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Taft 2012 HE S BACK.AND HE S THE BIGGEST THING IN POLITICS.He Is The Perfect Presidential Candidate Conservatives Love His Hard Hitting Republican R Sum Liberals Love His Peaceful, Progressive Practicality The Media Can T Get Enough Of His Larger Than Life Personality And All The American People Love That He S An Honest, Hard Working Man Who Tells It Like It Is.There S Just One Problem He Is William Howard Taft And He Was Already President A Hundred Years Ago So What On Earth Is He Doing Alive And Well And Considering A Running Mate In 2012 A Most Extraordinary Satire, Jason Heller S Debut Novel Follows The Strange New Life Of A Presidential Rip Van Winkle A Man Who Never Even Wanted The White House In The First Place, Yet Finds Himself Hurtling Toward It Once This Time, Through The Media Fueled Madness Of 21st Century America. January 2012The bathtub story The goddamn bathtub story William Howard Taft will never live that down He vanished on the bitter day Woodrow Wilson took office and reappeared, enormous and dirt caked, on the White House lawn nearly a hundred years laterand people are still talking about the time he got stuck in a bathtub What s a newly resurrected ex President to do Taft never wanted much in life heck, he never even wanted to be President but in this brave new world of bitter politics and crappy genetically modified food, what Taft wants doesn t matter Because people love this relic from the past, mustache and all And they want him to be President agai
I love the idea of this book as I understood it before reading it, but don t much care for the execution If only I had read the acknowledgements page first, in which the author thanks his editor for giving him this idea, and mentions that this first time novelist is the previous author of The Captain Jack Sparrow Handbook Oh That would have seriously adjusted my expectations of what kind of book this was less serious yet playful examination of American politics by an inspired novelist, and hired out playful silliness Not that there s anything wrong with that.But indeed, the worst parts of this book are when the author tries to get somewhat serious and forces Taft to speak awful political platitudes Thankfully, those moments occur less often than the silliness Taft learning to Wii, Taft learning to use Twitter, Taft get
As if Frank Capra and Rod Serling had decided to collaborate on a story, TAFT 2012 tells the story of a revived William Howard Taft as he navigates the political pitfalls and cultural quirks of the 21st century and its people some of whom want him to return to the White House.The concept of TAFT 2012 is engaging enough, but you will certainly fall in love with the title character, the portly successor to the louder and thrilling Teddy Roosevelt This Taft is warm and charming, doing his best to relate to Americans despite being from a different era He also spends a great deal of time ruminating on what kind of president he was and what kind of a man he is.Following Taft as he explores modern society, running afoul of media pundits, unscrupulous corporations, and would be assassins is funny and at times thrilling, but above all sincere Even whi
I was ready to like this one maybe even for the scifi book club But no The writing was clunky Taft acclimated to 2012 after his hundred year unexplained nap far too well His language wasn t quite different enough And while I m willing to believe that Taft has had his character assassins, this character was too perfect He seemed to be just the mouthpiece for the author s moderate beliefs I think the scene where Taft slept with a biker chick was supposed to be funny, but I found it utterly unbelievable, as I did all the female characters in this book, who served only to show that Taft should be showered with admiration Also, mean little dig at Alinea, which proves to me that the author utterly does not get Grant Achatz To say that molecular gastromony is about processing the food out of food, no differently than a McDonald s burger I do like McDonald s, but I know what I m getting is to entirely m
On first impression you might be forgiven for thinking Taft 2012 is a cheap tie in a work destined for the bargain basement, and cunningly crafted to make a fast buck from the buzz surrounding the American presidential election I will certainly hold my hands up right now and admit this was the first thought that crossed my mind when I read the blurb He s back And he s the biggest thing in politics.He is the perfect presidential candidate Conservatives love his hard hitting Republican resume Liberals love his peaceful, progressive practicality The media can t get enough of his larger than life personality And all the American people love that he s an honest, hard working man who tells it like it is There s just one problem He is William Howard Taft and he was already president a hundred years ago So what on earth is he doing alive and well and considering a running mate in 2012 And well you might wonder, what is William Howard Taft doing running for president in 2012, and indeed, what is Jason Heller doing writing a book such as this Regular followers of my reviews will recognise Jason Heller as author of The Captain Jack Sparrow Handbook, a novelty fan book wh
What would happen if President William Howard Taft the 27th president of the United States suddenly reappeared in modern day America How would America react, and how would it affect the presidential race of 2012 Author Jason Heller tries to answer these questions in the comic novel Taft 2012.This novel was fun while it lasted unfortunately, it didn t last long Clocking in at only 249 pages, it didn t explore enough of the possibilities that were possible, and in fact, the ending was so abrupt, I wondered if this was actually the final draft of the book It s almost as if another round of revisions was needed maybe the author was trying to meet a deadline and ran out of time For example, Heller put several elements into the story that were never explored or even mentioned again Chekhov s gun is a literary technique that basically means if you put something in a story, it should be there for a reason, and should be used later on For instance, if a gun appears in the beginning of a story, a character should use it later on Well, Heller has Taft sleep w
I had never even heard of this book until today I stopped at the library this afternoon to return Bossypants and Swimming Upstream, Slowly I had just gone for a run not twenty minutes prior, and my chubby self still needed a bit of time to recuperate, so I wandered around the library s new books section Once I saw the cover, I had to take a peek.Taft 2012is a science fiction alternate reality meets saucy political commentary novel Former President William H Taft decided to lie down and take a nap outside the White House after Woodrow Wilson s inauguration speech in 1913, never to be seen nor heard from again this is where the sci fi starts WH Taft went on to do many extraordinary things, including becoming Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, before his death in 1930 One bright November day in 2011, he awakes, stumbles into the White H
A high concept political satire that imagines a 2012 presidential race after William Howard Taft inexplicably emerges from a 100 year hibernation Taft s combination of progressive conservatism appeals to a politically polarized electorate and inspires the grass roots Taft Party an obvious nod to the Tea Party The scenes of Taft s re entry into the modern world are quickly dispatched with very little of the OMG airplanes television cellphones Internet hoopla, which is welcomed But the lack of development of supporting characters, multiple subplots that never develop, a brief and somewhat creepy digression into a road trip, and an underwhelming finale all disappoint The style is breezy and the book is composed of both straightforward narrative and mixed media news transcripts, biography excerpts, tweets, blog posts, etc which comb
This book was just pure fun to read I usually shy away from political novels, but am so glad I made an exception Reading his views, over 100 yrs later, on things such as television, cell phones, our food and other things was just so darn amusing Since people are so discontented over our present political situation they even start a grass roots effort to get him elected again Kept thinking how are they going to end this The ending was satisfying if not a bit preposterous, but tha
I wanted to like this book The idea was intriquing Sad to say, I found it dissapointing The little side writings of memos news articles TV commentary etc was distracting They moved the story along, but were a cheap trick that a bette

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