Living In Darkness (Bloodbreeders, #1)

Living In Darkness (Bloodbreeders, #1) Not Once In Her Life Did Farm Girl Renee Crocker, Imagine She Would Encounter A World Found Only In The Minds Of Myth Seeking Men Although The Things They Sought Were Not Always Unheard Of In The 1930 S In Other Parts Of The World, Life Was Just Too Harsh In The Small Texas Community, To Pay Mind To Anything Other Than Raising A Healthy Crop To Ensure The Survival Of One S Family But Late One Evening During Supper, A Stranger Comes Knocking On The Door Of The Crocker Family Farm House And Is Invited Inside It Doesn T Take Long For Renee To Discover A Great Number Of Things That People In Her Neck Of The Woods Couldn T Even Contemplate The Dark Of Night Takes On A Whole New Meaning, And The Once Vulnerable Young Country Woman Finds Herself Struggling To Survive In A World That Demands She Live Forever In Darkness. When I first began Bloodbreeders Living in Darkness I really didn t know what to expect I sat down to read it and the first forty pages or so I read at a normal pace, after that I could barely put it down I even read the darn thing while I was walking on my treadmill This book is about a farm girl named Renee Crocker who is changed into a creature of the night by a stranger who visited their farm Renee, being recently changed is quite naive of their ways, but she is also headstrong and brave.This is not one of those books that you read when something almost happens to someone and then they suddenly get away or they are all the sudden saved before the bad thing happens Believe me, bad things happen in this book There were so many times when I found myself cringing in expectation even as I turned the pages anxiously.Robin Renee R
The typographical errors in this book were so bad, I had to return it to for a refund The errors were so bad, it completely interfered with any kind of reading enjoyment I am highly offended to pay for a book so poorly proofed and published I do not ca
Robin Renee takes us on a dazzling journey through the growth of the recently turned vampire Renee Crocker Leading a sheltered life on a small farm, Renee was unprepared for the beautiful stranger that showed up at her parents house It wasn t uncommon for people to stop by for a few days or even stay on a whole season to work the fields Her father never turned anyone away and had a bunk house set up for travelers But in her 26 years of life, no one had ever stirred anything in her like Martin Dressed in a suit, unlike most of the travelers, he shows up one night just as the family is sitting down for dinner He politely declines the invitation to dinner only wishing to rest for the night Renee is sent to the bunkhouse to bring him a plate and some blankets She is hypnotized by his presence and stutters nervously as she hands him the items with a blush developing on her cheeks Martin is enchanted and recalls what brought him here in the first place He has big plans for this small town beauty Its just
This first book in the Bloodbreeders series is amazing When I picked it up I was expecting a paranormal romance This is not what this book is If I had to categorize it, I think it would either go under paranormal or urban fantasy This is not a love story Far from it It might pretend to start out as 1 but you soon learn that is the farthest thing from the truth This is a dark paranormal story I truly love that about it It shows the darker side of vampires There callous disregard for humans and the weaker of their own kind.This book also delves into the sex trade and slave auctions with the vampire coldness to add to the darkness I have to say I found the depictions of the auctions and tortures very life like I have read a few true crimes and autobiographies and the descriptions are chillingly real I know th
Another great story from the talented Robin Renee Ray I can t wait to ready the next installment of this fast paced series The heroine, Renee Crocker, is a country gal as strong as or stronger than most men Although too trusting in the beginning, Renee quickly learns the world outside her home town is fraught with dangers and the monsters who enjoy inflicting pain.I see the beginnings of an intriguing and enjoyable series of books and look forward to enjo
What an amazing author This book will have you grabbed into the nice calm recess of normality and then twist you into chaos Be prepared to want to scream, cry, laugh, have it all figured out and then realize you really don t Excellent read, you can not put it down until it s
I enjoyed the book Good story line,great characters,BUT I was very dissapointed with the ending, it left me looking for If that was the purpose it worked the characters and story were too good to end like it did. A great book and a great author I can t wait for the next Thank you, Robin I downloaded this book for free from in the romance section.definitely not your typical romance More of an UF feel to it, but really, really good Caught me by surprise. A good story and well written horror I really enjoyed this book a great deal.

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