IliumFrom The Towering Heights Of Olympos Mons On Mars, The Mighty Zeus And His Immortal Family Of Gods, Goddesses, And Demigods Look Down Upon A Momentous Battle, Observing And Often Influencing The Legendary Exploits Of Paris, Achilles, Hector, Odysseus, And The Clashing Armies Of Greece And Troy.Thomas Hockenberry, Former Twenty First Century Professor And Iliad Scholar, Watches As Well It Is Hockenberry S Duty To Observe And Report On The Trojan War S Progress To The So Called Deities Who Saw Fit To Return Him From The Dead But The Muse He Serves Has A New Assignment For The Wary Scholic, One Dictated By Aphrodite Herself With The Help Of Fortieth Century Technology, Hockenberry Is To Infiltrate Olympos, Spy On Its Divine Inhabitants And Ultimately Destroy Aphrodite S Sister And Rival, The Goddess Pallas Athena.On An Earth Profoundly Changed Since The Departure Of The Post Humans Centuries Earlier, The Great Events On The Bloody Plains Of Ilium Serve As Mere Entertainment Its Scenes Of Unrivaled Heroics And Unequaled Carnage Add Excitement To Human Lives Devoid Of Courage, Strife, Labor, And Purpose But This Eloi Like Existence Is Not Enough For Harman, A Man In The Last Year Of His Last Twenty That Rarest Of Post Postmodern Men An Adventurer He Intends To Explore Far Beyond The Boundaries Of His World Before His Allotted Time Expires, In Search Of A Lost Past, A Devastating Truth, And An Escape From His Own Inevitable Final Fax Meanwhile, From The Radiation Swept Reaches Of Jovian Space, Four Sentient Machines Race To Investigate And, Perhaps, Terminate The Potentially Catastrophic Emissions Of Unexplained Quantum Flux Emanating From A Mountaintop Miles Above The Terraformed Surface Of Mars The First Book In A Remarkable Two Part Epic To Be Concluded In The Upcoming Olympos, Dan Simmons S Ilium Is A Breathtaking Adventure, Enormous In Scope And Imagination, Sweeping Across Time And Space To Connect Three Seemingly Disparate Stories In Fresh, Thrilling, And Totally Unexpected Ways A Truly Masterful Work Of Speculative Fiction, It Is Quite Possibly Simmons S Finest Achievement To Date In An Already Storied Literary Career. Christmas 2010 I realised that I had got stuck in a rut I was re reading old favourites again and again, waiting for a few trusted authors to release new works Something had to be done.On the spur of the moment I set myself a challenge, to read every book to have won the Locus Sci Fi award That s 35 books, 6 of which I d previously read, leaving 29 titles by 14 authors who were new to me.While working through this reading list I got married, went on my honeymoon, switched career and became a father As such these stories became imprinted on my memory as the soundtrack to the happiest period in my life so far.In 2004, Ilium won the Locus Sci Fi award In my opinion, if the award had been a motor race, the other contenders would have got their asses lapped That s not to say there weren t some good books in the running that year, Quicksilver is epic and I ve heard good things about Pattern Recognition , The Speed of Dark and Singularity Sky but Ilium is so far up my alley that it s sitting on my lap and fiercely tonguing my tonsils.When I embarked upon my Locus Quest, I picked the Locus Sci Fi Award over other highly regarded genre awards Hugo, Nebula, BSFA, Arthur C Clarke for one simple reason Ilium I looke
I love the idea of a throwback, an author who takes cues from classics and puts a new spin on them Mieville took rollicking pulp and updated it, Susanna Clarke made fairy tales and the Gothic novel sing for a modern audience but if you re going to adopt a bygone style, take only the best, and leave the dross By all means, copy Howard s verve and brooding, but skip the sexist titillation Copy Lovecraft s cosmic horror, but skip the racist epithets Dan Simmon s Ilium feels like 50 s sci fi for all the wrong reasons less a throwback than a relic.Each of his intertwining stories features a slight variation on the standard science hero, that idealization of the author that we all roll our eyes at the adventurer who is a bit dorky, out of place, at home in the safety of a library, but who is now stuck on Mars, or floating in space, or trapped in a dystopian conspiracy respectively , and must get by with only his smarts and good character.Like most such stories, the plotting is convenient instead of
