Dogs Don't Lie

Dogs Don't LiePru Marlowe Isn T Your Ordinary Animal Psychic A Tough Girl On The Run From Her Own Gift, Pru Left The Big City To Return To Her Picturesque Berkshires Hometown Looking For A Little Peace Too Bad That Her Training As An Animal Behaviorist Got Her Mixed Up With Lily, A Rescue Dog, And Charles, Her Person Now Charles Is Dead, And Lily Looks Good For It After All, Lily Is A Pitbull, A Fighting Ring Dropout, And Way Too Traumatized To Give Pru A Clear Picture Of What She Has Witnessed But Pru Knows Something About Bad Girls Trying To Clean Up, And, With A Sense Of Justice Strong Enough To Overcome Her Dislike Of Human Society, She Takes The Case Listening To The Animals, Pru Picks Up Clues And Learns There Are Secrets In The Pretty Little Town That Make Murder Look Simple Unable To Tell Anybody About Her Psychic Abilities, Uncertain At Times About Her Own Sanity, Pru Comes To Realize That If She Clears Lily, She Ll Likely Become The Prime Suspect Or The Next Victim While The Only Creature She Can Totally Trust Is Her Crotchety Tabby Wallis, Pru S Got To Uncover The Real Killer And Find A Way To Live With Her Gift Before The Real Beasts In The Town Savage Her And Those She Has Come To Love The First In The Pru Marlowe Pet Noir Series. The story has been reviewed from others very well, so I will tell you what I liked about it the way the animals are portrayed Of course it implements our projection on to them But still Clea Simon obviously loves animals and spends a lot of time studying them.What strikes me most is that Lily the pitbull rescue dog is drawn as a lovable soul, that just does not understand what happened Thank you for that Clea Finally someone rallying for those beautiful animals It becomes so clear, through Clea s writing that it is us, the humans who turn the pits and others into killing machines, for our own advantage Without remorse whatsoever And those dogs just try to live up to our expectations They just want to please us by obeying.I will continue reading Clea Sim
Small town life in Beauville is pretty much the same as any small town in New England It is also the hometown for budding animal behaviorist Pru Marlowe Pru had moved to New York City to do her schooling, but she didn t quite finish Between working herself sick, working toward her certification, and the internship required of a behaviorist, she d ended up in the hospital discovering that she could hear the thoughts of the animals around her There were far too many voices assaulting her in the big city, so Pru fled and returned home to Beauville and the house she grew up in Finally accepting her new gift as real, she realized she needed to earn her way She began working as an animal trainer and took on a few local clients One was Charles and his rescued pit bull Lily who had a past she was trying to overcome Unfortunately, that would be much harder after Pru finds a bloody Lily standing over Charles body.Pru knew that Lily didn t kill Charles, but Lily s past trauma has made it impossible for her to communicate clearly with Pru This was go
I was pleasantly surprised by this cozy I ve wearied of most cozies written by 21st century authors as too cute, too much romance, and way too little mystery This one was several notches above, both in the writing and the characterization If the series still has a gimmick a pet rescuer who can communicate with animals by thoughts it s so well done that I was convince
This is the first book I ve read by Clea Simon, but it won t be my last I really like the concept of this series I don t really consider it noir Perhaps it is very dark by the standards of cozy readers On the spectrum of cozy to noir, this book would be somewhere in th
I received a free e galley of Dogs Don t Lie by Clea Simon from the publisher, Poisoned Pen Press.Dogs Don t Lie centers around the murder of Charles, owner of a pit bull named Lily a.k.a Tetris The murder is staged to appear that Lily killed Charles Animal psychic and behaviorist, Pru Marlowe, works as Lily s trainer and finds Charles body during a routine training session Recognizing Lily s innocence, Pru must search for the true murderer in order to get Lily off the hook for murder and save her from certain euthanasia.As a pit bull advocate, I was hooked right away Simon did not disappoint in her portrayal of Lily as a sweet, loving dog that would never hurt anyone Hooray to Simon for this portrayal of the breed The story took many twists and turns with lots of suspects and animals thrown into the mix Pru communicates with the animals in the story cats, dogs
This book had some really good parts, but boy, did it drag, especially the second half Visits to the same people, covering the same old ground over and over The animals are way smarter than the humans and frankly, are what made the book readable The main protag was like a cardboard figure just going back and forth over the same territory trying to figure things out Some clues provided by the animals seemed to come from nowhere Sometimes the animals seemed to have such a good understanding of humans and human phrases and other timeseverything had to be spelled out The mystery part was good, but this book could have been half the length I nearly didn t finish it after reading half
Dogs Don t LieBy Clea SimonPublisher Poisoned Pen PressCopyright April 2011Pru Marlowe couldn t wait to get out of her small town Now years later she is running home to get away from herself She has a gift that while helpful in her chosen profession as an animal behaviorist is driving her a bit out of her mind After her mother passes away, and living in the house she grew up in, she starts a business working with pet owners teaching them after talking to their pets what they need to do to have happy and healthy pets Things were getting better, her business was building until fate stepped in She was on her way to see Charles, her best client, and his rescue dog Lilly Tetris Upon entering their house Pru found Charles dead on the floor, killed in such a way as to implicate his pet in his murder Lilly being a pit bull is taken to the town pound and now it s up to Pru to prove the cops and the whole town WRONG.Along the way we meet her very opinionated 13 year old Tabby cat Wallis Oh, did I forget to mention that Pru is not only a behaviorist but an animal psychic Yeap, she can understand their thoughts and in Wallis s ca
This was a fun book I loved the way the heroine, Pru has conversations with her cat Wallis, a ferret named Frank, a bichon frise called Growler, a pit bull, and numerous other felines I really enjoyed that.This is basically a whodunit, but with a twist The twist being that animals are the key behind figuring it out Pru is a dog whisperer who hears what the animals are saying, but doesn t always interpret it the right way In this case, a pit bull and a kitten are the key witnesses to the murder of a client and Pru has to figure out what they mean by the following let go, let go, home, mama, home, let go. or an already abused pit bull could be put to death The pit bull is being made a scape goat Pru knows the pit bull didn t do it Can she find out who it really was in time She also ends up inadvertly getting to the bottom of messy and rather ridiculous town love quad thing I can t use t
I thought this was a really good mystery which was almost a cozy mystery Pru is an interesting character She talks to animals and is a little unsure of herself but she seems in control throughout this entire novel She can take of herself even when a few insecuriti
I picked this book from netgalley on a whim I usually do not read animal books but something about this caught my eye and I am glad I gave it a chance.The mystery is of course who killed Charles and why Pru is trying to come to terms with her gift of hearing the animals, the gift that caused her to run from the big city home to small town of Berkshire where everyone knows your name and your business.I found Pru to be an adorable main character who is able to communicate with animals Pru is working with a pit bull who is blamed for her human s murder but Pru knows otherwise Lilly is traumatized by what she s witnessed and is not able to give Pru the answers she needs to clear her and save her life Clearing Lily also means pointing the finger towards herself as the murderer That doesn t stop her from investigating on her own.Add to this Pru s narcissistic cat, Wallis, who has an opinion on everything but is not always willing to share She is also not a fan of dogs saying that they are not as smart as cats and she doesn t understand wh