THE GRAVECLOTH OF CHRIST Those Who Know The Truth About The Crucifixion And Resurrection Have Brutally Suppressed The Secret For Two Thousand Years.HISTORY HAS BEEN RUTHLESSLY REWRITTEN1502 It Is The Golden Age For Faking Religious Relics The Borgia Pope, Alexander VI, Rules Rome From The Throne Of The Holy See With A Fist Of Iron Debauched, Violent, Manipulative And Power Hungry, He Desperately Needs The Vast Sums Of Money That Will Enable His Son, Cesare, Captain General Of The Papal Army, To Bring The Rogue States Of Northern Italy Back Under The Vatican S Heel Not Slow To Advance His Own Ambitions, Arch Schemer And Florentine Foreign Emissary, Niccolo Macchiavelli, Proposes An Extraordinary Solution Religious Fraud On An Unprecedented Scale But To Pull Off His Plan, They Must Put Their Trust In The One Man Who Can Deliver What They Want The Dangerously Non Conformist Artist, Leonardo Da Vinci.In An Unholy Forging Of Religion And Politics, Each Man Pursues A Personal Agenda Unknown To The Others, But None Has Bargained With The Potency Of The Forbidden Relic Which, After A Millennium And A Half, Threatens To Smash The Very Foundations Of The Christian Church And Does So To This Day INTRIGUE, DUPLICITY AND MORE TWISTS THAN THE LABYRINTHINE SECRETS OF THE VATICAN Real Literary Talent Brought To Bear On One Of History S Most Controversial Stories ARCHBISHOP NIFON OF TARGOVISTE The Characters Are Every Bit As Well Drawn As Irving Stone S In The Agony And The Ecstasy LUCIA POPA, CULTURA MAGAZINE I had read about this theory before, so I wasn t shocked by the implications Whether you believe this to be a work of historical fiction or just plain fiction, it was an intriguing book I enjoyed the character development as well a