If someone were to describe this book to me if they even could , I don t know if I would believe how much I absolutely enjoyed it Dan Simmons is a mad genius.Shakespeare quoting humanoid robots, Greek Gods, post humans, and old style humans somehow make the craziest awesome story imaginable.Ilium is a story told through essentially three unrelated viewpoints First, there s Hockenberry This is told in first person Hockenberry is called a Scholic, a human from our the 20th century our time who was rebirthed in a future where Homer s Trojan War is being fought His job is to report on the war to the Greek Gods At first, this is completely confusing Why is a question I asked myself over and over, but it begins to make sense with time Plus, it s hard not to be fascinated with the events of the Iliad It s also impressive how much research went into it, though that s only an assumption since my knowledge of the Trojan War is essentially from the movie, Troy but I have read the Odyssey.The second viewpoint is the humans, mainly Daemon Daemon is a self involved fool who is unlikeabl
15 02 17I ve only read one chapter but I can already tell the writing is so unbelievably brilliant Insta love for me 18 03 17 I m a little past page 100 and the writing is still brilliant, but all the rest isn t doing it for me sure enough I ve only been able to read 100 pages in 30 days I ve no doubt the world building is complex and thought out, but nothing is explicitly explained and the reader is supposed to glean all the information from the story itself as it unfolds normally I would love this, but in this instance, at page 100 I still have no idea what s going on and this disturbs me, because I feel that I can t enjoy the story if I don t understand what s happening and who these people are Briefly, I needed the world building to reveal itself quickly and clearly This proved to be such
Literary science fiction One of the words in this phrase struggles and strains against the other two like an 18 month old who doesn t want to be picked up It doesn t want to be associated with a genre that often is long on ideas and short on quality prose and sharp and distinct style It often succeeds in escaping the pull of science fiction s weak gravity Occassionaly, an author creates a story that is so dense that the word is held in place in an unstable orbit Ultimately many of those fail under their own weight and implode into the speculative fiction black hole Rarely, very rarely, O Muse, an author has the incredible imagination, literary style and guts to weave together a story with just the right mix of literary competence, adventure, science and kickassedness to balance needed to sustain the phrase Dan Simmons did it with Hyperion with inhuman aplomb.And yes, he does it again with Ilium It s freaking awesome While Hyperion gave us a structure loosely based on the classic Chauceresque frame story, Ilium is straight up Homeric Trojan War On Mars With robots from Jupiter obsessed with S
Most excellent I like SF, and I like much of what gets lumped under the rather stuffy title classic literature Clearly, so does Dan Simmons Set in a very distant future, long after both AI and posthumans have merged, this novel contains three main storylines, all of which ventually intersect First, there s a group of languid, pleasure seeking old style humans living on old earth, all their needs taken care of by mechanical servitors left for them, presumably, by the posthumans Upon completing a century of life, they are supposed to ascend to the orbital rings where the posthumans reside, and join them A small group of old style humans decides to find out what s really going on in those orbital rings Which, as it turns out, involves Prospero and Caliban from Shakespeare s Tempest Simultaneously, a group of AI robots left to pursue their own ends in the Jupiter moon system note anomalous amounts of quantum acitivity on Mars, and launch a mission to find out what is going on Among them are Mahnmut, who is obsessed with Shakespeare s sonnets, and his friend Orphu, who prefers Proust Oh, and there s the Olympian gods too, who have all the powers ascribed to them in Greek myth Only, it seems t
