To Wed a Rancher

To Wed a Rancher Lost In MontanaWhen Rachel Everly Dumps Her Cheating Boyfriend, He Dumps Her In A One Horse Montana Town With Only Her Suitcase And Beloved Camera Then A Deep, Whisky Rough Voice, Straight Out Of A Cowboy Movie, Offers Her A Way OutRescued By The RancherShane Merritt Plans To Sell His Parents Ranch, So He Seizes The Chance To Hire Rachel As His Photographer At First, Her Enthusiasm For The Dilapidated Ranch Bothers The Taciturn Cowboy, Until He Begins To See The Woman Who S Putting The Home Back Into His Homestead In A Whole New Light Sometimes a reader hankers for a certain kind of a romance, one that includes a spunky heroine, a hero who needs to have his eyes opened, a familiar setting and a few secrets to discover To Wed A Rancher by Myrna Mackenzie is just such a book, supplying likable characters with back stories the reader will quickly turn the pages to discover and a plot full of incidents to make one smile, nod and sigh Several surprises and grand romantic gestures are just icing on the cake in this fish out of water western romance.Rachel Everly is a boarding school raised dreamer and photographer who finds herself stranded in a small Montana town Shane Merritt finds himself in the same town, trying to sell his parents ranch, a place of bad memories he would just as soon leave behind The two find themselves thrown together by circumstance Their mutual attraction fights with their desire to leave the town and
A beautiful love story or two people fall in love and live happily ever after on the ranch This book can be found on Audible. A little dispute lands Rachel Everly in the small town of Moraine, Montana without her suitcase of clothes, purse or anything but her camera On top of that, a tall cowboy apparently witnesses her debacle and offers to help Although Rachel initially resists Shane Merritt s offers of assistance, her circumstances dictate otherwise She has little choice but to snap up the job he offers her to help him clean, organize and photograph his late parents ranch to get it ready for sale.Unfortunately, Rachel is hopeless at housework and a disaster in the kitchen, as well Petrified that Shane will fire her once he learns of her tall tales, Rachel nonetheless forges ahead, determined to make enough money to return to Maine However, little by little, Rachel slowly transforms Shane s ranch into a home She also helps Shane find the strength to face the demons of his past and the guilt he still feels over his brother s death This story is a delightfully slow burn toward l
This was a really fun book Rachel has been stranded in a small town in Montana when she tells her worthless boyfriend to just leave, then realizes her wallet and phone were in his car Shane, who is back in town to sell his family ranch, offers her a job cooking and cleaning the house to get it ready to sell Rachel can t cook,
Tacky Sickly sweet and entirely so tender that it makes the back teeth ache at times.An insightful, sporadic, and very determined Rachel is just the epitome of na ve innocence Shane is the depressed and self loathing businessman home to close up shop and lay his past to rest She is flighty, over curious, and has a huge heart He is a love em and leave em kind of guy
Moved quickly, interesting than a lot of these Was disappointed that they spend literally the whole book wrestling with their attraction only to have the sweet sweet lovin take all of one paragraph and happen practically off stage Annoyed that after three
E um livro girinho mas dar lhe tr s estrelas seria demais comparando com outros. Good story but the epilogue was unnecessary.

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  • 192 pages
  • To Wed a Rancher
  • Myrna Mackenzie
  • English
  • 19 July 2018
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