read It is capital L Literatur
Another book so astounding that I can mount no adequate summation other than it deserves to be read by any thinking caring conscious citizen of this present day divided populace where loud obnoxiousness stands for being heard above, far above the bedrock of considered opinion I began somewhere in the middle of this book to read aloud to myself knowing that each pithy sentence though beyond mostly my ken did, reveal profundity when heard not just read This, too, might be a fab book to do just that in group setting, taking turns of different voices spilling the guts of this shroud in auditory fashion letting the word combinations fall like rain on parched ears and let the puddles form where they may to glisten with the come again sun of redemption
i don t know if i ve felt so completely disoriented by a writer since i first read joseph mcelroy what do you call this where does it fit the beautiful opening paragraph seems to set up some kind of straightforward narrative, and then it immediately slips away so much of this novel is furious, beautiful, blood soaked, and i lost my footing on nearly every page it s the kind of book that demands to be read twice but despite how crazed forrest s writing feels, and despite being borderline incomprehensible as a novel if it can be thought of in that way , it s exhilarating to read something so raw and sprawling, something so totally unconcerned with what the reader will think of it forrest claims charlie parker as an influence, but to me it felt like horace tapscott or anthony braxton. just unrelent

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