Riley (The MacKenzie Brothers, #3)

Riley (The MacKenzie Brothers, #3)Book 3 In The MacKenzie Brothers Quartet Riley MacKenzie Is One Of The World S Leading Experts On Egyptian Artifacts But When Maggie Lawrence Walks Into His Life With A Priceless Stolen Artifact And Bad Guys On Her Trail, He Has No Choice But To Whisk Her Away To The Safety Of Surrender, Montana.Maggie Lawrence Takes One Look At Riley MacKenzie And Sees Everything She S Ever Craved And Always Avoided When It Comes To Men Adventure And She Knows It S Only A Matter Of Time Before She Falls Prey To His Seduction, Especially Since She S Trapped With Him During One Of The Worst Snowstorms Montana Has Seen In Years But When The Enemy Finds Them, Maggie S Confronted With A Past That Could Destroy Her Love For Riley Forever. 2 Stars This started out interestingbut oh boy did it quickly zoom into the land of NOPE I m going to ignore the weak suspense plot, because reallyhow much can you develop in under 60 pages I m also going to ignore the insta everything.lust, loveall of it Why Well, that s pretty much the formula for this series so far , so I know what I m getting when I pick these books up Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn t btwit didn t here.Let s start with my first NOPE of the book You re stranded during a blizzard with a man you find attractive To ride out the storm the danger from the suspense element, you and Mr Hottie are put up at his brother s apartment Tired from the day, you wanna pack it up and call it a night You re given a bedroom and you get ready for some serious sleep But first, hey let s look around the room Oh, look over therethat s an interesting chest Let s see what s inside Holy crap it s a shit ton of sex toys Wow, Mr Hottie s brother likes to play Oh wow, look at this huge vibrating dildo Man, I sure could relieve some stress I m gonna power this bad boy up and use it HELLOOOOO Who the hell uses someone else s sex toys Maggi
, , , , , A snow stormEgyptian artifactsA chest of sex toysAdd a sexy MacKenzie manIt added up to another quick steamy read that was a great way to spend an hour or two. Another reviewer Deb Schutlz beautifully summed up these books Ok so, most of these books run along the same lines boy meets girl, boy fucks girl till she is completely sated and exhausted, girl has a problem, and boy fixes problem She forgot to mention bloke is a major Alphole but otherwise she nailed it.The thing is, Ms Hart does herself a disservice She has really good plot ideas but wastes them on her formulaic, all the brothers a
I liked these two Riley and Maggie were cute and sexy The sex scenes were hot hot HOT I freaking love bondage and toys.BUT.I kind of got grossed out that both of them had no problem with using Cooper s toys I meaneww
I think I have a thing for professors I really like Thomas But I am ready for Cooper He sounds yummy a man in a uniform can t get wait to jump into it These short stories are great but wish they were longer I want to know of each brother instead of fifty pages. I m stuck on a series Hot scenes, but insta love Which annoys me But their novellas so I ll let it sort of slide But I must read all about them Started of good but then it went way off the track and the whole thing just got unrealistic and way over the top Some hot scenes but I need than that. Hot and sexyEnjoyed Riley s story, very exciting with suspense Riley finally meets a fellow professor and she s all curves, smarts and sexy She needs his help protecting a ancient artifact, and they have some fun on the run to protect the artifact.