The Work and the Glory, Volume 7: No Unhallowed Hand

The Work and the Glory, Volume 7: No Unhallowed HandPicking Up The Story Shortly After The Martyrdom Of Joseph And Hyrum Smith,No Unhallowed Handvolume 7 In The Series The Work And The Glory Takes The Saga Of The Restoration And The Fictional Steed Family From The End Of June 1844 To February 1846.As This Volume Opens, It Is A Time Of Great Sadness And Of Uncertainty Having Lost Their Beloved Prophet, The Saints Witness A Series Of Power Plays By Those Who Would Use The Opportunity To Further Their Own Interests It Is Not Long, However, Before The Lord S Purposes Are Made Apparent And The Twelve Take Their Rightful Position As Leaders Of The Church, With Brigham Young At Their Head. The United States of America is the country founded by seekers of freedom from oppressive governments But did you know the Mormon Church, born on April 6th, 1830 in New York State, was forced with violence from New York, to Ohio, to Missouri, to Illinois, and ultimately west across the plains and over the Rocky Mountains because of their beliefs The governor of Missouri actually issued an official declaration that all Mormons were to be driven from the state or exterminated It has always been ironic to me that the first Mormons actually had to leave the United States the country founded on freedom and travel 1300 miles before they were able find a place where they could peacefully worship.This is the story found in the 9 volume series The Work and the Glory, by Gerald Lund.5600 pages exactly in 32 days That s what it took for me to read all 9 volumes of The Work and the Glory Along the way I kept promising a grand review of the entire series once I finished book 9 Now that I ve closed the cover on the
This was one of the interesting books in the series, even though little forward movement happened Joshua has become my favorite character in the entire series, quite a turn around from his villainous beginnings. It is a dark time in Nauvoo, Illinois, for the Latter Day Saints their beloved Prophet, Joseph Smith, and his brother Hyrum have been martyred Amidst the grief and mourning, there is confusion Who will lead the Church now Or are those opposed to the Church correct will the Church collapse now that their leader is dead Many step forth, willing to take the reins left by Joseph But the Lord is at the head of this work, and through a miraculous event, He makes known His will as to who will preside over the Church at this difficult time Many do not agree and fall away, following others But the Steed family remains firm in their faith They witnessed the miracle, and they know who leads the Church Willingly, they follow Brigham Young, the President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles But still, hard times come When the Church does not implode, as so many opponents to the faith believed would happen, the mobs begin again to terrorize the saints They burn the homes and farms of families living in settlements outside of Nauvoo The Governor of Illinois invites the Mormon people to leave the state suggesting they will be better off somewhere out West Rumors
I have a lot of ancestors who lived in Nauvoo during this time period Some of them came West with the Saints and some of them did not I have often wondered what all of their experiences were Why did some choose to stay and some choose to leave This book gives a good perspective of the conflict that early Saints faced It was a di
I read the first six volumes a few years ago, and became very engrossed in the story of the fictional Steed family Unfortunately forces combined that didn t allow me to finish the last 3 books until this month I thoroughly enjoyed all of them perhaps because this has been my primary source of church history Sad, but at least Lund does an excellent job with endnotes for each chapter delineating which portions were fact or fiction and expounding on the facts for those like me who don t really kn
I am currently on the 7th book in the series and have read the series once before My family history follows the Mormon church from the Kirtland period through to the present I enjoy the author s notes at the end of each chapter which clarify which event
Reread September 2018 Reread October 2016_____After my 3rd Reading This volume discusses the succession in the presidency and also the saints expulsion by violence out of Nauvoo I m amazed what the early saints went through. I LOVE this series If you re not reading it because it s church fiction or it s a fad, you re only hurting yourself I learned SO much about the history of the Mormon church from these novels. I m surprised at how much I enjoyed this book I expected a letdown after an intense book 6 ended with the martyrdom I ve always wanted to learn about what happened after, during the succession crisis, and it was just as gripping reading about the drama between Sidney Rigdon and Brigham Young Of course, there was a lot of focus on romance and family disagreements, but I didn t mind it I always felt like the story was moving forward, and I do care about the characters Even b
Another great book in this Work and the Glory series Once again I learned a lot about early LDS church history and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the fictional Steed family This story had me in tears as I read some of the tragedies and tria

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