The Supernaturalist

The SupernaturalistIn The Future, In A Place Called Satellite City, Fourteen Year Old Cosmo Hill Enters The World, Unwanted By His Parents He S Sent To The Clarissa Frayne Institute For Parentally Challenged Boys Freight Class Eoin Colfer Has Created An Eerie And Captivating World Part Blade Runner, Part Futuristic Dickens Replete With Nonstop Action, Humor, And A Spellbinding Cast Of Characters. Time to review another oldie DThis is one of those books that I absolutely LOVE but am terrified to re read and find out it s not as great as my 12 year old naive mind remembers it.But, anyway, it is epic, with great stories, lovably mean characters, cool sci fi cyberpunk elements and an AMAZING finale it s on this giant floating weather baloon space station thing, i really dont remember much just that i was drooling all over myself I swear the first thing i remember thinking upon finishing this book was no director could ever do justice to this book I just loved it that much.I ve always wondered if you could have a favorite song from a band who isn t your favorite band I recently realized, of course you can Because you can have a favorite book by someone who is not your favorite author Case in point, I m not the hugest fan of hi
Spoiler Alert I liked the beginning of this book, however near the end there were way too many 180 degree turns Stefan is one unlucky guy First his mother dies because of him Then he starts his vengeance on the blue creatures by destroying them Then he finds out he s not destroying them, only helping them reproduce He thinks he s getting help from Ellen Faustino, only to find out that she used him, and she s responsible for his mother s death He s just destroyed thousands of blue creatures, and finds out that the blue creatures are g
The Supernaturalist is intriguing dystopian science fiction that would appeal to a younger reader or even older readers who aren t looking for a story that s highly sophisticated Overall, I liked it, although I was dissatisfied with some elements.British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor one of my actor crushes narrates this book very capably, using diverse accents for the characters I am glad I chose to listen to this even though I have a paper copy I liked hearing it, which stimulated my imagination in a way that I don t think reading would have done I have an issue with science fiction in that I can t visualize technical things very well In the auditory form, I found it a little easier to conceptualize the content.The story is interesting Cosmo Hill, young orphan who grew up in a group home that was nothing if not rampant neglect, victimization and abuse, has a near death experience, and he starts to see creatures that seem to sap the life force from people He also comes into contact with a group who works to kill these creatures, which they have called parasites Throw in a deeper conspiracy and other elements from your standard dystopian world and you have a pretty good sci
The Supernaturalist is very like Artemis Fowl in tone It s fun and quick, but I didn t get into it as much as Artemis Fowl the characters, I guess, are the problem I liked Stefan, and maybe Ditto, but the others were kinda meh I didn t get much idea of what drives anyone, apart from Stefan.Plot wise, it s ok
SupernaturalistEoin Colfer272pgs078685149The SuperNaturalist is an incredibly addicting and interesting book written by Eoin Colfer, a highly respected author who has also written the Artemis Fowl series Anyway, ths book takes place in the near future where everything is polluted and the world is very technology advanced but very bitter and mean The story zooms in on the life and times of Cosmo Hill, an orphan living in a facility where children are tested on.Cosmo s life changes completely when he escapes the orphan facility where his life was a living hell Anyway, Cosmo has a near death experience while jumping off a building and spots these creatures feeding off his energy From that point on, Cosmo gets recruited by a band of teenagers determined to rid the city of theses parasitic creatures that drain people s life energy.The main theme of this book is that as the world gets advanced, the enviorment w
Despite the lack of compelling characters or compelling ideas, I found myself unable to stop reading it until I was done The ending was a little unsatisfactory though, as the central conflict was resolved, but the peripheral conflict was not and was left wide open.Characters Meh The main character, an orphan, didn t even pull on my heartstrings that much Maybe I m a cold hearted jerk The dialogue for each character fits with their backstory, but they all talk the same, except for the obvious character of Hispanic descent who uses Spanish words at cliched intervals The character of Russian descent does not use Russian words, though, and so I found that aspect of the Hispanic character annoying The characters just really were not interesting or compelling.Central Conflict Intriguing, but underdeveloped The obvious compelling needs of the characters really did not play into the plot or the resolution of the plot.It s an adequate
Don t hate me, but I had to DNF this book.For some reason I just couldn t get into the book I loved the world building, but I didn t feel a connection with any of the characters at all I honestly don t know why, I just didn t care I was just so bored by this book this small book There were plenty
Dec 1, 2009Eoin Colfer TOTALLY needs to write a sequel Does he expect me to just keep reading this one over and over again Really Nov 21, 2008It was cute I couldn t help but wonder if Eoin was going to write a sequel or not I don t know th
