I Can See You

I Can See You Tijdens Een Brute Aanval In Het Verleden Werd Het Gezicht Van Psychologe Eve Wilson Verminkt Doodsbang Trekt Ze Zich Terug In De Virtuele Realiteit Op Internet, Waar Ze Kon Zijn Wie Ze Maar Wilde Inmiddels Zijn Haar Littekens Vervaagd En Durft Ze De Wereld Weer Tegemoet Te Treden Dan Maken Verschillende Deelnemers Aan Het Onderzoek Waaraan Ze Werkt Plotseling Een Eind Aan Hun Leven Rechercheur Noah Webster Vermoedt Echter Dat Er Een Seriemoordenaar Achter De Sterfgevallen Zit En Schakelt Eve S Hulp In Om Te Achterhalen Welke Zieke Geest Verantwoordelijk Is Voor Deze Gruweldaden Samen Betreden Ze Een Schaduwwereld Van Mysterieuze Identiteiten En Verborgen Verleiding, En Raken Ze Verwikkeld In Het Gevecht Van Hun Leven. I don t know how Rose does it but she manages to make every story in this series unique and compelling Eve Wilson, who we met in the first and fourth books in the series, is now living in Minneapolis, in grad school and working part time in a bar that is a frequent hangout for police One detective, Noah Webster, only comes there because of Eve But, neither has ever said word one to the other in a year That is until their paths cross outside of the bar at the scene of what eventually becomes a series of connected murders This was a creepy, chilling story made even so because we
If you love police procedurals, TV shows like C.S.I., or just like to play detective while you read, you ll love this latest book by the master of the diabolical villain, Karen Rose Boy, does this lady have one twisted imagination I ll not go into detail about the plot, because there s some good reviews that get into that, and I m not sure I could explain it adequately either It has to do with hunting down a serial killer who chooses his victims from an online, virtual reality video game called Shadowland Shadowland is a place where adults can pretend to be anyone they want to be, interacting with millions of players all over the world while pusuing virtual fantasies.The heroine of the story, Eve Wilson, is a graduate student working on her thesis about how the use of the virtual world can improve your self esteem She s studying some test subjects as they play the role playing game Shadowland When she discovers that some of her test subjects have been murdered, she joins forces with the police department to help them track the serial killer One of the detectives working the case, Noah Webster, has been watching the willowy Eve from afar for a year while she tends bar at a local police hangout Eve s been aware of the big, handsome detective ever since he started coming to the bar and drinking only tonic water , and can t deny tha
What I learned from this book I am a woman in my 40s which makes me just like the victims.I don t have a man in my life which makes me pathetic.I don t have children which again, makes me pathetic.I have a cat or two which shows that I have sublimated my need for love into pet ownership.I have an active on line life which makes me open to hacking and stalking.I do enjoy routines work, recreation which makes me relatively easy to
Maybe I m a little biased because I m a devoted Karen Rose fan actually bought the hardcover for this book which says a lot , but this was a fantastic book Right from the very start Rose drew me into the characters and the story After that, I had a hard time putting the book down I Can See You is Rose s 10th full length novel It s important to note that all those ten connect in one way or another Her characters and stories all take place in the same universe So there are a lot of various connections This book can probably be read on it s own with little to no trouble Rose did an excellent of making the book independent yet still make sense However, the heroine of this book has a deep back story that begins way back with Rose s first novel, Don t Tell, where Eve is brutalized and almost killed If you want a full understanding of Eve, and a better understanding of some of the other characters in the book, then I d suggest and going back to the beginning and reading from there.As mentioned above, the heroine of I Can See You is Eve Wilson, who first appeared in Don t Tell<
Very good for romantic suspense.This is not light reading One of the reasons it s long is because we watch the serial killer plan, get, and kill many people It s hard to believe that he gets away with so many things You d think someone somewhere would see something But it makes a good story And it makes a long story There is no rape, but the reader does watch torture.There is a happy ending for the good guys I had a minor problem with hero stupidity in Spoiler below view spoiler I had one minor problem that I ve seen before which bothers me Good guy enters the killer s lair and sees the killer laying on the floor and the tied up victim nearby Hero runs to the victim which gives the killer time to grab a weapon and do harm Hero should have gone to the killer first to make sure the killer was dead or tied Dear Author if you want the good guy and killer to fight, let it happen as soon as the good guy en
Eve Wilson is a graduate student who works part time as a bartender at a bar that is frequented by the police As a graduate student she is working on a thesis that deals with the effects of role playing games There are a group of test subjects that are being studied and Eve knows the true identities of some of them She becomes concerned when a heavy player stops playing Meanwhile, Detective Noah Webster, who visits the bar one day a week, gets a new case investigating a suicide Open and shut case until it is discovered that the suicide was a murder and she wasn t the only one When Eve reads the obituary on one of her test subjects, she knows she needs to let the police know what she knows.Karen Rose has a talent in writing truly spine tingling novels There are often characters from previous books that make an appearance but her stories are stand alones Sometimes it is nice to recognize those characters when they show up bu
I had 2 reasons to want to read this book, first because I was curious to what Rose was going to come up with after the Vartanians and second because I was curious to read Eve s story after having met her in a previous book I m happy to say that I enjoyed it very much.In this story Rose introduces a new group of people, the police force known as the Hat Squad of which the hero Noah is a part of Eve, who has been a victim, has now tried to move on with her life and is a college student working on a study about how people use role play games on the internet to become confident Eve works at a local bar that is a meeting place for the Hat Squad, behind the counter and notices everything and knows a lot about each of her patrons.Eve and Noah are attracted to each other from day one but they both feel that they don t deserve each other and so they stay away But when Noah discovers that a series of suicides are actually murders and when Eve realizes that some of the victims were a part of her study they start spending time together.I did like that Rose used the internet as such an important part of the plot it was where the victims spent most of their time and how the killer found them It felt very rea
I Can See You3.5 StarsSeries note This is book 10 in Rose s romantic suspense series, and while the mystery is standalone, the characters from books 1 through 6 play important roles However, there is no need to read books 7 through 9 as these are unrelated Although this installment is a significant improvement on the last couple of books, there are still some problematic elements The serial killer plot is gripping from the start with a suitably malicious villain That said, some of the red herrings are exceedingly obvious and the killer s identity is relatively easy to guess from the abundance of clues The inclusion of elements from the online gaming world is also compelling Rose manages to explain the concepts in an easy to understand manner without bogging the reader down with dry and boring details Eve and Noah are an appealing couple Both have suffered a great deal, but have overcome all obstacles with strength, determination and resilience One cannot help
3.5 stars I m really hitting my stride with this author in understanding her strengths weaknesses I think she sells the thriller serial killer parts of her books really well The romance part Serviceable but not her strongest elements That said,
Wow Another page turner Excellent thriller suspense and I wasn t sure who the bad person was until the end Great characters The focus of this story centered on Eve Wilson from earlier books and Noah Webster however, characters from earlier books popped in and out as well New characters were introduced, too A story was set up between Olivia and David, I think I Can See You revolved around an Internet role playing game, Shadowland Scary stuff The killer was very sadistic and this book had some gruesome scenes that had me on the edge of my chair Gave me goosebumps How Eve and Noah worked out their charred pasts to come together was touching Two wounded souls found each other in a dark spiral of serial killings, computer games, phobias and deep hatred for the police department.I didn t think Eve could redeem herself after what happened in earlier books, but the author pul