Update After thinking about the book for three weeks and comparing it with the other books read and ratings given this month AND despite my misgivings about the beginning and not really liking the parts about the Greeks all that much, I decided to upgrade the rating to a full five stars The scope of the book was just so great, it really deserves the highest rating I did not enjoy the first 50 pages or so I was confused and wondering what was going on I though I would DNF this, before I hit a hundred pages.But the moravecs had me at Mars They passed Mars s orbit and there was nothing to see Mars, of course, was on the opposite side of the sun They passed Earth s orbit a day later and there was nothing to see Earth was far around the curve of its orbit on the plane of the ecliptic far below.The humans eventually grew on me, too A third of the way into the novel, I still did not like the parts taking place during the Trojan War th
My review of Ilium in a nutshell I liked it AMBISHUN DAN SIMMONS HAZ IT I m not sure if it is possible to be too ambitious when creating a plot for a novel, but Dan Simmons seems to be on a mission to find out There are concepts, there are high concepts, and there are Dan Simmons concepts When it s time for Simmons to begin a new novel, I picture something like this Dan Simmons is smoking a pipe made from the bones of an aurochs , deep in the bowels of Stately Simmons Manor Inspiration hits He must write a novel about the Trojan war But ANYONE could do that How does Dan Simmons make his version stand out TO THE TOPICS BARREL He dramatically opens the oversized mahogany double doors to his study and PickWick, the Simmons family butler, is already cranking one of those super sized bingo barrels Thousands of ping pong balls nay, sliced baby eyelids, each bearing a single topic tattoo are skittering about When the barrel stops barreling, out slide three moist subjects.Robots Mars Shakespeare.Dan Simmons downs the last of his chilled cognac, freshly squeezed from the teats of a three breasted whore He twirls an imaginary mustache Yes, he mutters Only Simmons could set the Trojan War on past and future Mars and tell it from the perspective of two cyborgs one who will be shaped like a CRAB who constantly bicker about Proust ONLY SIMMONS He jauntily skips across campus to his vintage moveable type machine the ink contains the semen of Ben Franklin and writes 1,200 word
OK, mad props to Dan Simmons Bravo This man is brilliant and cheeky Bold and irreverent And humor in the oddest of places I swear if I didn t know better I d say this book was written on a dare I mean honestly What the heck did I just read er listen to This was everything in the kitchen sink of scifi The world building was amazing and genre blending Yes please Did you want to read a book about Greek mythology How about a story about the retelling of The Iliad Complete with Greek Gods and a 21st century scholar roaming around as a slave trying to change history A scholar who has died of cancer in 2143 Oh, but then there are also the AI s that are fully sentient and have a civilization that has colonized the moons of Jupiter There are rogue robots called servitors meant to service humans but something has run amok A dying human race with bored teenagers looking for excitement, eternal life and a chance to catch a glimpse of the post humans An orbital ring that supposedly houses the post humans but is really a house of horrors run by characters from Shakespeare s The Tempest Oh and there is an intrepid old lady that
A fantastic sci fi epic in the tradition of Simmons s Hyperion Cantos In Ilium, as in the Hyperion books, Simmons really shows off his knowledge of classical literature He obviously knows the Iliad and the Odyssey inside and out, but the author through his characters also fills this book with literary and historical references to Shakespeare, Proust, and a dozen other sources It s ingenious and it made me to resolve to finally get around to reading the Iliad myself once I ve finished this series.Set in the 40th century, Ilium is a retelling of the Iliad Kind of We begin with scholic Thomas Hockenberry, who was an early 21st century classics professor revived by the Olympian gods in the 40th century to monitor the ongoing Trojan War which is taking place on Mars Wait, what you are thinking The gods are creatures of super science, using unimaginable powers of quantum manipulation and nanotechnology to take on the roles and attributes of the classical Greek deities And not just the big names either while all the old familiar gods like Zeus and Athena and Aphrodite of course figure heavily into the plot, Simmons, through his educated protagonist Hockenberry, encounters scores of minor named gods and heroes as well.Just why the gods are reenacting the Iliad on a terraformed Mars is not made clear by the end of this volume, but t

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