This book gets three stars, because I did like it, but I did not think it was breathtaking or earth shattering Some of it felt rushed, maybe I m not sure My main question the whole book really doesn t completely relate to the book The question is why are all of the books that I find to read about future societies always so depressing Why have we always ruined the planet or had massive nuclear wars or have one unified government and lots of downtrodden, unhappy people Am I just reading the wrong books Am I naive to think it might be enjoyable to read about a happy future where we have corrected the mistakes we are making now What about a book where we figured out a way to cut down on our pollution and have fewer wars, but without giving up emotions, families, love, etc It seems like a really creative writer could think up some impossible solution that leads to a better place That s what we re always urge to create right A better place Anyway, back to the novel The main character s name was Cosmo, and that is my cat s name, so I kept thinking about my cat the whole book Again, I know, not a flaw of the book s The protagonist has been mistreated and ill used his whole life and knows very little of the outside world He has a chance to escape and join a unit of people who include him like a family Part of his new activities are fighting parasitic creatures All is not what it seems, and all are not who they seem
I migliori libri per ragazzi sono quelli che anche se li leggi con una decina d anni di ritardo rispetto al target prefissato riescono a prenderti comunque E Colfer sempre una garanzia per questo. I loved Wish List by this author, so I decided to pick this one up too BIG mistake I don t remember much about this book, most likely because I blocked it out The premise of the book wasn t bad, but it was executed rather poorly Read The Wish List and pass this one by. Hm, I just didn t like this book The very basic story is really interesting, but the trip of filling it out wasn t fantastic Then, I think with not loving it, I couldn t help but just find the end unbelievable I mean, you have these blue beings angels, demons, supernatural beings that are at first thought to be hurting people, but then are taking away pain, and they are victimized by the evil ex cop scientist to make nuclear power Straight up, weird I think the turning point of not liking the book hit with the revelation that the beings were taking away people s pain So are they angels The book seems to imply that they are just nature s way of dealing with pain But with no other organisms in an ecosystem that serve that purpose, it s hard to swallow their purpose without any explanation for their existence or even any pondering And no one asked, hey why are they shooting up the energy the collect to blast the satellite The
Viel v h n aikaa sitten maailma ratkesi liitoksistaan Maapallolla ei yksinkertaisesti ollut tilaa kaikille. s 145 Artemis Fowl sarjastaan parhaiten tunnetun Eoin Colferin Supernaturalistin tapahtumamilj n on Sateliittikaupunki l hitulevaisuudessa Kaupunkia kutsutaan toiselta nimelt Romutarhaksi, sill monet talot on rakennettu romuraudasta ja niiden rakenteissa asuu ruostepunkkeja, uusi el m nmuoto, joka selviytyy torakoitakin paremmin Kaupungin yll leijuu valtava Myishi 9 sateliitti, joka hoitaa isoa osaa kaupungin logistisista asioista, kuten ohjaa autoja, mink lis ksi se vastaa tv l hetyksist Ennen auringonnousut olivat olleet oransseja Nyky n ne saattoivat olla vaikka mink v risi , kun aurinko hehkui ilmaan p stetyist kemikaaleista T n n savusumu oli violettia, mik tarkoitti luultavasti hy nteismyrkkyj Puolen p iv n aikaan koko kaupunki l yhk isi Oli se kuitenkin parempi kuin punainen Kukaan ei mennyt ulos ilman hengityssuojaimia, kun savusumu oli punaista. s 63 P henkil on Cosmo Hill, orpo H n on saanut nimens l yt paikkansa mukaan Cosmonaut Hill ja koska h nen vanhempiaan ei voitu j ljitt DNA arkistosta, poika p tyi Clarissa Fraynen koulukotiin hoitajarajoitteisille pojille Clarissa Frayne on erikoistunut tuotetestaukseen, eli se saa rahoituksensa altistamalla orvot mm uusille l kkeille ja muunnelluille ruoka aineille Orvot voivat p st pois Clarissa Fraynesta joko tulemalla adoptoiduksi, kuolemalla
A team of minors hunting down invisible creatures in a dystopian world in a story filled with fun sci fi technology.This is pretty much a story before its time I booktalked this to middle schoolers alongside the graphic novel adaptation in January 2014 and even though it s ten years old, it s taking off in my community I remember having trouble following the descriptions of technology and the world over audio, but I imagine reading it with attention would cover that There are some very interesting characters in this band of outsiders, and the invisible creatures are creepy, in the way that locust swarms are creepy The twists and turns are unpredictable I liked the way the criminal gangs and street racing were integrated into the plot And there are plenty of fun action battles My middle schoolers are sad it s not a series It s the kind of book that could go places Colfer has built a very full world, and he could have foc
As a book reviewer, I hate to use clich s, but there really is only one word to describe The Supernaturalist unique Eoin Colfer s famous Artemis Fowl series and even his stand alone novel, The Wish List have overshadowed his brilliant science fiction novel Written with the humour and imagination I have come to expect from him, The Supernaturalist is absolutely brilliant.Cosmo is pretty much your stereotypical protagonist in the beginning, but as the story progresses, he develops at a very natural pace And as he slowly finds out the truth about the Parasites, we really do see an interesting side of him the brave, daring side His struggle to fit in with the Supernaturalists, who have a group dynamic similar to that of The Thief Lord, also makes him identifiable with pretty much every adolescent in the world.Eoin Colfer inserts so many plot twists and turns in The Supernaturalist that I can pretty muc

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