Sitting Lady Sutra

Sitting Lady Sutra RCMP Constable Danutia Dranchuk Is Investigating A Mysterious Death At Sitting Lady Falls The Evidence She Gathers Points To Three Separate Stories, Leaving Her With Questions Than Answers Is This Murder Connected To Two Earlier Killings Of Aboriginal Women Are All Three The Work Of The Same Killer Some Of The Details Are Hitting A Little Too Close To Home, And Danutia Is Forced To Examine Her Friendship With Forensics Head Corporal Surinder Sharma And His Family.Deftly Woven Into Danutia S Investigation Are The Stories Of Two Other Characters Parolee Ritchie Taylor Fears That The Unidentified Body From The Waterfall Is His Estranged Daughter S, Who Was Supposed To Meet Him After His Release From Prison, But Never Showed Awkward Busboy Trav Can T Seem To Help Behaving Suspiciously.Author Kay Stewart Pulls The Threads Together In An Unexpected And Dramatic Resolution At Sitting Lady Falls Also Available In Hardcover. RCMP Constable Danutia Dranchuk with the Serious Crimes Division on Vancouver Island is trying to solve the brutal murders of two First Nations women by a killer known as Handy Dan Although the MO is different in the murder of a third young woman named Crystal, Danutia wonders if the crimes are related Another officer is in charge of the case, however also complicating matters is that the primary suspect is the son of a colleague who heads up the forensics division Did young Sunil Sharma kill the girl, and has his father impeded the investigation Sitting Lady Sutra is a beautifully written mystery that deftly weaves several stories together One of the most compelling characters is Crystal s father, Ritchie, a recent parolee who is haunted by his past Danutia also has her share of baggage to work through as we learn a little about her life and current family
Sitting Lady Sutra Man s Character is His Fate The striking black and red cover for this textured crime novel is as compelling and complex as the story Vancouver Island author Kay Stewart has followed her first novel, A Deadly Little List, with a blockbuster second entry At William Head Institution near Victoria, British Columbia, robber Ritchie Taylor is getting released after fifteen years He s determined to turn his life around One reason is that his young daughter is on her way from Ontario for a reunion, much to the dissatisfaction of his obnoxious and estranged wife Pride swells in his chest as he wonders if this new bond can give long overdue meaning to his life A rough but endearing character, cursing as he masters the baking skills which he hopes will find him a permanent job, Ritchie enlivens the page with the heights and depths of the human condition Though other backsliding cons surround him at the halfway house, Ritchie is determined But despite the nail biting suspense, the girl never appears Six weeks later, Vancouver Island RCMP Constable Danutia Dranchuk in Serious Crimes has been haunted by her the d
Opening sentence RCMP Constable Danutia Dranchuk pinned another crime scene photo to the board, this one showing Esther Mike s distorted face, her eyes and neck bulging from the red ribbon used to strangle her.More than a mystery, Sitting Lady Sutra is a culturally fascinating tale of families forced apart and drawn together by violent crimes While the investigation into a serial killer forms the backdrop for this novel set in 1996 Victoria, BC, the characters and their interactions are the greater draw Constable Dranchuk is intent on proving herself as Special Investigator into the serial killings of Aboriginal women while maintaining an unspoken rivalry with Corporal Farrell and a guilty avoidance of her parents phone calls Ex con Ritchie, torn between hope and fear over his daughter s whereabouts, is putting off phoning her mother for fear of what he might hear Surinder Sharma juggles his fractious sons, furious mother, and conflicted, half Anglo niece in between mentoring Danutia through her investigation Troubled Trav is watching his mother die of cancer and drink Behind them are other ex cons, other cops, parks workers, party people, Aboriginals young and old, all going about their lives while Sitting Lady Falls rush and ebb with the cycles of seasonal rainfall, and the Gorge waterway seduces the unwary with its deceptively smooth surface, and death walks among them.While
Kay Stewart s writing style is fresh, natural, and descriptive In Sitting Lady Sutra, she effortlessly draws the reader into the story and makes her characters both real and sympathetic Constable Danutia Dranchuk of the RCMP is a complex woman, as most people are, and we get to unravel her like a well wrapped present in this book Her colleague, Sharma, and his family are fascinating and likeable, while all the characters who weave in and out of the plot are just as compelling The plot keeps the reader turning the pages, but the characters and the setting are the keys for me I fell in love with them and cannot wait to read I am going back to read the first novel in this series, A Deadly Little List, and I look forward to the third in the installment Another grea
Synopsis RCMP Constable Dranchuk investigates a mysterious death at Sitting Lady Falls.

[Ebook] ➠ Sitting Lady Sutra  Author Kay L. Stewart –
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  • 264 pages
  • Sitting Lady Sutra
  • Kay L. Stewart
  • English
  • 12 November 2017
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