Pig Boys Wicked Bird

Pig Boys Wicked Bird This Gritty Tragicomic Memoir Is Set In One Memorable Year 1976, The Bicentennial, When Jimmy Carter Ran For President And Seven Year Old Doug Crandell Lost Two Fingers In A Farming Accident More Than Anything, Doug Wants To Shed His Nickname, Pig Boy, And Grow Up To Be A Hog Man Like His Father His Older Brother Derrick Reads Pulp Novels To Him Each Night As He Soaks His Remaining Fingers In Epsom Salts His Brothers Urge Him To Flip The Wicked Bird Any Time Another Child Makes Fun Of His Lobster Red Hand Doug Shares His Summer Of Healing In Wabash, Indiana, With Humans And Animals Who Ve Suffered Life Changing Traumas A Brutal Grandfather Gentled By Stroke, A Deaf Dog With A Deadly Taste For Pig S Ears, A Tough Love Mother Coping With Depression, A Bevy Of Runt Piglets Saved From Extermination This Is A Story Of Love, Loss, Healing, And A Family S Relation With The Land They Love And Know That They Will Lose. I liked this book He grew up on a farm, a pig farm, but was not the hardy pig farming type He is what I imagine I would be like if I lived on farm Always crying over the runts and wanting to be tougher than I actually am. This book was a cute memoir of a young boy growing up on a farm, secretly raising the runt pigs that would otherwise be put to death He has a farm equipment accident and spends the summer trying to care for his pigs and recover from some trauma
I read this book for an American Literature class in college, and I really liked it I would not have read it otherwise, but I m glad I did It s set in Indiana and tells a tale of childhood and family life on a farm
This is an amazing book I loved reading about his boyhood adventures and the characters I think without a doubt Doug Crandell has a great talent for storytelling It is not the typical book because there is no moral, no
This was an interesting book It s a memoir about a guy looking back to his childhood on the farm He has a farm accident and severely injures a couple of his fingers It was a good read and I could relate to it, but it didn t blow me away. I can t remember what made me put this book on my to read list, as it s been there since I started writing the list down, long before Goodreads but I m glad I did It was sucked in to the story from the first page, literally, from Pig Boy s account of suckling from a sow Picked it up because of the title, while in the library looking for a biography with my 5th grader for a book report Never would have found it otherwise Short and sweet, and a little sad, my baby calls it Pig Butt Book. I grew up with Doug s family, and found myself laughing in recognition of some of his stories Being a girl from Wabash, IN, I was excited to see that someone else from my hometown is literate It was a great read and fun to see familiar names and places referenced. Really enjoy this author

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  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Pig Boys Wicked Bird
  • Doug Crandell
  • English
  • 13 October 2017
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