Love Like a Hurricane

Love Like a HurricaneLOVE LIKE A HURRICANE Is A Closely Plotted Foray Into Family Secrets, Lies, Betrayals And The Crushing Cost Of Keeping A Secret It Is The Story Of A Storm That Weaves Together The Sins Of A Man In Florida With The Secrets Of Two Families That Live A Thousand Miles Away And It Is The Story Of Fated Love A Passionate Romance Between Lettie, Whose Idyllic Childhood Started With An Unfortunate Birth And A Fatal Car Crash, And Christine, Whose Tragic And Ultimately Violent Past Simmers Just Underneath Her Skin A Broken Promise And A Box Of Long Hidden Letters Reveals A Truth That Is Both Beautiful And Terrible As The Past Unravels It Shatters The Illusion Of Lettie S Perfect Family And Ultimately Forces Her Into An Unthinkable Moral Dilemma.Told In Short And Multilayered Chapters, LOVE LIKE A HURRICANE Finishes With A Deeply Intimate And Stunning Climax. with a chance of major floodingThis novel starts off modestly, with a couple of small town family dramas over two or three generations, narrated alternately and somewhat confusingly out of chronological order Like a hurricane, it builds up very slowly, but packs a real bang at the end, leaving everyone, including the reader, to pick up the pieces.The prose is often beautifully written, but a few typos and inconsistencies would benefit from a good final edit to really make it shine A great stor
Goodreads win Rating 1 1 2 starsChic lit story turned Greek tragedy Oh how I hate to tarnish the author s perfect rating thus far, but I did agree to review rate the book as part of the goodreads giveaway program Basically, the story began with an alternating, simple narrative telling the backstories at different points in time of between the various characters For me, the characters never really popped into their existence in the story.Although, the book s synopsis eluded to mystery, and great family secrets the majority of the first 2 3 of the book read like a romance novel not my thing The mystery of the aunt and the box, and my commitment to the review process, were what kept the pages turning for me In all fairness, I did not realize this was a woman to woman romance novel when requesting the book However, I read the book with an open mind, for the story not the over sexed antics of almost every character presented In the end, for me, the story just simply fell shor