The Jews of Warsaw, 1939-1943: Ghetto, Underground, Revolt (A Midland Book)

The Jews of Warsaw, 1939-1943: Ghetto, Underground, Revolt (A Midland Book)It Took The Nazis Longer To Quell The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Than It Had Taken Them To Defeat Entire Countries How Could The Jews Of Warsaw Starved And Persecuted, Their Numbers Decimated By Mass Deportations To Concentration Camps, With Few Weapons And No Aid From Outside The Ghetto Walls Stand Up To The Might Of The Third Reich To Address This Question, The Author Of The Jews Of Warsaw, 1939 1943 Looks Beyond The Ghetto Uprising Itself To Consider The Broader Character Of Jewish Public Life As It Took Shape During The Occupation And Ghettoization Of What Had Been Europe S Greatest Jewish Urban Center The Book Describes The Growth And Development Of The Resistance Movement And Armed Struggle Against The Wider Historical Background And The Development Of Clandestine Communal Activiies In The Ghetto It Makes Use Of Extensive Primary And Secondary Materials From Jewish, German, And Polish Sources To Throw Light On Critical Events The Jews Of Warsawy, 1939 1943 Is A Massive Scholarly Undertaking, At Once Authentic, Scrupulously Objective, And Deeply Moving. When a revolver appeared, a Jew suddenly became a man to be reckoned with Gutman s gutsy phrase is as fitting an epigraph as Simonides go tell the Spartans I wanted to love this book My hotel during my first visit to Warsaw the Hilton is sited in the middle of the old ghetto walking towards the historic center, I passed by pieces of wall and the sidewalks are marked by engraved bronze stripes, like the Berlin wall Nowadays, Israeli business seems heavily involved in the area s real estate development.So do I love this book Errthe book, yes, the author, not so much For a veteran of the Ghetto Rising he s often curiously detached when scetching life in the ghetto He needs passages from other survivors for flavour They are often drawn from books in Hebrew or Yiddish so they re very welcome in English They weave together a stark world where a man s worth depended on his money and the value of his labour openly than in today s world, the variety of experience took on an ever uniformly bleak look as the economic rapture by the Germans through the Judenrat overcame even the bountiful ingenuity of the smugglers Surprisingly, these were far from the only link with the Aryan world of occupied Warsaw the ghetto, for its walls and constantly guarded entrances, did not exist in a vacuum Money talks, money walks, no matter how large
Excellent detail I read the sections on Warsaw just after the German invasion, which is the period of the next section of my novel in progress. The best overall history of the Warsaw Ghetto I have read. an incredibly delicate, comprehensive portrait of life in the warsaw ghetto written by someone with a palpable love and reverence for the jewish people

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  • The Jews of Warsaw, 1939-1943: Ghetto, Underground, Revolt (A Midland Book)
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