Democracy: A History

Democracy: A HistoryFor The Last Twenty Five Years, Fostering Democracy Around The World Has Been A Cornerstone Of U.S Foreign Policy Why Is Democracy So Important Today Why Should It Hold Such Sway Over The Political Speech Of The Modern World In Democracy A History , John Dunn England S Leading Political Theorist Sets Out To Explain The Extraordinary Presence Of Democracy In Today S World The Story Begins In Greece, Where It Began As An Improvised Remedy For A Very Local Difficulty Twenty Five Hundred Years Ago Athens Gave Democracy A Name Demokratia And Worked Out An Elaborate, Highly Distinctive, And Astonishingly Thorough Interpretation Of The Political Conditions Required To Achieve It However, Democracy S Tenure Was Short Lived, Flourishing Briefly And Then Fading Away Almost Everywhere For Nearly Two Thousand Years Democracy Then Suddenly Reappeared With The Founding Of The New American Republic And Amid The Struggles Of France S Revolution The Word Democrat Suddenly Became A Partisan Label And A Badge Of Political Honor, Lending Credibility To The Idea Of Transforming Human Collective Life, Anywhere And Everywhere, To Fit The Requirements Of Democracy That Are So Familiar To Us Today. . . . Good historical overview, very erudite framing, but too rambling and vague despite being rather short Often reads like a first draft of transcribed lecture notes, lacking a exacting editorial supervision Also referr
Dunn studies the history of the word and the idea of democracy from its inception in Athens, suggests why it went dormant for 2000 years, then picks up the study again with the American revolution and the French Revolution.But this isn t primarily a linguistic or historical exercise, but rather a study of democracy as a process democratization and as a form of government capitalist republic , and a study of how the word democracy has been co opted and changed and why it still has power today.Dunn seems democracy as a split framed in philosophy by Sieyes and in practice by Robespierre during the French Revolution between equality and egoism Ayn Randian capitalism, basically, is how I d describe Dunn s use of the word The American experiment resolved the dialectic Marxism is dead as a form of government but not forgotten as a way of thought in
Democracy a history Whithin the last three quarters of a century democracy has become the political core of the civilization which the wests offer to the rest of the world p14 Every where that the word democracy has fought its way forward across time and space, you can here both themes the purposeful struggle to improve the practical circumstances of life, and to escape from arbitrary and brutal coercion, but also the determination and longing to be treated with respect and some degree of consideration p19This regime, which is called democracy demokratia , because it is adminstered with a view to the interest of the many, not of the few, hasnt merely made athens great p26In the eyes of the old Oligarch, it was true in every country that those greater distinction oppose democracy, seeing themselves as repositories of decorum snd respect for justice, and their social inferiors as ignorant, disorderly and vicious p28For the old oligarch, in stark contrast, the democracy of Athens was a robust but flagrantly unedifying system of power, which subjected the noble elements of
Should be required reading for all citizens of US A lovely example of a scholar and philosopher who has contributed than their share of technical and esoteric work to gain his professorship writes usually towards the sunset of a career a book that asks a simple question and then elaborates it in necessary and fascinating ways The q Why is Democracy the standard that nearly all reform and reactionary movements in our contemporaneity march under It may seem obvious but it is not Democracy the word and many of its connotations is the work of classical Athens which only gave franchise to men of standing and depended on slavery for its economy The Romans would have called democracy mob rule which tenured professors will still say it is, though their standard was Liberty It lay virtually dormant for some 2000 years in the West until it emerged in England but not really, Shelley signed himself in to lodgings as an Atheist and a Democrat by which he was trolling It got than a little push from Robespierre and the Jacobins, and the confusions of US also exported it One thinks one knows what it is, but pause., exactly who gets to weigh in on what decision US is by no means a country that enac
I enjoyed Dunn s writing and use of language And I appreciated his obvious breadth of knowledge Anyone who can characterize people living under modern democracies as being in a state of involuntary befuddlement clearly has something to say But his insights are hidden behind his

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